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The truth about demon spirits killing souls

Updated: Jan 10

In the news recently was the headline: Lori Vallow Daybell found guilty in murder of her 2 children. I did not read the article; and, I did not recognize the name.

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, Dateline updated this news, repeating the history that I had watched before. That reminded me who it was that had been found guilty in murder. What I heard in the television program was an element of this crime that I had not caught before. Perhaps the network had not worded it the same, but the reason I post now is the aspect of these murders being some misguided attempts to claim they were killing demon spirits.

The one who came up with this ‘theology’ that deduced demon spirits killed people, replacing them as some kind of evil zombies (needing to be killed, with murder not a sin … if killing a demon replacement) is Chad Daybell. His trial was said to begin a year from now. He was said to have once been a grave digger, who became a podcaster, as some kind of religious guru, cult leader.

In the past, I have posted articles that are similar to the conclusions drawn by Mr. Daybell, in the sense that I believe fully in demonic possession. The religion known as Christianity has crumbled considerably by so-called believers having become possessed by evil spirits, while making it seem they are ‘doing the Lord’s work’ by following cult leaders that lead them to actions that become evidence to the outside world that Christianity is a lie. It is hard to justify the actions of cult followers that commit heinous crimes and feel they have not committed grievous sins that condemn their souls.

While most Christians do not follow charismatic charlatans calling themselves chosen by God to act as a Messiah, commanding disciples like Jesus did long ago, they still sit in pews and listen to some church leader preach each Sunday (when time allows one to go to church). Most so-called Christians are not about to go murder someone said to be possessed by demon spirits; but then nobody is telling them just how real that danger is.

The danger is real; and, this reality is clearly stated in Scripture. Jesus cast out demon spirits, while Yahweh allowed the disciples of Jesus to inherit a portion of Jesus’ spirit, so they too could cast out some demons (in his name - prior to his death and resurrection). With all that said, none of those possessed by demon spirits were dead of soul, having been replaced by some zombie creature that needed to be killed. Such conclusions are the works of human brains that themselves have become possessed by a demon spirit or two.

A soul is eternal. It cannot die. No body of human flesh can ever live without the soul given it by Yahweh, which comes to each human being at birth. During life that host soul (in its temporal body of flesh) will experience external influences, some suggesting sins are okay, some reminding the host soul of the pledge made to Yahweh (pre-birth) to seek Him and find Salvation for that soul. These suggestions can come from anyone or any place; but they are figuratively seen in cartoons as the angel on one's right shoulder and the devil on the left.

In reality, both the angel and devil are eternal spirits. They are our guardian angels (protectors of our souls) and our tempters to sin (Satan's helper devils). In terms of ancient beliefs recognizing these spirits (pre-Christian) they are called Eudaimonia [Greek, as "good spirits" - ('good, well') and daímōn ('dispenser, tutelary deity')] and Diamonia (in Shakespeare's Othello he gave it a woman's name: Desdemona), where the Greek "daímōn" means "god", "godlike", "power", "fate," the root for where the word "demon" comes. When this broad scope of "daímōn" implies many spirits are up to no good, the prefix " " says there is a distinction from the general bad spirits and the truly "good" ones. In Old Testament vernacular, all of these spirits are called "elohim," with the "good spirit" that is Adam-Jesus being "Yahweh elohim." It is the pledge made before being born that promises to receive this "Yahweh elohim" as one's Lord - the true meaning of the name "Israel." That is synonymous with the true state of being a Christian.

Demon spirits seek to possess the body and soul of those led to sin. Those soul are the ones that refuse to be led to the light of Yahweh. This darkness is aided by the promotion of false religions that justify sin (like the Daybell lies). Possession by an evil spirit means one or more gain control over the soul-body, leading it do evil acts.

The casting out of demon spirits rids the soul-body of this evil possession, bringing those lost souls back to life in their flesh … with one caveat. Each saved soul is then divinely possessed by the spirit of Jesus, having been reborn as Yahweh’s Son, a new Christ poured out upon one’s soul-flesh. As such, Jesus then possesses that entity as its Lord (living up to the name – “YAH Saves” – as the Savior). Jesus then assumes control over those soul-bodies, leading them to do righteous acts - as Saints.

Certainly, in between the lost souls – those possessed by demon spirits – and Salvation in the name of Jesus reborn comes those who will preach the truth of Scripture. These are "eudemonia" that walk in bodies of flesh as Jesus returned to the earth. Saints are necessary to offset the imbalance that exists between protector angels and evil demons. That means there is a need to be taught the truth of Yahweh and His Son of Salvation. There is a need to be taught to take the necessary steps towards Salvation of one's soul (as promised pre-birth), which means to seek Yahweh’s presence. Coming in contact with Jesus reborn into human flesh, as the Lord over a submissive soul (possession by his spirit), this external influence urges the lost soul to ACT for that promise to be fulfilled. That means one must take the teachings of Scripture – those taught by Saints in the name of Jesus – and own the truth of those lessons.

