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After my own heart

Updated: May 8

The Sunday morning Baptist minister’s sermon this Sunday was focused on being one “after God’s own heart.” The following verses were read aloud, as the core of this truth.

It is written of the fate of Saul, “Now your kingdom will not endure; Yahweh has sought a man after His own heart and appointed him ruler over His people, because you have not kept the command of Yahweh.” (1 Samuel 13:14, Berean Study Bible [BSB])

It is then written of Yahweh telling Samuel who to pour with anointment oil, “Do not consider his appearance or height, for I have rejected him; Yahweh does not see as man does. For man sees the outward appearance, but Yahweh sees the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7, New International Version [NIV])

It is written of Yahweh telling Samuel when the young son of Jesse arrived (David), “Rise and anoint him, for he is the one.” (1 Samuel 16:12b, NIV)

It is written how Paul went to Pisidian Antioch and told the Jews there, “After removing Saul, he made David their king. Yahweh testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’” (Acts 13:22, NIV)

You will note that I have placed in bold type the truth written in the Hebrew Scripture from 1 Samuel, which is “Yahweh,” not “the LORD” [an English translation of ambiguity, not specificity]. That truth can then be inferred as what Paul said, as “Yahweh” IS the ONLY “God” of Israel.

Cambridge Dictionary defines the phrase, “after my own heart” as meaning “having the same opinions or interests as you.” Merriam-Webster says the phrase is “used to say that someone has likes and dislikes similar to one's own.” Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English shows the meaning applying to either a man or a woman, who is “someone who likes the same things or behaves in the same way that you do.”

Throw all those definitions out the window. The Baptist minister had memorized them all (it seems), as he tried to make the point that Yahweh only anoints those who share Yahweh’s interests.


The element of “heart” must be understood as being the core bond from which marriage is secured. The transliteration of the Hebrew word written that translates as “after his own heart” is “kil·ḇā·ḇōw” (Hebrew כִּלְבָב֗וֹ ). The root word is then “lebab” (Hebrew לֵבָב), meaning “inner man, mind, will, heart.” (Strong’s Concordance, word # 3824)

This core meaning says Yahweh told Samuel that He was only seeking an “inner man” (i.e.: a soul), who sought to join Him as “His own” (a statement of possession or ownership), based on that soul’s “heart, mind, will.” This is the First [Most Important] Commandment that says a soul of Yahweh must LOVE Him with all his (or her) heart, all his (or her) mind, and all his (or her) soul.

In case it is so obvious that it becomes invisible and impossible to see, Samuel was a soul in a body of flesh that was married to Yahweh. Samuel loved Yahweh with all his heart, mind and soul; so, Samuel was able to hear his Spiritual Husband tell him where to go next and what to do when he got there.

Because Samuel was a loving, devoted wife-soul of Yahweh, that does not make him the only one. Yahweh was supposed to have a whole harem of wife-souls, all of whom would be called Israelites (the name "Israel" meaning one "Who Retains El); but those were the people shaking in their sandals when the Philistines came to battle with a guy named Goliath. Even Saul was afraid of being killed by that giant; so, those people who begged Samuel to give them a king to be like other nations were in love with the concept of worldly things, not Yahweh.

David was not to be Yahweh’s only loving, devoted wife-soul. After Samuel would be Nathan. Being able to hear the voice of Yahweh is not something ordinary souls can hear. They are more prone to hear their dog telling them to go murder someone (ancient reference to the “son of Sam” case in the 70s), which is demonic possession (ownership of a soul by Satan). Once David grew to become King of Israel, all the people who followed his lead also married their souls to Yahweh and then became true Israelites. You just don’t read about that clearly in Scripture. It is written between the lines, where only true Israelites can read.

The Baptist minister mentioned the failure of David [his lust for Bathsheba and murder of Uriah] and said, “You can’t be distracted by that. You have to remain focused on David being a man who was after Yahweh’s heart.”

This is true, because David – as a King of a nation of people – could never be more than Saul, if he ever fell prey to being a king like those of other nations. In that regard, Samuel told the elders (speaking Yahweh’s truth as he spoke), “[A worldly king] will take your menservants and maidservants and your best cattle and donkeys and put them to his own use.” In short, if David ever became a king like Saul – making up rules to justify sinful actions – because he was king – then they could expect a king with a soul that would be divorced from marriage to Yahweh. The special people delivered to a Promised Land by Moses would become people as ordinary as those who lived in other nations led by kings (or pharaohs). They would be just like the Philistines!

