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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I am remembering an event in my life, from back around 1993.  I had left a well-paying career at UPS in 1991 and taken a job as a delivery driver for a furniture and appliance retailer.  In the year and a half after that departure, I had worked hard to get back to close to where I had been financially.  However, I had gone from a management position to a laborer position, which meant I was forced to work long hours and do strenuous acts.

In astrological terms (as identified by psychologists), I was in my mid-life crisis.  The planet Uranus takes roughly eighty-four years to make a circuit around the sun.  Each person’s birth marks where Uranus’ starting point begins.  So, when it is exactly halfway around from where it was on the day one was born (roughly between the ages thirty-eight and forty-four, with the span of years due to the elliptical orbit of Uranus), the transiting Uranus opposition to one’s natal Uranus is when one acts wild and crazy, trying to recapture one’s youth.  Instead of going out and buying an expensive red sports car [I was married with children], I changed jobs.  My job change forced me to prove I was still young enough to do the work most frequently done by men half my age.

In my delivery truck, I would listen to the university FM station that played ‘alternative’ music.  This one morning, a psychic named Daphne was a guest being interviewed.  She had an English accent, so she sounded like she was just passing through town.  At the radio station, she was taking calls from listeners, and simply from saying “Hello,” she would tell the caller something about the type of person he or she was.  Every caller was stunned and amazed, but then cut off for another caller.  The student-run radio station normally did not have guest speakers on, unless there was some band touring in town.  The dj said Daphne was appearing that night at a local theater, one where alternative bands would normally play.  I told my route helper that we were going to finish the work assigned to us early that day, so I could go downtown and see Daphne.  He was receptive to that idea.

In 1993, my twenty-two year old nephew was living with my family, so he could go to the technical school that was near where we lived.  When I got home, I announced that I was going to see a psychic woman show downtown, so anyone wanting to go with me needed to get ready to go.  My wife had no interest, so stayed home with the kids.  My nephew was excited about the excursion, so he went with me.  The ‘concert’ was at 8:00 PM, so we left about 7:00 and arrived there (a club) around 7:30, in plenty of time to find a good seat.  By the time the show began, the auditorium-theater was quite full.

Daphne came out on the stage and introduced herself and soon began asking people in the audience to raise their hands if they had a question they wanted to know the answer to.  From the stage she was pointing to an area here and there, each time listening to the person state a question into a roving microphone, which she then answered from the stage.  I remember that I raised my hand and got called on three times that night.  The first time was when Daphne was on the stage.  The second time was after she had left the stage and gone down the aisle of temporary chairs, in rows, placed on the floor.  It was from there that she responded to me a second time, from the center of the floor area.  The third time she had moved around the floor and was in the aisle just in front of where my nephew and I were sitting, in permanent seats that would be considered lower stage right (in the amphitheater setting).  I believe she responded to my nephew’s question, and then began talking to me as well.  By then (I guess) she recognized me.

In 1991 my wife gave birth to our daughter.  All of 1992 she complained that she did not feel right inside.  The burning question on my mind that night was about my wife’s health; and, in 1994 my wife would need a total hysterectomy, due to her pains.  I asked Daphne about my wife; but, she gave an indication that my wife would be fine.  In hindsight, she was right, as my wife would recover from her operation and be fine.  The reason Daphne called on me to speak three times (I believe) was my voice.

The first time Daphne called on me, from the stage, as soon as I began to ask her a question that was relative to my career change, she acted like she was swooning.  She began to mimic my deep voice.  She began to tell the audience how lovely she thought my voice was.  The audience laughed at her response.  Still, all my adult life I had been told, “You should be in radio with your voice.”  Daphne was being an entertainer when she heard my voice; so I believe she called on me three times because she could use my voice to entertain the crowd with her theatrics.  

I recall her saying my work was cerebral, rather than manual labor.  I saw that as a wrong impression.  She told me during two of my questions, “I see you with papers all around you.”  She then asked what I did – other than drive a truck and deliver heavy items.  I told Daphne, “I have my studies.”  That was something she again reacted theatrically to, as she mimicked my speaking in her low voice, while acting like she was a teen girl fawning over a heartthrob.  She said, “Oh yes.  You do have your studies.  They are great studies.”

At that time, I had become interested once again in astrology.  In 1990, I had renewed my membership in a local astrological group that I had initially joined in 1978.  When I returned, I began taking classes and buying books on astrology, which were all made available to members.  In the first half of 1991 I had taken courses that prepared me to take an exam the society offered, which I had passed in October 1991.  I became a certified astrologer when I passed that exam; and, in 1992, I became licensed to practice as an astrologer in the city where Daphne was performing.  While my job change had made regular attendance at the astrology group nearly impossible, I was privately studying astrology at that time.  All of that was prior to the advent of home computers and Internet access to information.  My studies were nothing on a level that would amaze anyone, certainly not the psychic Daphne.

