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An introductory quatrain from The Prophecies

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Nostradamus wrote in Old French the words that can translate as this:

He mightily upright opportunity mainly with virtue him kingly:

(You) Act & overcome speedy without forethought carelessness

Wavering will believe false witness of wife the allowable,

Him put to death for his benevolence.

Certainly, the same words of Old French can be translated to present other ideas. Some can be in line with this above thought, while others can be very confusing and misleading. That is the nature of divine language. The fact that Nostradamus wrote words in divine language says he was a true prophet. The words he wrote are, therefore, not his but those of Yahweh.

The same divine language is in every word of original text in the Holy Bible. The English translations of those words written in divine language are just like the translations of the above quatrain of Nostradamus: They sound an inviting tune that oddly seems to miss some notes or go offkey. Rather than adjust the song of an angel so it sounds pleasing to the mind, it is easier to make stuff up that is confusing and misleading.

The work produced by Nostradamus is entitled Les Propheties, which cleanly translates as “The Prophecies.” Of course, many read those words of English and have their minds think, “The Predictions,” which further leads them to think Nostradamus was just a man writing down his thoughts. In the same error of judgment, English-speaking Christians think, “That Paul sure was a man with a lot of thoughts about Christianity.” The error is in missing that the words came from the pens of men who were Saints, not ordinary men. Saints do not think, “What shall I write today.” Saints hear the voice of Yahweh telling them, “Write this down, exactly as I say this.”

All the words that seem offkey and confusing are by heavenly design; because to understand them requires one also be a Saint. To know what a prophet wrote, one must also be a prophet. That means reading the Holy Bible and The Prophecies of Nostradamus are not about one thinking, “What do I think this means?” Instead, it is what Yahweh says to your soul: “Why don’t you think about this a different way? I will pat your back when you get closer to the truth.”

This quatrain above speaks of that. It tells of how a divine possession must overcome one’s soul. Yahweh offers His Spirit to those souls who sacrifice themselves to Him, as His wife-souls in bodies of flesh. Those who get enough pats on the back can be seen as a bridesmaid doing all the work necessary to keep oil in their lamps; so, those wives-to-be will be ready when the bridegroom comes and Spirit and soul are joined as one.

The joining of a soul with the Spirit of Yahweh means the immediate resurrection of the soul of Jesus, alongside the soul of Yahweh’s new wife. Just as your mother did not have somebody down at some store in the mall make your body of flesh, which she came in and visited every day for nine months, you were born from within your mother’s womb. Jesus must also enter the wife-soul as the womb in which he is reborn of flesh and blood – Yours.

That means a Saint has a name like Saul; but when Jesus is reborn within that soul, Saul no longer has the ego to say, “My name is Saul.” Instead, one bows one’s egotistical head and declares, “I am nobody; but I speak in the name of Jesus, as a Christ blessed by the Spirit of Yahweh. I do not think of things to say in his holy name. I just say what he tells me to say."

The truth is impossible to see when one is blind to it.

In the main theme statement above (line one), the English translation I have been led to share says, “He mightily upright opportunity mainly with virtue him kingly”. The capitalized pronoun, “He,” is both a Saint and a wife-soul married to Yahweh, who speaks in the name of Jesus. As such, “He” stands newly upon the earth “mightily,” through divine possession by Yahweh. “He” has become “upright” because of the possessing soul within his or her soul-body, no longer being whoever he or she was before, as one has become in the name of Jesus. Jesus is the inner Lord who keeps a soul-body “upright,” as a righteous way of living on earth. This state of new being is because one has taken advantage of the “opportunity” presented to him or her by Yahweh. Yahweh proposed, a wife-soul said, “Yes” and then proved a true commitment to sacrifice self for a higher purpose, through servitude out of love. The presence of Jesus’ soul then becomes the Lord that is “mainly” ruling over everything a wife-soul of Yahweh will do. Together, the soul of Jesus resurrected and the soul born into a body of flesh live “with virtue,” or a high moral standard. This is because the soul in a body of flesh (regardless of human gender) has become “him” reborn into one’s flesh, with "him" being the ruler over that new kingdom, making his kingdom not be of this world but the spiritual (soul) presence trapped in a body of flesh. This become the truth of Jesus being “kingly.”

In the secondary theme statement (line two), I have been led to translate it into the English shown above as, “(You) Act & overcome speedy without forethought carelessness”. This follows a colon mark ending the main theme statement, making the secondary theme be a clarification or example following that theme. This begins with a one-word statement that is capitalized, where the second-person singular indicative says “(You) Act.” The capitalization of “Act” should be recognized as the title of the New Testament book that tells what all Apostles in the name of Jesus do, when reborn in that name. All Saints “Act.” They “Act” as their inner king instructs them. At this point an ampersand is presented, which is a statement that does not symbolize the word “and.” Instead, it is a marker that announces, “What follows here is important to grasp." Following the importance of acting in the name of Jesus, it is important to know such “Acts” will “overcome” any ordinary and common acts of life; and, they will “overcome” one in a “speedy” way. This means the Book of Acts was not about a bunch of men and women thinking, “What shall I do next, so people will think I am special because I walked around with Jesus when he lived?” Instead, the “Acts” done by Saints come “without forethought carelessness.” That says to think with a human brain, trying to figure out what people look like when they want to be seen as righteous dudes is neglecting Yahweh’s commands, sent through His Son. One will “Act” as commanded, immediately, without hesitation.