Welcome to the marriage altar where Satan waits for you to say, “I do.”

This is where this element of “heart” meaning love has to be extrapolated, so love equates to Jesus. Marriage to Yahweh means His Spirit is poured out upon one’s soul forevermore. After Samuel anointed (the Hebrew word “mashach” or “way·yim·šaḥ” [וַיִּמְשַׁ֣ח] – the word equating to “christo” in Greek) David with physical oil from a horn, we read, “came the Spirit of Yahweh upon David.” That "coming" tells of Baptism by Spirit, which is the divine marriage act between Yahweh and a loving soul, not an anointment of flesh by physical means. Samuel gave young David (in essence) a baptism with water, as a servant of Yahweh in the flesh. However, Yahweh marries a soul, via His Spirit.

In that transfer of love between Yahweh and one who is after His own heart comes the anointment of soul-spirit that is Jesus’ soul resurrected [and Jesus’ soul is the soul of Adam]. This means Jesus [a name meaning YAH Saves] is the love bond connecting Yahweh and a devoted wife-soul, so total love exists for Yahweh – heart, mind and soul. Jesus is not a man but a most divine soul, the handmade Son of Yahweh, made for the purpose of being given to ALL HIS wife-souls within flesh and blood.

Samuel was thus Jesus resurrected. David, likewise, became Jesus resurrected. As the true King of Israel, all the true Israelites became devoted wife-souls who submitted to the will of their King, so they too became Jesus reborn in their souls and flesh. Nathan was one of those many, who could hear the voice of Yahweh speaking to Him, as could Samuel.

Being such a true Prophet is what Paul wrote about as being one of the many talents of the Spirit. Not all souls married to Yahweh, even though all are reborn as His Son, will be used by Yahweh to hear His voice directly; but they all speak His Word, through their actions (righteousness) and in their understanding of the truth of Scripture. All minister to others, just as Samuel and Nathan ministered to kings.

It is so important for those Christians that shake in their sandals today, because the world offers Goliaths galore that are ready to squash the life out of a body of flesh, unless they lay down their swords and spears (armor tools of faith) and comply with Satan’s commands. All of those chicken souls said they believed in the One God, who they called by His name – Yahweh. All the Philistines worshiped lesser gods, whose powers were reflected in a giant. Christians, like those people of a nation called Israel following Saul (a false shepherd), have to go into a world of heathens who worship the lesser gods called money, fame, property, fancy cars and clothes, jewelry … yada yada yada. It is vital to know that only those souls totally in love with Yahweh, reborn as His Son within their frightened souls, making them bravely confident the world cannot ever defeat Yahweh. Only those wife-souls can be saved by Yahweh. To be saved by Yahweh, one must be reborn in that name [Jesus].

It is important to know that to be like young David and have Yahweh pour out His Spirit upon one’s soul, to last forevermore, one has to commit to serving Yahweh as one’s Father. One must tend the flock by studying Scripture and passing divine insights along to others (freely). That is not memorizing Biblical quotes in English; but it is delving into the Hebrew and the Greek and seeing all the possibilities of meaning words can convey. Then, one must pray for Yahweh [not some generic “god” or “lord”] to guide one’s mind. When one’s heart and soul are waiting for Yahweh to answer such prayers, one will hear Jesus telling your brain, “Why don’t you investigate that?” Then, you do that.

Showing Yahweh one’s commitment to Divine Marriage means keeping oil in one’s lamp, where the light of truth being lit says one is totally in love with being Yahweh’s Spiritual bride. One loves the work involved that shows Yahweh one is filled with the joy of having been chosen to be His. Investigating the truth only enhances one's love for Yahweh, breathlessly awaiting the time when the soul of Jesus arrives to say, "Let's go save some other souls!"

Yahweh is not after ‘mail order brides.’ One who is after His own heart is totally in love with serving Yahweh and only Yahweh. Your interests, other than in serving Yahweh absolutely, are those Satan will always share with you. Yahweh’s interests are in saving souls by wife-souls in bodies of flesh that will be resurrections of His Son in the flesh; and, that is all that matters.

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