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The point of celebrating Mother’s Day

Updated: May 11

To have a day set aside in May – always on a Sunday – to recognize mothers (and also fathers, in June) is Judeo-Christian related. It is a form of remembering how Yahweh told Moses to teach, “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.” (Exodus 20:12, NIV)

While it is all well and good to remember dear ole mom (and dad), that demands one "honor" a mother (and/or father) that was not so good or ever-present. Charles Manson comes to mind when I think about this. I can’t see him standing in the aisle at Walmart’s greeting card section, debating on which card would be best for his prostitute mother who denied him any true motherly love when Charlie was a baby. Who knows who his father was? Right?

When Yahweh gave that Commandment to Moses it was part of the spiritual marriage vows each of the souls rescued from Egypt had to commit to, in order to truly become Israelites (those “Who Retain the El of Yahweh” as the Lord over each of their souls [i.e.: Adam-Jesus]). This means the “father” (“ab”) and “mother” (“em”) was not so much a call for physical “honoring” (the Hebrew word “kabad” means “to be heavy, weighty, or burdensome”) but a spiritual requirement for each to commit to the marriage of their souls to Yahweh. Marriage has a way of changing boys and girls into husbands and wives, which invariably means they become “fathers” and “mothers.” Marriage is not about living together, as much as it is about making babies and then raising them together.

When this spiritual aspect of this fourth (or fifth) Commandment is seen, the soul of the individual, which is trapped in physical flesh, must be seen as always playing the girl role, as it is girls that are given away in marriage to a boy-man. This makes Yahweh always be the masculine spiritual presence, with the soul in a body of flesh the feminine spiritual presence. Thus, even souls in bodies with physical organs that define masculinity in flesh must be seen spiritually as the girls to be given away. All human being (men and women they are made) are the brides-to-be, to whom the proposal for divine marriage is made – stated in the Covenant.

This makes the whole point of recognizing Mother’s Day be minuscule, as far as recognizing a physical mother, as the truth makes it become reason to celebrate the day when one’s soul stopped being selfish and single, bowing down before Yahweh in submission to His Will, accepting Him as one’s spiritual Husband. That then was an event consummated by the wife-soul receiving His Spirit that removed all sins forever, allowing that newly virginal wife-soul to be the womb into which Yahweh’s Son’s soul would immediately resurrect, transforming a lonely single soul into the mother of Jesus (a.k.a. Adam).

When you think about it like this, Christmas is not when a physical Jesus was born. Instead, Christmas is just like Mother’s Day, when one’s soul gave rebirth to the spiritual Lord and Savior that would be born to a virgin mother (regardless of physical gender organs).

The only problem with the truth of this meaning – especially now, in these times of religious and spiritual corruption being rampant – is there are few true Saints around. Few souls can make the claim that they have married Yahweh, received His Spirit and given birth to His Son – Jesus reborn into new flesh. That means few can teach others (as Moses taught the Israelites) how to accept a divine proposal for marriage, as well as where the altar of divine marriage can be found.

So, rather than the blind being led to the light of truth by the blind – those born blind being made able to see – we make Mother’s Day another commercial event, which makes greeting card companies richer, as well as all restaurants that serve food and florists. We honor mothers in a way that keeps moms from having to go home after church and slave over a hot stove, to fix something for the family to eat ... on a day of rest. Sounds like what Christmas has become, doesn’t it?

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