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A synopsis of Daniel 7

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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[Note: This is one of a series listed under the heading: Wordie Post." It was originally posted on the Word Press blog entitled "Our Daily Bread," found at The changes at Word Press are similar to those on Twitter and Facebook, where I was posting to an empty space. That was because I began and maintained that blog as one of their free offerings. When their force to change to a paid blog website did not move me, they cancelled their "Reader," so posting on Word Press has become like a caged animal at the zoo, where only workers occasionally toss the animals a bite to eat. Word Press [et al] is like what I imagine life was like in the satellite countries of the Soviet Union: meager, bleak, spiritless. So, I am transferring those forty articles here.]


In the Book of Daniel, seventh chapter, is a vision shown to Daniel that had four beasts. This is seen as prophetic of some future coming, where the beasts are believed to represent the four kingdoms. According to a Wikipedia article on Daniel 7, these four are believed to have been projections of “Babylon, the Medes, Persia and Greece.”

I do not see this that way at all.

Frist, the number four needs to be looked at symbolically. Without looking up the mystic opinion on the Internet, I see four as the shape of a square, thus being symbolic of a base. That represents a foundation upon which structures are built. This equates to the physical realm, or earth. When I looked up the symbolism of the number four, I found this posted:

“The scared number 4 is typically epitomized in squares together with the cross. It is often

attached to references of the four cardinal points, the four elements, four quarters of the

earth, four seasons and the four winds from which the one spirit is said to originate.”

[Master Mind Content website]

Verses nine and ten set up a scene of Yahweh [called “the Ancient of days,” meaning the God that made the Creation possible] convening a meeting of quite a few participants. There are “a thousand thousands thousands” who “ministered” before Yahweh, which means they all worked for the ‘Big Guy.’ Also included were “ten thousand ten thousand ten thousand” who all stood before Him, prior to taking seats at this meeting. At the end of verse ten is written, “and the books were opened” [“wə·sip̄·rîn pə·ṯî·ḥū,” from “וְסִפְרִ֥ין פְּתִֽיחוּ,” rooted in “sephar pethach”].

In the past, I have read this and seen” “the books were opened” as the mystical Akashic Record, which was like some huge book that was opened, with some angelic clerk busily writing down the millions or billions of names of all in attendance; as if the meaning of “and the books were opened” was saying, “let this meeting begin.” Then an angelic stenographer began holy shorthand recording everything.

I now see those words as stating “and the history of the world began, which would allow books to be written by prophets.” It says this meeting of divine spirits – elohim – would make changes that would no longer be allowed on earth [the symbolism of the number four].

This made me see Daniel as one who was allowed to see from the books opened, in the same way that Moses was allowed to know the story of Creation [obviously, he wasn’t there when everything happened]. The “books were opened” when Enoch was allowed to see beyond the veil of the earth.

The way I see Daniel 7 as not focused on the future, but on the past. The destruction of the beast who arrogantly blared his opinions through a horn, that would have been Azael [a.k.a. Lucifer and Satan]. Enoch told of what was beyond the veil, having been shown the war between the “sons of elohim,” when a third of those angels were fallen. I see that as the vision shown to Daniel, in the ninth and tenth verses of his seventh chapter.

He was shown the truth of the past, which (as a truth) will always be.

In the Book of Job [one of those opened], the reader is twice [chapters 1 & 2] told of a meeting of the “sons of elohim” [“bə·nê hā·’ĕ·lō·hîm”], where a point was made to state that “Satan was among them” [“haś·śā·ṭān bə·ṯō·w·ḵām”]. The only reason to make that point be made is to say, “Oh, by the way, Satan had not been cast into the earth at this time.” Now, Daniel is saying how many thousands times thousands and tens of thousands times tens of thousands were in that meeting, all being “sons of elohim.”

The “four” elements of the earth are Air, Water, Earth and Fire. In verses ten of Daniel 7 is written, “his throne a flame , which fiery its wheels , a fire burning.” In verse eleven we find written, “a river which fiery flowed forth,” which becomes relative to the numbers of “thousands” and “tens of thousands,” who ministered to this ‘firebrand.’ This says seated in a throne, in a meeting of the “sons of elohim,” was one who reflected the Element of Fire. Then, verse eleven says “was slain the beast and perished its body , given to the burning flame.”

Home sweet home.

Because none of the participants of a meeting between Yahweh [“Ancient of Days”] and His “sons of elohim” were physical (only spirits allowed), the use of “body” [from “geshem”] must be seen figuratively. This becomes all the fallen angels who were part of Azael’s “court” [from “din,” a word meaning “judgment,” so the meeting was called for that reason], who likewise were banished to his realm of fire, inside the earth [or restricted to only having presence in the material realm]. The “destruction” [from “abad”] was a limitation placed on the freedom those rebellious elohim were forever after allowed. The true “destruction” would be that coming later, in the Great Flood, which would cleanse the earth of the monsters the elohim had created through possessing life forms on earth. Those monsters upset Yahweh’s plan of Creation; and, He had commanded all the “sons of elohim” to assist humanity.

Verse twelve then says, “and as for the rest of the beasts [Air, Water, and Earth] they had taken away their dominion ; and yet were prolonged lives.”  That says none of the other “gods” of the earthly plane had the ability to attack humanity, doing as they pleased when interacting with souls in human forms. Only when a soul prayed to one or more of them could they possess that soul-body; but they had no powers to alter the structure of their bodies of flesh. They could only create monsters psychologically, not physically.

In verse thirteen, when Daniel wrote, “behold with clouds of heaven , like a son of man [“kə·ḇar ’ĕ·nāš”] came coming ; and to Ancient of Days he came,” this is the seventh day arriving, when Yahweh had “rested” the “sons of elohim.”  After this trial [which Job says this meeting of the spirits of Yahweh – elohim – was on “a day” (“hay·yō·wm“), which was the sixth “day”] was when Yahweh made His Son Adam. Daniel was show the advent of divine religion that would be sent into the world, in the form of a man, but more importantly a soul [“cloud”] descending from Yahweh [“heaven”], where the two were one.  It would forevermore be that divine union who would counter the influences of the four beasts of the world. That soul of Adam – a “son of man to Yahweh” – was, in essence, the soul of “Jesus” – a name meaning “Yah[weh] Will Save.”

When Daniel then wrote that this soul – a Yahweh elohim [as stated eleven times in Genesis 2] – would have “everlasting dominion” upon the earth.  Wherever mankind heard his Word and were led to marry their souls to Yahweh, that union could never be broken. The “books opened” are then telling the stories of this presence on earth – the Torah, the Psalms, the Prophets, the Gospels, and the Epistles. Daniel was shown the future, simply because a Law (like truth) is forever – as before, so again and again.

Jesus is Adam’s soul perfected. Jesus is the knight of Yahweh who slays the beasts of demonic possession, freeing lost souls to return to the fold of Salvation; but the souls of Jesus must be resurrected within one’s soul for that to happen.  One must be Jesus reborn, as a divine possession replacing the demons a soul will offer in sacrifice to the elohim of the world.

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