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The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I have just read an article posted by Forbes.  The name of the article is U.N. Agreement Should Have Gun-owners Up In Arms, an Op/Ed by Larry Bell.  I have no idea who Larry Bell is, so this is not an advertisement to go and believe Larry Bell (or myself) about anything without seeing the truth for yourselves.  That said, the article tells how some “Small Arms Treaty” is advocated by many nations of the world, with strong support by the Obama Administration.  The author projects this to be a step towards strict gun control in the United States.  Larry Bell says the world hates the United States’ “Second Amendment.”  I recommend everyone read this article.

I do not own a weapon like a gun.  I have a butcher knife in the kitchen.  I practice safe handling of that.  I do not want to cut myself with it, and I certainly would not want to cut anyone else with it; although I will cut up a cooked whole chicken with it, without thinking twice.  I do not hunt animals for food or pest control, so I do not require rifles, traps, or poisons (arms against warm-blooded critters).  I do not hunt human beings, so I do not require a pistol.  I believe I have homeowner’s insurance, and a telephone to call the police; but I believe God is my greatest security.  If I even need a gun, they will fall from the sky like manna.  I do not expect that to happen.

As far as the Second Amendment is concerned, one has to understand the time period for which it was written.  The Declaration of Independence was a letter written to King George III, stating the thirteen British colonies were going it alone, without British control.  That letter was adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.  A United States Constitution was written, and then adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, which was more than a decade later.  The Constitution then had to be ratified by the individual states.  Delaware was the first, on December 7, 1787 (3 months later), and Rhode Island was the last (13th), on May 29, 1790 (almost 3 years later).  The first amendments to this Constitution (called the Bill of Rights) were introduced to the 1st United States Congress in 1789 (this Congress actually met for two years, March 3, 1789 to March 4, 1791).  They were introduced as a series of legal attachments to the Constitution.  The Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments) was ratified on December 15, 1791, which included the Second Amendment.  As of this writing, there have been 27 amendments to the Constitution, with one written to declare void another amendment written prior.

The Second Amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  This wording also needs some history remembered, in order to fully grasp why that concept of bearing arms was so important that it was listed second.

Wikipedia explains (of the “Militia” of the United States), “In the War of 1812, the United States militia were routed by British regulars, and it was determined that militia were not adequate for the national defense. Military budgets were greatly increased at this time, and a standing federal army rather than States’ militias was deemed better for the national defense.”  West Point, the training center for Militia commanders, was not started until 1802, eleven years after the Bill of Rights was ratified.  President Washington had to round up a Militia of 13,000 volunteers with rifles, just so he could quell the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.

If you have ever watched a Civil War program on PBS (woe be it to those who actually stayed awake during high school history classes), you might remember the narrator saying, “The Army of the Potomac,” or “The Army of Virginia.”  This is because the each “free State” was given the “right of the people to keep and bear Arms.”  The Federal Militia was designed to utilize the “free State Militia,” with a focus towards a maintained readiness and preparedness to defend the people of the whole United States.

The difference between a Federal Militia and a free State Militia was Arms were supplied to soldiers trained and paid with taxpayer dollars to defend the nation.  These were placed in each free State because the only Federal land was the area known as Washington D.C.  The places these Federal troops were positioned were called “Forts,” and there was no safety against native Americans (Indians) in places that were not “free States,” so Federal troops built forts to house the Militia that would keep Americans safe, while they stole Indian Territories.

Each free State’s Militia was the core that was the true “national guard,” which was under the control of each free State’s governor, and not the Federal government. the creation of a National Guard, as a reserve for soldiers willing to be maimed in places like Iraq and Afghanistan (as well as killed), did not occur until 1903.  By then, America was thinking a standing army of Militia was useless unless it kept it running around the world stealing new territories.

By understanding this history, one can begin to see how the Second Amendment equates in modern times to each free State’s right to allow its people to bear Arms for the protection of the free State.  There actually is no right for the Fed to bear Arms, although it bears more than anyone.  The Fed has actually become a threat equal to the British, as a force without any significant land here (other than Washington D.C. and places like Area 51); and like the British, the Fed likes the idea of them being the only one bearing Arms.