Ownership means coming to experience the truth in a personal way, not simply hear someone else tell one what to believe. Thus, no spiritual guru will ever bring Salvation to a soul. The truth told by a Saint can only lead a soul-body seeking Salvation to be taken to the threshold for experiencing the truth of Scripture. One must take the steps and make the effort to understand Scripture, once led to that point. Only an outpouring of Yahweh’s Spirit and the resurrection of His Son’s soul IN ONE’S SOUL-BODY, as one’s Lord, can make the truth of Scripture be explained as one’s life submits to divine possession by Jesus Christ. The truth being told is irrefutable proof that a soul-body is possessed by the good spirit that is Jesus resurrected.

In our modern history, true stories of multiple personality disorder have become the scripts of Hollywood movies. Older people will remember The Three Faces of Eve. Those somewhat younger will recall Sally Fields playing Sybil, who had thirteen ‘alter egos’ that would take control over her soul-flesh. Those true stories were about demon spirit possession, where once the door to a weak soul has been opened, a rush of evil spirits can come in. Scripture referred to this multiplicity of demon spirits in the man whose demon was called Legion ("for we are many" - Mark 5:9).

Modern psychology likes to believe they can treat these demonic possessions with medications and electrical shock therapies (et al); but the Roman Catholic Church has long addressed them through the religious rites of exorcism. That follows ritual procedures, using prayers, holy water, crosses, et al. I would imagine similar treatments were used to keep the wild man of the region of the Gerasenes from affecting the normal people.

Who can forget the Hollywood production of The Exorcist? None of those tricks of the trade worked. Only a priest possessed by the good spirit of Jesus Christ can order a severe case of multiple personality disorder to leap out of a host soul-body and send those demons jumping into pigs that will jump off a cliff and drown in the sea.

Still, the pigs died, but the demons lived on … because spirits are eternal. They get recycled to find more left shoulders to perch on.

Hollywood takes a real phenomenon and turns it into a topic for people being entertained with fear. They promote people believing in demonic possession. Hollywood then thrives on selling fear, when true Christianity crumbles into nothing that can oppose fear. For all the hoopla given demon spirit possession, nobody wearing robes on Sundays (or podcasters, whenever they come out) is promoting Salvation through a soul being cleansed by Yahweh’s Spirit (the casting out of demons). Fear is not preached to be a sign of a soul's weakness, which is a failure to seek Yahweh for Salvation. No one is taught Scripture's truth, which says divine marriage to Yahweh (being Anointed by His Baptismal Spirit) is followed by the Lord preventing evil ever to threaten a soul again, as a soul being reborn alongside the divinely possessing soul of Jesus (also known as Adam). That is the central story of the New Testament; and, the truth of that theme can only be taught by Saints in the name of Jesus Christ.

The rites of exorcism are not going to bring a lost soul to Salvation. It acts to kill the demon spirit, much like the Daybell theory was to kill the dead body of a zombie possessing spirit, as the flesh was already dead because its soul had been killed by evil. Both are human concepts of Scripture that fail to reach the truth.

Truth can only come from BEING Jesus reborn, where his soul is WITHIN one’s soul-body, with all demon spirits already cast out by Yahweh’s Spirit. When that state of Salvation has come, the host soul says nothing to others promoting “me, myself, or I.” One’s self-ego has bowed down before Yahweh at the altar of divine marriage, where His Spirit brings a commitment to serve only Yahweh forever. That ceremony is followed by the wife-soul receiving the seed of Yahweh's making (Adam) within one’s womb. That allows for His Son’s soul to resurrect in new flesh. As a true Saint, only Jesus speaks, so only the truth is heard told.

This is how one knows cult leaders are full of demon waste, as they begin to spew how righteous they are, demanding others believe in them. They lead souls away from the truth.

So, when you hear someone saying what Jesus would do if he were here today … run in the opposite direction. No one but you can save your soul; and, that means being reborn as Jesus. In a Saint, JESUS IS HERE TODAY!

A true Saint can bring the truth and leave it at your feet; but you have to commit to Yahweh that you will receive the truth as your own, before you can know Salvation is yours. Your promise has been delivered. Once saved, a Saint must lead others to Salvation, through ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. At no time will you make out to be a Messiah, because your soul surrendered that distinction to your Lord, the good spirit possessing your soul forevermore.

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