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Why the True History of Israel Needs to be Known

Updated: May 12, 2021

I read this in an article posted on Helium, under the heading, “The Middle East conflict: Political spin versus truth.” [Helium is deceased.]  I wonder if this is the history some people have made up and passed along as propaganda, or if it is the work of Hollywood, in its never ending “Lest They Forget” blockbuster movies each year?  The writer stated (partially):

Fievel, the mouse from Russia, in a cartoon by Steven Spielberg, is a great illustration of what was occurring in Eastern Europe in the 1800s. Many fled to the United States, as well as many others who moved to Israel.

At this time, Israel was known as Palestine, and was colonized by Great Britain. It was an English Colony. Jews fled Europe to the Americas, as well as to Israel because they had no where else to go, but during the Holocaust, both the English in Israel, and the United States closed their doors to immigration.

This article is currently (June 3, 2011) ranked third out of thirteen listed under that topic heading.  This could indicate a lot of people believing the incorrectness of the article, or it could mean a lot of people want to believe it.  America (and the world) is full of people who are easily fooled (through laziness), so let us correct this failed student of history, one fallacy at a time.

A reference to the “1800s” in one statement, implies that time period is associated with the following statement, which says, “Many (Jews) … moved to Israel.”  That simply is not true.  Prior to 1948, when a U.N. resolution allowed the State of Israel to exist, the only prior State of Israel existed in biblical times.  That Israel ceased to exist when the Assyrians overtook that land and caused the Jews who lived there to die, become slaves, or be scattered to the four corners of the earth.  The Holy Bible’s Old Testament documents that loss fairly well.  However, in the 1800s, no Russian Jews (nor Russian mice of Jewish descent) “moved to Israel.”

In the statement, “At this time (the 1800s), Israel was known as Palestine,” that can only be a reference to ancient Israel AND Judah to be close to true.  This statement is so absurd it makes it appear that the Jews went on vacation and told the people left behind, “Hey, we are going away for a while, so take care of our land, which we named Israel.  But, you might want to name it something else until we get back.”

Palestine was the name that was reinstated once the Romans and Jews had been outcast by the Ottoman Turks, after the fall of the Roman Empire.  One might recall a series of Christians Crusades that were designed to recapture the lost land surrounding Jerusalem, dating back to the year 1095, and continuing for several centuries (if they ever stopped).  These were because the land known by the name Judea had been lost to Muslims.

The name Palestine comes from that having been the name given by the indigenous inhabitants, who were there (along with others) prior to Moses leading the Israelites to that Promised Land.  God promised the children of Israel (second name for Jacob), as long as they obeyed the will of God.  The Jews failed to live up to their end of that “promise” (a “Covenant”) so they lost the land.  The Palestinians have always been there, thus they remained; and the name Palestine became synonymous for the people who largely lived there.  However, the Palestinians have never felt the need (as did the children of Israel) to have one of themselves be named “king.”  They just always lived under whoever called themselves “emperor.”  The Turks became the Emperor of Palestine.

The statements, “Palestine … was colonized by Great Britain.  It was an English colony” are total fabrications.  Palestine was a vassal of the Ottoman Empire, until the Turks agreed to the German surrender that ended World War I.  In that surrender, and due to the creation of the League of Nations, the Ottomans were required to give up their holdings in the Middle East (other than Turkey).  As a plan to ensure warrior nations never again terrorized lesser nations through war, the genteel people of Great Britain and France (the two “weeners” of WWI) were deemed the ones to keep watch over those Ottoman holdings.  Together, those two nations would keep the world forever safe from potential harm (a pipe dream that vanished around 1939).