When I said I did not understand how my studies and papers fit my life, she was just a few feet away from me, on the floor, in the aisle right in front of my seat.  She was looking into my eyes when she said clearly, “Oh I see you in lots of papers.  You will do fine with your studies.  It is your path.  Keep on that path.” 

Still, none of her words struck a nerve in me.  Nothing she said was what I wanted to hear.  I wanted her to say, “Oh, you made the right choice in your career change.  Everything will work out well for you and your wife is fine and dandy.”  What she told my nephew was equally meaningless to me; but then I did not know my nephew as anything more than a young male who primped his hair to much and liked to live off other people, while not holding down a job.  Therefore, I cannot remember anything more than her talking to him on one occasion.

Neither my nephew or myself were impressed with what Daphne had said to us, although I had a good time going out to an event.  My nephew seemed to feel the same way.  As I left, I picked up a couple of business cards for Daphne off a table in the hall and took them home.  My friend, who traded haircuts to me for my astrological work for him, said he was interested in psychics and wondered what she would tell him about his future.  I gave him a card and he called her and set up a private session.  My friend reported later that it was a good session (one hour), which was recorded on cassette tape, which he was given at the end.  He could listen to what she had said later.  He was generally impressed with what she said about my friend’s family (which she hit on without his saying anything about them).  He said it was worth the hundred dollars it cost; but, he was still skeptical.  He was always skeptical about anything astrological I prepared for him.

In the last segment of Daphne’s show, after she called several people from the audience to the stage to do something that didn’t seem to be well organized or well performed, she announced she had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  She said she was given less than a year to live.  She said she had moved to that city for treatment.  During her show, at a time when the fear of Aids was high, she said a cure for Aids would be found soon, which she felt would be related somehow to “royal jelly.”  While that assessment might have been due to some popular homeopathic or alternative medicine ideas in the early nineties, the truth is Aids did become controllable afterwards.  I believe psychics that are truly speaking for God, to benefit others (as Daphne claimed was her mission), the words expressed need to be understood from a side view, not direct on.  That means she could be shown royal jelly, but the meaning becomes symbolic of that in some way, having nothing to do with the specific thing seen in the mind’s eye.

After I saw Daphne’s performance I basically forgot all about it and what she told me.  In 1995, due to an injury I incurred while performing my manual labor job, I returned to college to complete my bachelor’s degree.  To provide for my family, I took a job as a school bus driver (for the medical benefits) and worked weekends as a truck delivery man-dispatcher; all while I went to school.  I graduated in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (with honor status).  My education demanded lots of paperwork.  In 2001 I began to understand Nostradamus, which became a serious “study” that surrounded me in papers that I both pondered and wrote.  I published my first book in 2005, before Hurricane Katrina took all of my books on astrology and destroyed them with foul-smelling flood waters.  I had them all lined out on my girlfriend’s (to be wife) cement parking area under her flooded home.  I was surrounded by soiled papers that would no longer be needed.  I published another book in 2006, then republished it in 2010.  In between I developed websites and wrote tons of words about Nostradamus being a prophet of Jesus Christ.  I published other books relative to Nostradamus in 2010, 2011, and 2013, all while in seminary with my second wife.  In 2013 I began writing sermons for each Sunday, which would last until 2016; but in 2014 I published my first non-Nostradamus book, which explained Biblical Scripture.  Within ten years after Daphne told me my future, I was living in tons of papers; and not once had I taken the time to recall her predicting that coming.

As for my first wife, who I asked Daphne about, she had the operation and recovered.  In 1997 we divorced, prior to my graduation from the university.  Her life has been just fine without me, so Daphne was accurate for not seeing my wife as anything that I needed to worry about.  I had no thoughts of divorce when I attended Daphne’s performance, thus I asked her no questions about my ‘love life.’  It was me becoming surrounded in papers that I met my second wife.  She shared my passions, unlike my first wife.  My second wife became my psychic prophet who told me my future was to continue being surrounded in my writings, as she knew my insight comes from God. 

In that light, today I saw Daphne’s telling the audience that she only had a year to live, due to some disease (she did not name it) as relative to the disease that also cut my beloved wife’s life short.   I remember now how my wife cherished my voice too. 

In the years after I remembered how accurate Daphne had been, even though her words seemed empty at first, I have gone to the Internet to see if something was posted about her … some memory recalled or some event scheduled as a citation of her having been.  I found nothing.  To find nothing makes it seem like she was never there, was never true, and was never an asset to life in this world.  I, however, am that memory.  Likewise, since my wife’s passing, I am her as well.  She lives on in me, through my memories and my love. God speaks to us all through those who open themselves to His voice.  Even if we refuse to hear God speaking at first, at least give Him credit after the fact.

Thank you God for allowing others to see You would be my light, my love, and my happiness, with those You have sent to me, to speak Your Word, being gifts to always cherish.


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