In the third line of this quatrain, the secondary theme did not end with any punctuation marks, meaning that theme continues into the next line. Still, in all quatrains of Nostradamus, line three will be found to present supporting elements to the main theme. As such, my translation above says in English: “Wavering will believe false witness of wife the allowable”. Here, the continuation follows line two ending by saying, “speedy without forethought carelessness.” Line three then begins with a capitalized word that says, “Wavering.” That makes it important to realize that “Wavering” is what one does when “without forethought carelessness.” “Wavering” is “carelessness” created by thinking about what to do. Thinking is then an act of the human brain, which is like a dual floppy computer from 1990, compared to the super computer that is Jesus, linked to the Yahweh mainframe. Rather than being “speedy,” one shows one is not a Saint by being slow and hesitant about moral matters.

When this is the supporting details to the main theme statement, the main theme is all about one being “upright” and “virtuous,” due to a marriage to Yahweh, as a wife-soul who was reborn as His Son. Here, the “Wavering” adds details about what trait one shows who is not upright or virtuous. “Wavering” is then a sign of one who “will believe,” rather than having true faith. Faith comes from Acting speedily, without forethought, because faith knows Jesus personally. To “believe” means to attract Satan to come preaching to one’s brain, saying, “Let me tell you that Jesus would allow you to sin, as long as you pray for forgiveness of sins all day, every day.” To “believe” that is to “believe false witness.” Rather than being the wife-soul of Yahweh, reborn as His Son in one’s flesh, one becomes the possession “of” Satan, as his “wife.” Satan is always happy to “allow” every sin in the book; and, one who is “Wavering” will attract that “false witness” to one’s threshold, keeping one from being “upright” and “virtuous,” led by the King’s soul within one’s soul-flesh.

Line three ends with a comma mark, which symbolizes a pause or disconnect from the line of thought that explains faithlessness, identifying sinners as the wives of Satan (demonically possessed, rather than divinely possessed). That means line four is free to head in a different direction, separate from line three, while still addressing self-sacrifice to an eternal spirit. Here, the English translation I was led to write above says, “Him put to death for his benevolence.” Here, again, is a capitalized pronoun, this time “Him.” This, once more, is both a soul-body that has been divinely possessed through Spiritual marriage to Yahweh, having been reborn in the name of His Son, the twin "Him" that has become one's Lord by possession. "Him" is a masculine identification, because all that is eternal is masculine, while all that is material is feminine, meaning “Him” is one in the name of Jesus. Wherever “He” is “placed” or “set” is then a Spiritual transfer “to” one who has self-sacrificed, in order to marry one’s soul to Yahweh. In the same way a human girl dies of her daddy’s last name, when she says, “I do” to all the Covenants of marriage at the altar of union, every soul-body must experience “death” of self, becoming “dead” to the old. This, repeating what I said before, is why Saul changed his name to one meaning “Little” or “Small.” Saul had become “Him,” Jesus, so Saul was “laid to dead.” This self-sacrifice was “for” a better reward, on a heavenly and divine level of eternal salvation, which had been reborn from the “dead” – resurrected – due to the soul of Jesus being sent in "for his benevolence” to forevermore lead that soul.

Now, when one realizes this is one quatrain out of nine hundred fifty quatrains, with all of them written under the divinely inspired title “Les Propheties,” one should ask, “Why would Nostradamus be led to write such a spiritual lesson, when all I have ever been told [false witness] was he was a fraud, looking into some crystal ball, as an evil practitioner of astrology, with all the TV shows about him saying he predicted Hitler, war, famine, and all kinds of terrible things to come?”

Well, the answer is Nostradamus was led to write a divinely inspired epic poem, not a bunch of random thoughts about what the future might hold. As an epic poem, there is a beginning, middle and end, with the beginning being Yahweh’s warning to those who read His Word that says, “Join with me in divine marriage and realize where your soul will be headed by turning away from this proposal. Join your soul in sacrifice to Me and be reborn as My Son in human flesh, so you will hear the voice of My Son Jesus telling you what the meaning is. Join with Me and let My Son lead your soul to Salvation, so you do not perish in the world’s self-caused ruin. Join with me and become My Son reborn, so you can Act in his name and tell others the truth I offer through divine prophecy.”

This quatrain says the first step towards understanding The Prophecies is all about dying of self and ceasing all worship of brains that think up ways to ruin the world.

I have not identified which quatrain this is. I have not reproduced the Old French text Nostradamus wrote; but if you hear the call saying, "Look for the truth my son," then maybe you will do that. That might mean sending me a note that asks for help.

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