Palestine was one land holding that was put under the “Protectorate” (a League of Nations coined term) of Great Britain.  In 1918, when this first took place, Palestine included the land now known as Jordan.  Great Britain divided Palestine into two sections, which were Palestine and “Transjordan” (the land on the other side of the Jordan River).  This division was because the people there saw themselves differently, and they sought that separation.  As such, Great Britain became an administrator of those lands of Palestine.  They did not “colonize” anything, although the British Empire, which did consist of British created colonies (India, Australia, Canada, etc.) then tacked on the new lands they had been assigned to manage.  Because such an assignment required the presence of British soldiers, so the British Empire could manage the way they had always managed best (back then) – at the point of a rifle – British people began living and working in Palestine.

It must be understood that the original Mandate (another U.N. official term), which gave France and Great Britain powers over foreign lands, was for the expressed purpose of leading those lands to self-management (self-governing).  By the process where the vassals would be taught by their new “masters” how to manage the affairs of a nation, they were all eventually to gain independence.  The intent from the beginning was to have each of five lands (Syria, Palestine, Transjordan, Lebanon, and Mesopotamia) become their own nation.

As such, the plan was to have a free-governing Palestine in the end.  It would be a graduate of the Great Britain “national management training course.”  Putting foreign lands under the Protectorate-ship of two major Western nations was never intended to be a domineering action.  The goal of the League of Nations was to stop more powerful nations from sweeping in and taking total control of little, less powerful nations.  World War I had been a result of such forced alliances, and the League of Nations was Woodrow Wilson’s plan to save the planet, not light the fuse that will end the world (if we do not wake up and realize the errors made).

The statement, “Jews fled Europe to the Americas, as well as to Israel because they had no where else to go,” is misleading (at best), and stretching the fabric of history to the point of ripping it asunder.  It is a fact that “Jews fled.”  The “Jews fled” the Middle East because of the Assyrians and Babylonians, at which point many Jews found Europe a place to call home.  Europe, however, has a very long history of persecuting Jews.

One might recall how the Inquisitions instigated by the Roman Catholic Church were to “stamp out” Judaism and Islam in all European countries.  In the 14th century, Jews actually went back to live in the Middle East, because the ruling Sultan saw their presence as a positive for Arab social and economic advancement.  The Jews possessed many artisan skills, which were allowed to prosper in places like Palestine.  Their presence was always with the known fact that Islam reigned supreme.  Jews could worship as they wanted, but they had no rights to call anything home.  By the 16th century, however, the climate changed in those Arab lands and Jews were once again banished.  They went back to Europe then.

In the 1800s, The “New World” of America was thriving and welcoming immigrants.  Many Jews did sail across the “Big Pond” to find a home in a land that advertised “freedom of religious beliefs.”  They settled in pockets, in large cities, and maintained their religious faith, while being persecuted in America just as they found their relatives persecuted in Europe.  They kept to themselves, and supported one another, trying hard to stay away from others who might try to begin yet another Inquisition against Jews.

It was from this segregated population that a splinter “Jewish” group – those with education, wealth, and knowledge of the political processes – sought other Jews (those Jewish in name only, not devout in a religious sense) to support a concept termed “Zionism.”  The word “Zion” is associated with the place “Sion,” which was captured by King David, and where the temple was built.  That place is synonymous with both Jerusalem and Israel.  Because of that, “Zionism” became the name for a movement to return Jews to their holy land of Jerusalem.  The problem with that movement was Arabs lived in Jerusalem in the 1890s, and Jews were not allowed in Palestine.

The first settlement of Jews in Palestine grew in the coastal ports cities Haifa and Jaffa.  Wikipedia reports of Haifa, “In 1854, the city had a population of 2,070 Arabs (1,200 Muslims, 870 Christians) and 32 Jews.”  Wikipedia reports of Jaffa, “In the 1860s Jaffa’s small Sephardic community was joined by Jews from Morocco and small numbers of European Ashkenazi Jews, making by 1882 a total Jewish population of more than 1,500.”  Jaffa was actually the Arab name of the port city, with the walled-in Jewish section going by the name Tel Aviv.  Wikipedia goes on to report about this Jewish expansion in Jaffa:

“The first Jews to build outside of Jaffa, in the area of modern day Tel Aviv, were Yemenite Jews. These homes, built in 1881, became the core of Kerem HaTeimanim (Hebrew for “the Vineyard of the Yemenites”). In 1896 the Yemenite Jews established Mahane Yehuda, and in 1904, Mahane Yossef. These neighborhoods later became the Shabazi neighborhood.”

