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The History Channel trying to figure out the Garden of Eden

Updated: Feb 17

I watched parts of History’s Greatest Mysteries on the History Channel tonight.  This week they decided they would banter about inuendo concerning the physical evidence that proves where the Garden of Eden was/is.

Here is just a sample of why it was a waste of time.

1.    Some conjecture was presented that Adam and Eve went east of Eden; and, Cherubim (big ones) stood and kept them from coming back in.

Yes.  That is written.  But, why think they walked all the way to Babylon?  They went as far as is required, then called that home.  Perhaps, Adam asked the Cherubim, “Is this far enough?” and the Cherubim said, “That works for me.”

Keep in mind that after Cain slew Able, Yahweh cast his ass out further east; so, he went to Nod. Adam and Eve did not go there with Cain.

2.    Some said Adam and Eve began humanity after leaving Eden.

No they didn’t.  Genesis 1 tells of the elohim (gods) making man (male and female they made them) on the sixth day.  Man (and woman) were made in their image.  YAHWEH made His Son on the seventh day, which means His Son was made to begin religion (awareness of Yahweh), to teach to who knows how many wild mans and wo-mans were running around the planet by then. 

Keep in mind that Cain was the first bad shepherd who went out beginning all kinds of false religions that worshiped every god he could think of, other than Yahweh. Even first-grader children have brains smart enough to ask, "Who was the mommy of Cain's children?" The answer is, "Well dear, the gods made human beings a long time before religion began; so, Cain hooked up with one of those cavegirls."

3.    There were some who said the Epic of Gilgamesh was written a thousand years before Genesis.

How do you come up with that?  Does anyone think Moses called his memorizers around the campfire and began by saying, “Let me tell you a story that happened just a little while back.”  Moses was no eyewitness (as Moses) to Eden. Yahweh led his mind's eye to be there and know what happened.  The soul of Moses was aided by the soul of Jesus (who was in Eden, the guy we call Adam) being one with him; so, Jesus' soul made Moses' soul 'visualize' the history that became written on scrolls much later. Certainly, Moses skipped over all the minute details, telling only what Yahweh told him to have memorized (by saints like Moses, who Yahweh would remind the writers of Genesis what Moses said long before, by taking their souls back to Eden too).

While keeping evil Cain in mind, his going to Nod might have begun the story that ended up being the Epic of Gilgamesh.  I’m sure whoever actually took the time to carve that thriller in clay had no clue how to form words or write prior to Cain coming by and teaching him how to confuse historians for millennia.

4.    Some conjected that Eden was in Jerusalem; and, they went into all this about the Temple and the Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant was kept (so far inside, if war ever broke out and some king needed to say, “Get the Ark!” someone would have to say, “But Sire, we build a building of stone so tightly around it that no one can get it out.”

While there is some merit to Jerusalem being where the Garden of Eden was, what about that guy named Melchizedek, who was the King of Salem.  Melchizedek was like Enoch, in he never died.  If anything, Melchizedek was the head Cherubim who guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden; and, nobody ever took Salem in battle.  Joshua (a name with the same meaning as Jesus) defeated everyone to claim the land the Israelites crossed the Jordan into (he had the Ark); but Joshua left the Jebusites alone.  The Jebusites were those who lived in Salem.

Keep in mind that David was led by Yahweh and told how to take Jebus (the fortress formerly known as Salem) and make it his capital.  As such, David was given the keys to the Garden of Eden, because he kept the Ark in a tent, not a building of stone (or cedar). So, Solomon began the banishment from Eden (part deux, in slow motion), with all their sins caused by listening to snakes, while ignoring the angels showing up looking like Prophets.

It was there that I lost interest in History's Mysteries, but I do know they said something about some guy thinking the North Pole covered the Garden of Eden and Joseph Smith said it was in Missouri, after Jesus rose from the dead and somehow went to North America to minister to natives.  Even the producers of History's Greatest Mysteries figured out how laughable those ideas were; but, I guess they still needed twenty minutes of storyline to make a show about how little is known. It is a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma, I tell you.

The Garden of Eden is where the Ark of the Covenant is; and, that is within each soul. If you ain't got Yahweh's Spirit on ya and His Son's soul in ya, then you are banished to go East of Eden, which is the outer, physical realm. That is where sin waits, like Yahweh told Cain. It is kinda like thinking the Star of Bethlehem is something in deep space, when it is the earth's Sun ... the one that rises in the east each new day dawning. Praying to a big brain is the sin Cain made; and, that sin has been recorded countless times in history ever since. Having Jesus within whispers things that are astonishingly true!

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