The Second Amendment does not necessarily mean each individual has the right to buy a pistol and hold up a bank with it.  The free State maintains the right to determine how the right to keep and bear Arms should be administered – not the Federal government, and certainly not a foreign nation, or United Nations.  If the free State actually maintains a true State Guard, the free State can make laws limiting the type of weapons the citizens of the free State can possess.  However, keep in mind the picture of peasants with pitchforks and sickles, which are tools that can be used as Arms, if the people get moved to revolution.  (Remember, that was part of the motivation behind the things happening around 1776)

If you have ever seen the movie Red Dawn (I caught a glimpse of it on television the other day), it shows a scenario where the big, bad Soviet Union invaded the United States and tried to force their will on the American people.  The movie showed what happens to people who do not bear arms.  They have to do as instructed, when more powerful people bearing weapons come and tell them they (the Communists) are now in charge in America.  The “rebels” of Red Dawn were the citizens who took their arms to the hills and banded into Militia to fight against the oppressors.  Red Dawn was the real Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, set creatively and fictitiously on American soil.

Certainly, that was a movie made during the Reagan years (1984), when Mom, Apple pie, and the Republican way was in vogue.  Now that America has finally come under the power of a Socialist president, along with most of Western Europe, the big, bad Communists have accomplished a LONG goal of theirs.  Now, they are trying to avoid the concept of citizens armed with rifles (the reason the Reds lost in the end of Red Dawn), heading to the hills, to fight against an invading Communist-Islamic-African army.

The vision of that movie is actually not far away from the plan Nostradamus wrote about.  He wrote poems that tell how a plan will be set for Western Europe to be invaded.  He wrote about how enemies of the Western way will have planned to come out of the woodwork that is Western Europe.  These enemies we know today as Communists, Muslims, and Africans (in America they are African-Americans), and they will be angered to the point of having readied to fight for the cause of overthrowing the West.  The United States is not exempt from this plan.   The last thing a free State people wants is a Socialist-run Federal government deciding what rights a citizen has – at least at this moment of near-total corruption of Federal government.

It is clearly written in The Prophecies how invaders will make their ways onto the shores of the Mediterranean nations: France, Spain, and Italy.  Nuclear weapons (fire in the sky; lightning strikes) will be fired into the USA and Great Britain (minimally).  These attacks (and attackers) will be assisted by waves of immigrants that will have already positioned decades prior, for the purpose of weakening defenses, while also arming to join the fight.

This is already evident.  Just a few days ago I read that 45% of elementary school students in Belgium were Muslim.  Immigrants are flooding into Western nations to assist in the throat-cutting that they want to see come to the West.  They do not come to the West to be democratized or to be taught how to be greedy little free-market capitalists.  They want revenge for having been kept poor through economic sanctions placed on Communists and Islamic nations (USSR, Iran, to name a couple) because of ideological differences.  They also want revenge for Arab land having been stolen, along with Arab oil.  Nostradamus did a good job making this “agenda” be clearly known.  It is coming, if you do nothing and let it come.  Be careful what you wish for.

Keep in mind that the answer is not to go out and arm oneself to the point of wanting to go kill Socialists and Muslims, because our Federal government (before it became run by Socialists) made the whole world hate Americans.  The point is to recognize how the Bill of Rights was for free States, and not for all-power to the Federal government.  The Federal government is something the forefathers (especially Thomas Jefferson) built-in to the Constitution as something to be careful and leery of.  If it ever turns on the people, IT – THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT      – should be killed, like a monster gone berserk would be killed.  End it and start over.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the point where the decision is ours.  We can give up and let change come to us like it would in a real-life Red Dawn.  Or, we can euthanize our self-made evil monster ourselves –not go changing out Republicans for Democrats, or vice versa – but totally eliminate all branches of Federal government, and return to a bunch of free States.  We created it like masses of Doctors Frankenstein, making it our monster to kill, before the peasants rush the castle and burn us with the monster.

Our present form of Federal government has become a barrel of completely spoiled potatoes.  Democracy means “majority rule,” but we live in a state where the inmates (lunatics) run the asylum.  We are an oligarchy, just like we were when oppressed by the likes of Ole King George.

Nothing is salvageable, as it exists now.  We have to toss everything out, wash and scrub the barrel, and then leave the shell in the hot sun to cure for a year or two.  If not that, then we must make a new barrel.

The only way to let the world know we Americans are not worthy of hatred (and thus random murder) is to clean our own house before the time comes when others will come to do the dirty work for us.  That cleaning will come to take us out with the garbage, as we too will have become so rotten we could not act.

When that time comes, look in the hall closet for the old shotgun, and look for some ammunition.  Don’t look for a gun to protect the free State, but to protect your own ass.  Unfortunately, it might be illegal to have any guns in the house, if you wait too long and let the United Nations and Socialists strip you bear before the execution.

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