“During the 1880s, Ashkenazi immigration to Jaffa increased with the onset of the First Aliyah. The new arrivals were motivated more by Zionism than religion and came to farm the land and engage in productive labor.  In keeping with their pioneer ideology, some chose to settle in the sand dunes north of Jaffa.  The beginning of modern-day Tel Aviv is marked by the construction of Neve Tzedek, a neighborhood built by Ashkenazi settlers between 1887 and 1896.”

As one can see, the growth of a Jewish presence at the end of the 19th century was due more to Zionism, than it was to Jews not finding a place to live in peace.  There was oppression about everywhere in the world, and most certainly in the Arab lands controlled by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.  To put this presence in perspective, consider the plight of the Christians who had lived as Middle Eastern natives, in the land known as Armenia.  This land was once a vital part of the Byzantine Empire (Christian), but after the fall of that empire, the Armenians were traditionally persecuted by those Muslims, especially those aligned with the Ottoman Empire.

The Czar of Russia had traditionally protected the Armenians.  Under the Czar, Russia was an ally of France and Great Britain during World War I, as the supplier of troops in the war effort around the Black Sea.  However, the Russian Revolution, which has occurred prior to World War I beginning, had been temporarily put on hold because Russians felt a need to fight against Arab aggressions to their south.  Unfortunately, when the Ottomans began killing more Russians than vice versa, the Communists forced Nicholas to withdraw from the war.

That withdrawal began such a bloodletting of Muslim resentment towards the Christian Armenians, who fought the Turks along with the Russians.  Mass murders were ordered by the Sultan and carried out by the Turks.  The number of deaths of innocent Armenians was so great that it called for the word “genocide” to be coined.  This is a fact.  Look it up.  This means, had Germany and Turkey won World War I, the Armenian “holocaust” would have been completed; and with that done, it would have been like swatting a few flies to rid the Middle East of the Jewish presence.  Instead, without Germany as its ally, the Turks were forced to surrender (although they continued to kill as many Armenians as possible before denying they knew anything about it).  To keep Western eyes from investigating this fully, the Turks ceded the lands that the League of Nations would use as power pawns for raising its own egos.

Finally, the statement, “during the Holocaust, both the English in Israel, and the United States closed their doors to immigration,” implies there was a “Holocaust” known to the world.  While there certainly were powerful people who knew what the German plan called for, in respect to exterminating European Jews (the Vatican, the British and American governments, and the rulers of all occupied European lands under Nazi domination knew), the implication that immigration laws were changed to add to Hitler’s delight in gassing and starving Jews is biased, to the point of being ridiculous.

German Jews were forbid from immigrating during World War II (when the “Holocaust” took place) because of a state of declared war.  American born Japanese-Americans were interred during that time, which was a greater persecution than being denied a visa, when two countries are at war with one another.  England was in a war of survival during World War II, and the least of its worries was the denial of Jewish immigration to Palestine (there was no Israel existing during World War II).

The reality of the history is such that during the rise of the Third German Reich, under Adolph Hitler and pals, the British were finding themselves stretched quite thin, as far as the controller of an Empire was concerned.  They allied with France, and placed troops in France to threaten the Germans into being peaceful, “Or else!”  They threw some fairly heavy language at the Germans when they invaded and forcefully took Poland, but they ran like whipped puppies to Dunkirk when Hitler invaded France.  They could not stop Nazi bombers from flying regular missions over London, destroying their capital city, while the British had no America stepping in to fight Britain’s war for it.

