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The “Holy Grail”

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Just recently, The History Channel aired an episode of History’s Greatest Mysteries that was focused on “The Holy Grail.” They did mention how the change of letter spacing turned “San Grael” [“Saint Vase,” or “Sacred Cup”] to “Sang Rael” [“Blood Royal”]. In essence, they filled a CNN ‘breaking news’ thirty second announcement into an hour (less way too many commercial breaks) show that solved nothing.

First of all, to address the Holy Grail being the chalice from the Last Supper, that is a Western, non-Jewish misconstruction of what the Passover Seder meal is all about. There are several things to consider here:

A. When Jesus instructed some of his disciples to go to the Essene Quarter and find a

man carrying an urn of water (symbol for an Aquarian man); and, then, once found, he

would show them where the upper room was that needed to be prepared for the Seder

dinner, that says the upper room was a loaner. The disciples did not push some cart

loaded with cups, plates, pillows and tables, because all of that was provided by the

owner of the upper room. Thus, any missing cup after that Seder dinner would amount

to theft; and, Jesus did not stand for breaking the Law.

B. The meaning of the “last supper” is the reality that the Jews recognize two Seder

dinners every Passover. The first Seder was in Bethany, at the home of Simon the Leper.

Thus, the upper room was where all the tables, pillows, plates and cups (and perhaps

some bitter herbs, wine and oil, etc.) would be laid out on Friday afternoon, to be ready

when Saturday evening (after 6:00 P.M.) rolled around and everyone attending that

second (call it “last”) Seder had gathered. Each family invited would be coming from

various lodging places around Jerusalem.

C. Every Seder dinner there are four ceremonial cups of wine served to everyone.

Everyone has his or her own cup to drink wine from. After the fourth cup is officially

poured, the rest of the evening is designed to be a time when everyone sings song

(psalms) and drinks as much wine as possible, while trying to stay awake as long as he

or she can. Many Jewish children (boys mostly) recall their first “drunk” was from

sneaking wine from their parent’s cups during the Seder get drunk period. There is no

one cup that is passed around for all to drink from. Might as well just pass the jug and

keep from having to wash the cups.

D. Jesus did not drink any wine in his final Seder meal, saying he would drink from the

fruit of his vine, which would be Christianity. That would take place after his soul would

be resurrected in the souls of his 'fruit' (he being the de-vine they would grow from). So,

there was no cup to steal and call the “Holy Vase.”

When the show turned to some new report of some guy figuring out (all by his lonesome) that the “Holy Vase” was the alabaster jar that Mary Magdalene had expensive nard in, from which she anointed the feet of Jesus (at the Seder dinner at Simon the Leper’s house, in Bethany), that was one of those 'sounds like the fake priory of sion hoax' things. There is nothing about that jar that touched Jesus (that we read). To then surmise that Mary walked up to Jesus’ dead body and took drops of his blood in that alabaster jar is pure make believe. Did she get a ladder and get blood from the nail wounds on his wrists? Did she go to the dried blood surrounding the crown of thorns? Did she wait for the Roman soldier to spear Jesus' side, when fluids (not blood so much) of a decomposing body flowed forth? Was Jesus still barely alive, so Mary said, "Excuse me Lord. You know your blood might sell on the Internet some day and bring a pretty penny"? Even if it did happen as surmised, what ‘magical’ properties were supposed to be passed onto the jar, which had blood in it at one time? None.

It should be noted that the Roman Catholic Church loved to figure out who was a Saint, then dig up the bodies. Once they had the corpse in a safe place, they would remove the organs and call them "relics." Then, those would be placed in a fancy chest or wood-carved box and taken from town to town, where the commoners would pay to see them. As a selling gimmick, they would say touching them would heal all ailments. Still, from time to time, they would dig up the body of a Saint and find that the body never decomposed and smelled like roses. The Roman Catholics would still take the organs as relics; but they would preserve the bodies as tourist attractions at the Vatican, in Saint Peter's Cathedral.

For the man to claim that he found the jar owned by Mary Magdalene, which he tracked down doggedly, is another one of those fake priory of sion flashbacks. He said had been put in the attic of some family, whose ancestor found it in a statue that broke; so, he kept it. After not doing anything special for him, the jar supposedly spent decades in the attic, along with junk, that says the jar had no magical properties. To hear the man bought the house, with the jar (and junk) still in the attic, says It was nothing more than an empty jar.

To search for a “Holy Grail” for so many centuries would only be worthwhile IF people were healed by coming into contact with it. None of that was presented as evidence. So, the man is just another of the “Put me in front of a camera and pay me five hundred dollars to speak” kind of guys. They are a dime a dozen.

The only truth presented comes from “Sang Rael,” which means “Royal Blood.” All the religious scholars presented amount to the procession depicted in Monty Python’s Holy Grail movie, where they all chanted idiocy and then whacked their heads with wooden icons. They could have given their opinions about the “Holy Hand Grenade” on The History Channel and their scholarly opinions (ancestors of Jerusalem's scribes?) would have been just as useless. To pontificate about Jesus having children was laughable.

