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The staff of Moses

Updated: May 4

In Exodus chapter four, Moses asks Yahweh, “What if I go to Egypt and no one believes you told me to lead them away?”

That is a good question to ask.

Yahweh then asked Moses, “What is that in your hand?”

Moses replied, “A staff,” meaning Moses was a shepherd of Jethro’s flock of sheep; so, a staff was a tool of the trade, used to beating off predators and reaching into hard places, in order to hook onto lamb legs and yank them out of thickets, rescuing them to safety.

It was here that Yahweh told Moses to drop the staff on the ground, which he did.  The staff then turned into a long serpent, which made Moses begin to run away in fear.  Then, Yahweh told Moses to pick the serpent up by the tail, which he did; and <presto chango> the serpent became a staff again.

With a caveat that people miss.

If people truly understood this caveat, then they would realize no ordinary walking stick or shepherd’s crook can do anything at all.  Unless the user uses the tool as it is designed, a piece of dead wood is still just a piece of dead wood.

If owning a piece of dead (useless) wood was something Yahweh wanted his Shepherds to hold onto and do magical things with, then try this following experiment.

Sneak a camera and microphone in the nearest Episcopal bishop’s office (one with a really big and fancy crucifer); and then, when he, she, or it is in the office alone, start talking to the bishop like Yahweh talked to Moses.

Tell that pretender that His people are starving under the evil practices of Joe Biden’s regime.  Tell the bishop he-she-it needs to dress up in full regalia and drive down to the local grocery store and walk inside, saying, “Let Yahweh’s people eat!”  Then, pounce the crucifer on the floor and/or raise both arms in the air, expecting the food in the shelves to magically fill up grocery carts and roll out the automatic door to the masses gathered outside.

Watch how fast the store manager calls for the mental hospital to come pick up an escapee.

None of the things bishops parade around in, holding in their hands and wearing over their Socialist brains (skull caps), have any holiness in them.  They are like the priests of Pharoah, who could do the snake trick with their walking sticks too.  Dress-up is half of the sleight of hand and misdirection (smoke and mirrors), making people believe what they see, rather than know what they feel within.

It is easy making things have frightful purposes (like turning sticks into snakes).  It is not so easy being given the Holy Spirit; simply because that scares the shit out of people.  Thinking about being bitten by the Holy Spirit makes one want to run away in fear.

The “staff” or “rod” of Moses is the soul of Jesus within his soul.  Moses picked that “serpent” up by the “tail,” meaning the inner soul of Jesus became his Lord (the head), with his own soul then possessed by Yahweh, as Yahweh’s ‘walking stick.’  Moses would be the “staff” that Jesus would use to save his Father’s lost flock in Egypt.

Moses told Yahweh he was “slow of speech and tongue,” meaning Moses was not a mental wizard.  Moses was not intellectually capable of knowing how to do much of anything, other than be a normal good guy.  He said Aaron was the smart one; but Yahweh said “I will do the thinking for you.”  Moses was more the simpleton, than the intellectual.  Such slow people are more able to do good things naturally, rather than think of ways to cheat others and make one’s life seem like that of a god on earth.

From that point onward, everything Moses said was divine inspiration, not mental acumen. The voice of Yahweh came from Moses' face. The acts of Yahweh were those directed through Moses' flesh.

Yahweh’s thoughts are sent to His Son Jesus (a.k.a. Adam).  Yahweh said that when he said his firstborn was “Israel.”  He did not say Jacob.  Jacob was transformed into “Israel” when he wrestled with his demon possessed soul and cast it out.  "Israel" means a Son of Yahweh resurrected into flesh. Moses was likewise transformed, when he picked up the serpent by the tail, becoming another “Israel.”

The word “Israel” means “He Who Retains God,” where “god” (lower-case) is actually short for “elohim,” with Adam being a “Yahweh elohim.”  The el of Adam-Jesus joins with the el that is a soul inhabiting a body of flesh; and, the two together - as one - become Yahweh “elohim” reborn.  To be Yahweh’s firstborn, one must be possessed by the soul of Adam-Jesus, the soul Yahweh made to save lost souls.

When the Israelite people were bellyaching about dying of thirst, that was not a literal thirst, it was a spiritual thirst.  (Literal thirst would be what Jacob-ites would complain of.) When Yahweh told Moses to strike the rock with his staff and water would freely flow for everyone, that was spiritual waters that maintained the faith of the Israelites, who were all merged with the soul of Yahweh’s Son. 

Try asking an Episcopal bishop to strike the altar-stage with his-her-its crucifer and make the Spirit flow into the souls of bench-sitters nearby. If that were to be the flow, then none of those so filled with Spiritual waters would ever show up again in that building, having Yahweh’s work to do, as His Son reborn.  If that ever would happen (again), then that would be a true bishop, as a true Apostle-Saint. 

But, alas, Saints don’t do the dress-up bit.  They just go slow of speech and tongue to where Yahweh leads them, in the name of Jesus, looking like some ordinary nice person. Those saved souls have ministry to perform, as the "staff" of Yahweh, in the hand of His Son Jesus. Saints do as Moses did, having a mission to have lost souls see the light of truth.

Seeing the light of truth is not the same as witnessing the glare of pompous pretense.

Note: When looking up "staff of Moses" on the Internet, for reference to the Exodus 4 reading, I found questions about where this staff was. This is the same crap as about the Ark of the Covenant and the Chalice of the Last Supper (or the Shroud of Turin). People are more concerned with, "Where can I get my grubbing little fingers on some valuable holy relic?" "Where can I pay thousands of dollar to travel somewhere and take pictures to show my friends that I saw the Staff of Moses?"

Few want to read, ponder, meditate, and be filled with the insight of truth that makes everything written in the Holy Bible (Hebrew and Greek) be one story after another of people who were Yahweh's "staffs" on earth, held by His Son the Good Shepherd.

Shame on your souls.


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