The Zionists took advantage of Great Britain being caught with its pants down around its ankles.  Great Britain had yearly increased the number of Jews allowed to immigrate to Palestine (much to Arab dismay), but by the time the late 1930s rolled around, legal and illegal immigration of Zionist Jews went through the roof.  During the years of World War II, Jews found they could easily walk into Palestine, avoiding the draft and war back home, while helping the British keep the Germans away from Middle Eastern oil fields.  The British welcomed the assistance, and the poor Arab Palestinians could do nothing to protect their promise of national statehood.  They had allowed the British to manage them because they were not a powerful people.  They complained loudly to the British governor about the immigration problems (sound like an Arizona immigration bill overturned?), only to have the British tell the local Arabs there was nothing they could do.  While the British mis-managed, all the Palestinians could do, like the Ottomans before them, was hope the Germans won World War II.   However, that didn’t work out too well for them.

By the time World War II came to an end, there were about as many Jews in Palestine as there were Palestinians.  The British had just had their Empirical butts whupped by the Germans, with an England left to rebuild, and pesky Indians wanting their own national sovereignty.  By 1948, the British had ceded India to the Indians (1947), and were packing it in as a world “great.”  They let the Jews have their tanks and such, and some guy named David Ben-Gurion said, “Thank you very much.”  Armed with Western weapons of war, the Zionists easily defeated the camel-jockey Arabs of Palestine, and declared Israel a new land.

The new United Nations (the League was a total failure) said, “Approved,” and the gavel stuck the pad.  Then, the world was all upset over the German genocide – of anyone not meeting Aryan genetic specifications (mostly Jews) – so everyone cheered, “Finally!  A place the Jews can call home!  Now, we won’t have to persecute them for living on our lands!  Hip hip hooray!”  Everyone except the Muslims, that is; but they only had oil, and no weapons of merit.

The moral of this story is one that is central to what Nostradamus wrote (in 1555, well before this dream ever materialized).  Quatrain III-97 is a classic that most anyone can see clearly as a prophecy forecasting the theft of land, justified by a new manner of law.  The story Nostradamus tells is still before us, as it tells how the downfall of all humanity will stem from this one act.  In 1948, the Palestinian Arabs were a peaceful (albeit Christian and Jew hating) sort, unconcerned with being a world power.  They have cried for justice since 1948, only to have the laws changed to rule in the favor of thieves.

The advent of oil as the most important substance known to maintaining one’s super world power has made the presence of the State of Israel, and its relationship with the Western powers, King England and Prince America, the way British Petroleum has been able to freely pump oil to its allies for decades.  Unfortunately, that one-sided favoritism has been lost.  It was lost when the Arabs teamed up with the broken apart Soviet Union, and all who have suffered while the West has grown fat and sassy from oil’s power.

The point is to either stay asleep and see the imaginary as real (like the writer of that Helium article dreams), or wake up and see the dangers that abound all around.  The Arabs are far from holy.  Their Holocaust of Armenians proved their hearts are black.  However, they have found a way, after over fifty years of saving oil wealth, to buy back the level of power they possessed under the banner of the Ottoman Empire.  The Muslims are again equal foes.  However, the ego of the West has blinded everyone from seeing this.

On the flip side of the coin, the reality is America’s heart has grown just as black.  It has proven time and again it is willing to kill anything that opposes its self-perceived right (said to be God-given) to lord over the whole world.  The American dream is based on a lie.  They are not “one nation under God.”  The lie is in believing America is God.

Likewise, the Zionist dream is based on a theft.  One of the Ten Commandments passed from God to Moses, written in stone for all children of Israel to abide by forever, states clearly, “Thou shalt not steal.”  The almighty Zionist warrior, David Ben-Gurion said, “We have stolen their land.”  There is no defense for this admitted guilt, in the long run.  Theft is one turning one’s back to God.  Without God’s help, the land will return to its rightful owner – easily or with much pain.

God sees all this evil, and knows what needs to happen as a result.  From the gift of free-will, Christians can see who the real enemy is, and turn to God for the power to slay the beast, before the beast destroys the world.

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