Jesus was a married Jewish man, as the Pharisees and Sadducees would have stopped trying to get Jesus to commit heresy by the things he said. Instead, they would have stoned him to death for being a ‘fairy’ (like those who float around Hollywood). Some things must be taken for granted. Nowhere does it say, "And Jesus breathed air, proving he was a man." To see that lack of proof, one could then assume Jesus held his breath his entire life … or realize Jesus breathed air like everyone else Jewish and male. Like everyone Jewish and male his age, Jesus was married and had a child. If that had not been the case, then (like we know about Sarai's problems getting pregnant) Scripture would tell that story.

Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. That marriage was an Essene officiated marriage, when Jesus returned to Galilee after his travels to the East. The marriage was arranged and highly symbolic, but together the married couple had one son. His name was John; and he wrote the fourth Gospel, some Epistles and Revelation (aka Apokálypsis). John the Beloved was like Mary, Martha and Lazarus, as all “Beloveds” were Jesus’ married family. At the time of Jesus’ ministry, John would have been ten, eleven and twelve years of age, having become a ‘man’ (thirteen) when Jesus was crucified.

When Jesus spoke to John and Mary, it was telling his wife and son that his son would become the man of the family. John was the boy carrying the lunch basket for Jesus and the disciples, which ended up feeding five thousand. John was the boy who ran after his father, when he was arrested at Gethsemane, but when they tried to seize John, he broke free and ran naked (s reported by Peter, in Mark’s Gospel). John was the boy who outran Peter to the tomb, but then after getting there first, he would not go inside. That was because he was just a boy and could not enter tombs by himself. John was the son of Jesus; and, he was not an adult disciple. John rarely travelled with Jesus, as he stayed to help at the Bethany homestead.

John is not the one who went to France and begat a “Royal Bloodline.” John married an Egyptian Jew, and together they had a daughter, named Sara (the same name as the wife of Abraham). That infant daughter was put on a raft (rudderless), along with Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome, Mary Jacobe [the wife of Cleopas]. The three Marys arrived in France (Gaul), along with Joseph of Arimathea, Lazarus, Maximin of Bethany [one of the seventy-two sent into intern ministry by Jesus], and Sidonius [the man born blind who Jesus healed]. They all were set off into the Mediterranean Sea, expected to die. They landed in the Camargue of southern coastal France, where all went to different places and converted the locals to Christianity (which was a way of life, not a club to join and pay dues to). The infant Sara (called the “Black Madonna”) would become the bloodline to the future royalty of France.

While this is documented history, with yearly festivals held at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and pilgrimages of Romanies, Gitan from Egypt and 'gypsies' Eastern Europe, to honor this miraculous landing and spread of Christianity, “Royal Blood” is not the point of that which should be sought. All of those who were the first true Christians were indeed the “Holy Grail.” Each body of flesh was a “Vase” into which the “Sacred” soul of Jesus was poured. Thus, the “Royal Blood” of the kingdoms of Europe was supposed to remain ‘pure bloods,’ as the rulers of nations, whose people would be led to marry their souls to Yahweh and each be where His Son’s soul would be resurrected.

This then made the Saints of Christianity – which all who landed at the place named Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and spread to different places (some becoming bishops of the earth church in France) – be intended to be like David leading his nation’s people to all be true Israelites (a name meaning “Who Retains God” in their souls). The original Saints were slowly forced into exile by the Church of Rome, which became the religious influence on the “Royal Blood” of Western Europe. It too was considered “Royal Blood,” but more in line with the “Saint Vase” of bodies of flesh holding souls married to Yahweh and reborn as Jesus.

Alas, the lesson of David’s Israel is all good things come to an end. The lesson of the Israelite people says they stopped marrying their souls to Yahweh. They stopped being His Son resurrected. They fell under the influences of evil spirits; and, they lost everything they held dear. Thus, the kingdoms of Europe have all fallen into Samaritan-like mixed breeds, who care more about wealth and privilege, than they feel about leading the souls of commoners to marry Yahweh and become His Son reborn.

This means the truth about the quest for the “Holy Grail” is like the story told of Arthur and the knights of the Round Table – The kingdom will always fall into ruin, brought on by the waywardness of lost soul, incapable of rising to defeat evil. Every generation must become individuals who are all "Sacred Vessels" of Yahweh and His Son. Once the “Sacred Vase” is found to be one with Yahweh’s Spirit, so the King (Jesus) and the kingdom (one’s body of flesh) are one, then one can rise from the slumber of mortal death and be eternally saved … defeat evil and then sail away to Avalon.

Unfortunately, the History Channel cannot sell this idea to commercial vendors. So, this is the only place the truth can be told.

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