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The foolishness of "Maundy Thursday"

Heard a newsbyte that announced the false pope [Francis the South American Socialist] had said a few Easter words, before getting ready to run down to the local prison and polish the knobs … I mean wash the filthy feet … of Satan who knows who. That is just another sign that Roman Catholicism is as dead in [what they call] the holy water as it has been since the vermin of Vatican City murdered the last pope sent there by Yahweh, possessed by the soul of His Son Jesus.

This brings up a need to explain part of the utter absurdity of what Christian churches wallow in, at this time of year, which is called “Holy Week.”

First off, “Holy Week” is a cheap knock-off for the eight-day festival demanded by Yahweh (through Moses) to all who would serve Him as His wife-souls – as Israelites [a word meaning those “Who Retain Yahweh by being possessed by His elohim … the one we now know as Jesus]. There was nothing written that had Yahweh tell Moses, “Tell those who will much later in time hate Jews that it is okay to change a festival for the Passover to some mockery of this Commandment, as long as they say, “It is what Jesus would have us do … if he were around today.”

While the nomenclature is of less meaning … poe-tay-toe – poe-tah-toe / Passover – Holy Week … the symbolism must always stay the same. The “passover” was to spare a life of one marked to be saved, or to end the life of one not marked to be saved. Whereas the story in Exodus tells of physical deaths of many firstborn Egyptians, that truth only symbolizes the reason this “passover” must be a yearly recognition. It is to be a yearly recognition not by the riffraff that pretends to love Yahweh and be His true wife-souls that are true Israelites; but it is to be only recognized by those souls that have been saved from death (the “passover” of mortality), by having given birth to the firstborn of Yahweh – the Yahweh elohim created as ‘Adam,’ whose soul is now called ‘Jesus’ – a name that means “Yahweh Saves” (from the “passover” of death).

This means the Commandment to forever observe the festival of the Passover is very minimally about the children of Jacob escaping difficulties in Egypt and vastly about the soul’s escape from bondage to the material plane. So, all the physical things done during the recognition of the festival is symbolic of the spiritual … which cannot be reenacted ritually.

Now, in the news about Pope Judas-Iscariot of Argentina, disciple of the military police of Roman Catholicism (heil Jesuits!) and his going to wash the feet of the filthy souls held in a Roman prison, this is the absurdity of something called “Maundy Thursday” (in English). From Merriam-Webster, the etymology of “maundy” is: “Middle English maunde, from Old French mandé, from Latin mandatum [meaning] command, order.”

Okay. I will give everyone a minute to pull out his or her Holy Bible [English editions] and flip over to the page where it was “commanded” or “ordered” to recognize “Thursday” … in any way, shape or form.

<Jeopardy theme song plays for one minute.>

Great! You found there is none! Good for you!

Now, Webster’s and Wikipedia (et al) use the Vatican propaganda machine to say this was a “command” given by Jesus, to “love one another as I have loved you.” Because Jesus had washed the feet of his disciples [Peter abstaining violently], this is now read as the way Christians “love one another.”

That is all well and fine. However, nothing about the Seder meal (look it up, Jew haters) has anything symbolic meant to guide idiot lambs to reenact an escape from bondage in Egypt. Everything is symbolic of spiritual escape from mortality, where a soul has gained eternal life in heaven. That cannot be reenacted in a physical dinner, even if it is trinket foods.

Because of the Roman Empire … I mean the Roman Church … has hated Jews so much, for so long, they never taught any of their club members anything about the Seder meal. There are two Seder meals commanded every year, with that being a first and a second Seder. To avoid that, the Church recognizes one “supper,” and without any explanation calls the last Seder meal Jesus attended his “Last Supper.” That is code for “The second Seder cannot be said because we hate Jews!”

In the Seder symbolic ritual, they have a basin of water on the table at each plate. In that is a is a ceremonial hand washing done. This is not so dirty fingers placed on ceremonial trinket food will not make one sick. It is symbolic of the spiritual baptism that must cleanse a soul, so it does not pick up the filth of the world [like popes rubbing up filthy Roman prisoners] and stick that in one’s mouth. Such filth will make one get sick and die; and, death from eating the crap of the world [sin] means reincarnation, to try again to get everything wrong as before.

