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All souls

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I know I live in a heathen nation that is just one of many. Probably all nations of the world claim some religious beliefs, but in the words of the great fictitious prophetess, Mymomma, “religious is as religious does.” Religious beliefs are a dime a dozen and sold in the marketplace as keychain danglers, windshield decals, rearview mirror ornaments, and bumper stickers (among many other examples). In one of my frequent OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), I asked God, “What is my race?” God said, “Stupid boy [His pet name for me], souls don’t have races. Souls are invisible.” “Oh yeah,” I said. “So, am I a boy or a man?” The LORD smiled and said, “All souls are masculine, so they will adhere well to the feminine [it is also called “negative”] bodies of matter they fill, all because of My Law of opposites attracting.” God continued to say, “The difference between a boy and a man is only a human concept, where life means growth and development towards an eventual death. A soul is ageless. A soul is eternally young.” “Oh yeah,” I said. “So, why is my body male and not female? Should I be embarrassed because some people think males are better than females? Should I be embarrassed because of my sex?” “Stupid boy,” said YAHWEH, “There is no reason for any souls to be embarrassed because of the human gender I assigned to them.” “Oh yeah,” I said. “So, why are so many people trying to change their sex and sexual preferences?” God said to me, “I AM what moves the sperm into the egg.  Human beings can only make solitary deposits. I AM what creates the fetus and attaches it to its mother’s system of nourishment that I control. I determine all the characteristics that baby will develop in the womb. I know the soul I AM going to place into that baby at birth, when I AM going to breathe that soul into that body at birth. That soul always agrees with all the characteristics that body will be known to have … beforehand.” “Oh yeah,” I said. Then I asked the LORD, “Then why are so many people mad about themselves? So many priests say people should support all kinds of crazy things about race and gender, because so many people are mad about their race and gender. What should I do?” God put his breath around me and said, “Son, I don’t talk to those other souls, but I talk to you. As long as many souls in flesh will try to pretend they are gods, I let them rule their world any way they want. Then, when their bodies of flesh can no longer survive and they become invisible souls again before me, we talk. I show each of them the new body I am preparing for that soul’s next trip to the world and show them all the difficult times ahead. I then show them the other option, which only takes a flash before they always decide to try life in a human body again, agreeing to all the characteristics I prepared. But, when I set them free with that first breath, they forget everything we discussed. Human brains are made that way. I run their bodies using 95% of its capacity; but the other 5% … the part I allow them to play with … many waste it. They make up faulty rules and mislead as many as they can. Don’t listen to them. Listen to Me.  I talk to you because you seek My advice.” “Oh yes Sir,” I said. “Thank you for talking with me again.”

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