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Back in November 2011, I gave one of three presentations on “The Astrology of Nostradamus.” Each place I presented, I offered a retooled version of the same basic information, based on what listeners missed because I did not make a point clear. The first place I presented was in Fort Worth, Texas. Here is the summation of that presentation:

The reason this review made that point is I presented to them the statements made by Nostradamus in his letter of explanation about the meaning to be found in The Prophecies, which (as published in 1568) appeared at the top of the eighth page reproducing that letter.  There Nostradamus wrote:

Mais l’injure du temps ô serenissime Roy requiert que telz secretz evenemens ne soyent manifestez, que par ænigmatique sentence, n’ayant que un seul sens, & unique intelligence, sans y avoir rien mis d’ambigue ne emphibologique calculation :

The use of “emphibologique” must be realized as not a known word, which implies it is misspelled and should be read as “amphibologique,” which is a state of the word “amphibologie,” meaning (according to a 1611 Old French-Old English dictionary) “A doubtful, or double, meaning, in one, or many words.”  That is precisely how the spelling of “emphibologique” must be understood.  It is a word of double meaning.

The etymology of “amphibological” says it is a combined form word, joining “amphi- (“both”) and ballein (“to throw”).  Webster’s says of this etymology, “[the word] literally means “encompassing” or “hitting at both ends”; figuratively it means “ambiguous.”  They go on to use examples, writing: “Amphibology is an equivocator’s friend. An editor who has been sent an unsolicited manuscript to critique, for example, might reply, “I shall lose no time in reading your book.” Or a dinner guest who feels the onset of heartburn might say something like, “Ah, that was a meal I shall not soon forget!” But amphibology’s ambiguity can be unintended and undesirable as well, as in “When Mom talked to Judy, she said she might call her back the next day.” (Who said who might call whom back?)”*

The misspelling is then overlooking the obvious, such that the word itself becomes “amphibological.”  That meaning is intentionally meant to be grasped, but there is more that is implied, rather than clearly stated.  The actual presentation as “emphibologique” must then be seen as a manufactured word, where the prefix (so to speak) is rooted in the French word (from Greek) “emphatique” (from “emphinine“), where that prefix implies an effort “to exhibit, to show, to indicate.” where some stressfulness is the “emphasis.”  This word  combined with the intent to direct one to a double use of words then says that Nostradamus used this one word to explain to his king that the language of The Prophecies had to be read in a manner that took one beyond the obvious and literal.  The word should be read as an “emphasis” needed to be placed on realizing everything has more than one meaning.

The whole of what Nostradamus wrote in this small part of his letter to King Henry II of France (dated 1558) can translate to state this:

“But the injury to the times oh most-serene King required that such ones secrets not having manifested ones, that by reason of enigmatic sentence, not having that one alone understanding, & unique intelligence, without here to have anything put with ambiguous not amphibologic calculation :”

In this, one example of an emphasis is immediately being placed on “oh most-serene King,” such that the superlative use of “serenissime,” in a letter stated to be an “epistle to King Henry the second of France,” comes off as if Nostradamus is buttering up Henry by calling him the greatest King that ever lived.  In reality, Nostradamus is making a truthful statement that God is such a King, the one to who Henry owed his kingship , as of the bloodline of Jesus the Christ.  Thus, Nostradamus was filled with the Holy Spirit of God and reborn as His Son, becoming the flesh in which Jesus had become the King of Nostradamus (as Henry should have known personally also). 

It was that presence, which was “most-serene” that used Nostradamus as a prophet of God.  It was that divine influence that did not want Nostradamus to make anything in The Prophecies be clearly stated before the right time, which was still hundreds of years away.  As such, everything in The Prophecies is written in the divine language of prophecy, which will not be understood until God sends another prophet to make understanding possible.  Until then, the secrets within the words will not be known as the truth they hold. 

The reasoning of brains will think wrongly of the “enigmatic sentences,” when the syntax of French will misunderstand the writings and wrongly think punctuation marked sentences.  This is how the syntax of French dictates sentences to be normally divided (capitalized first word, period at the end).  This means a “unique intelligence” is that which is beyond a normal brain’s capacity (regardless of how high that brain is intellectually; and the king of France had his wise men looking at The Prophecies).  For everything that the wise discounts as ambiguous in The Prophecies, in the end it will not be found as such.  Everything will be found specific and highly accurate.  The way to make that determination is to realize the multiplicity of meaning the text has.

The points I tried to make in my three presentations about “The Astrology of Nostradamus” were never achieved, mostly because of ignorance in the listeners, indifferences in the listeners, or my inability to strike an invisible nail on the head, squarely.  The third time I presented, it was to a small astrological group that was led by the only one who had a grasp of astrology, with everyone else a novice that just liked knowing an astrologer.  By the time I tried to focus heavily on how astrology is a most amphibological language, everything went over their heads.  The point that I failed to properly convey was how The Prophecies of Nostradamus was a language that must be compared to the language that astrology is.  No one grasped that.