In that ritual, nobody washes anyone else’s fingers (ceremonially or otherwise). Everyone washes his or her own hands.

When Jesus threw a monkey into the wrench and took a basin of water, stripped down to a towel and began to wash the feet of his disciples, that was not a New Commandment that fools should reenact. Just like handwashing, foot washing is symbolic and meant to be understood in spiritual terms. Since the hand are what pick up filthy things and stick them in their mouths [the fleshy tools that bring sin into a soul, as does Antipope Frankie the Molester], the symbolism of washing feet is ALL ABOUT WALKING A RIGHTEOUS PATH. In that regard, Jesus was telling the souls of his disciples (at that point in time the traitor [the soul of Pope Judas-Iscariot] was still in his midst) “to love one another as I have loved you, by helping each of your souls that will be reborn as me [after his coming death and resurrection, before ascension] maintain a righteous way of living."

In that, Judas would leave and never have a soul possessed by Jesus; but his soul was told to help other souls that would be Jesus reborn, to righteously earn eternal salvation. Once Jesus has entered a soul and the flesh of its fingers nevermore seek to grab filth and enter it into its soul, the unity of many reborn as Jesus means they should all stick together as one, helping each remain strong – when the world loves to beat the crap out of anything righteous [ain't that right popey boy … you filthy toe sucking buzzard].

It is harder to molest altar boys these days, so they force heathen criminals to let the pope have his way with them. They only allow photos of the feet he washes and licks dry.

That is the truth of Christianity. Only those souls resurrected with the soul of Jesus in their souls, so all are Jesus reborn - EACH A CHRIST - is the select grouping given that name "Christianity." The fact that Judas Iscariot was not allowed to be part of that says those who serve the lords of the world sacrifice their souls to Satan [not Yahweh]. People committing crimes and found guilty of such crimes, those placed in prisons, are not walking paths of righteousness, thus not to be supported in their paths of wickedness by true Christians. Those who wash the feet of criminals are symbolically saying, "Keep up the evil work! I support you fully!"

True Christians enter ministry as Jesus reborn. They do not sit forever in pews, doing nothing to spread the blood of the Lamb around their carcasses, in order to be spared the known-to-come passover of death. Christianity is not a club to join. It does not elect leaders, stars, or advertisers seeking acceptance [make checks payable to "(fill in the blank name)." It is not something that welcomes the evil presence of criminals, rightfully in prisons. It is not something that welcomes evil in any manner. It loves evil by letting it be evil, far from the presence of Jesus reborn in flesh. Like Legion, sinners run away when Jesus comes near.

That truth is not told. There has never been any truth come out of the Roman Catholic Church, because it takes real Saints to know the meaning of the words that tell of a second Seder. Not being Jewish is a first step in failing to know the truth that is told. Not being Jesus reborn, who knows all things Jewish, to pass on to Gentiles souls married to his Father, means never knowing the truth. The words can be read; but the truth is hidden from the wise [Big Brains]. They are only revealed to the little children of the Father.

So, the false pope can feel up every non-Christian body of flesh that is filling the squalor of Roman prisons, which his demon-loving loins desire to feel up. He can even check to see if they are circumcised … to make sure if they are Jews or not. Maybe he can wash their foreskins and watch a Vatican surgeon do a little nip and tuck. I bet that would make his one lung still left functional in his heathen body of flesh wheeze and cough from the excitement.

There is nothing written about Thursday (the fifth day of the week) in all of the New Testament. Only is Revelation is the Greek word “pemptos” (“five,” symbolic of “fifth day”) written (four times).

There is no reality to Maundy Thursday. The concept of “love one another as Jesus” is so screwed up that nobody knows that says “be Jesus reborn!” It is simply more cow dung being heaped on a false religion that panders to "Ash Wednesday," "Good Friday," and everything else made up to feed the masses lies.

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