Nostradamus knew astrology.  He was thus fluent in the language of astrology.  In many of his quatrains he wrote astrological terms, which appeared as recognizable words that the readers translated properly.  Examples are: AriesMarsSaturn, and Moon (just to name a few).  Each of those words has more than one meaning, with all of those meanings being correct, but many of them different, based on the symbolism each word conveys.  Then, more frequently perhaps, Nostradamus wrote in terms that implied astrology, where examples are: the Arrow (Sagittarius); the Scythe (Saturn); the Virgin (Virgo), and the head of the dragon (the North Node).  Further, he wrote metaphorically, using the names of mythology to evoke the essence of astrology.  For example, he wrote Lune, Selene, Artimis and Diana, all of which convey the Moon in some way.  Every one of his symbolic uses conveyed astrology to those who understood the language of astrology, with each reference then yielding many imaginations as to what those symbols meant.  Still, the same words conveyed completely different imagery to readers that did not understand the language of astrology.

For an astrologer a simple sentence would be like: “You have Mars in Cancer in your eighth house.”  Every one of those words would be heard and understood as a sentence that said: “A planet is in an astrological sign, in something called a house.”  Imagery would be based on that understanding.  The same sentence spoken to another astrologer would then send the one hearing that statement deep into thought, reflecting on all the possibilities that one statement conveyed.  In fact, the language of astrology would say that as three symbols, which would be drawn from a graphic picture of symbols – a natal chart. 

The language of astrology is written in symbols, with each symbol having multiple meanings … including a way to be written in different symbols, those of an alphabet used by a different language.

The language of astrology creates enigmatic sentences.  Everything is secret, in need of manifesting in interpretation.  Because ordinary people who do not understand the language of astrology cannot make heads or tails out of an astrological sentence, it demands one have unique intelligence, which becomes a fluency in that foreign language.  Without one being in possession of such mastery, everything becomes as ambiguous as thinking some far away planet can have any effect on human beings on planet earth.  Still, when someone goes to an astrologer with a problem and listens to the astrologer speak about their lives as if he or she knows what is going on, when he or she is simply reading symbols on a page (or screen), the layers of one’s life unfold and reveal a possible remedy.  The same symbols are found in everyone’s charts and everyone is different, so everything about the language of astrology is amphibological.  It all demands the right calculations.

While I can talk to people about this and those who understand astrology can grasp this rather simple concept, my lectures were always well over an hour, with a break in the middle, so everyone could stretch their brain and take a leak.  The majority of the presentations dealt with the astrological terms Nostradamus wrote, with me using many words to explain the depth of that meaning.  Still, because I limited the presentations to “The Astrology of Nostradamus,” there was never enough time to present how The Prophecies … everything within that heading … is no different than me passing out some natal chart of astrological symbols and then telling the group: That is what The Prophecies says.  No one would be able to stand up and tell the others exactly what the chart said to him or her in whole or part, because most would not know more than seeing marks on paper, with colorful lines drawn connecting some of them.  That is how The Prophecies has been viewed ever since 1555 and it is why the King of France demanded Nostradamus explain his work, which he did in a letter sent in 1558.  Still, that letter, as presented to the king, was just as difficult to understand as was the contents of the book that raised so many questions.

The one thing that makes astrology work is the same one thing that makes understanding The Prophecies come to the forefront.  That is God.  A human brain can learn some tricks, like how to speak astrology and how to make some sense of what an astrological chart says in symbols.  The same human brain can learn French and read The Prophecies and think it can make some sense of the odd use of words (many seemingly misspelled).  However, everyone is just pissing in the wind, because there is too much that can be said in symbols to ever begin to try and figure it all out. 

That is why naysayers of Nostradamus think he wrote ambiguous stuff that can mean anything (when in reality, “anything” is limited to the boundaries of meaning each word has).  In the explanation to Henry II, Nostradamus told him “without here to have anything put with ambiguous.”  Everything had concrete meaning, but the only way to see that meaning was to become one with the “most-serene King,” which is God Almighty.  The truth of a natal chart can only come from divine inspiration; and, the truth of The Prophecies likewise requires the same source of insight.

Sure, the human brain can figure some things out.  A novice astrologer can figure out a few things about a natal chart, as long as it uses a “cookbook” of meanings to refer to.  What is seen is not false, so the truth can show through, even to the weakest of brains.  However, the whole truth is hidden from view, never to be seen without God’s help. 

That is what I tried to convey in my three presentation on The Astrology of Nostradamus.  The Prophecies is written divinely, in a language that goes beyond the normal, to the spiritual.  You can look at it all day long, but always come away with questions about what it means.  Everything can be summed up to mean, “Come to know God or face a horrid prophecy being fulfilled.”  To reach that point requires deep faith and self-sacrifice for a higher purpose.  To achieve that state of being, then the meaning of The Prophecies will disappear completely; and, there will be no reason to understand what it says.


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