Blood of the French mingled

Updated: Apr 13

Knowing now that the man who drove a truck into a crowd of people in Nice, who were gathered to celebrate French independence (Bastille Day), was Tunisian, I can now yield some information about what Nostradamus wrote in this quatrains.

First, Nostradamus made indications about Tunis, spelling that word a multiple of ways – from Thunis (1x) and Thunes (1x), to Tunes (2x) and Tunys (2x) – while also making reference to Punic, which was the Republic where Carthage was (during the times of the Roman Empire).  Hannibal was, in essence, a Tunisian who passed not far from Nice, on his way to a showdown with the Romans at Lake Trasimene.

While Nostradamus made all these references to Tunis, Tunisians, and Berbers of North Africa, the point was to identify where Muslims will come from, as part of this [un-]Holy War that is prophesied.  A terrorist event, as horrid as the one that just happened in Nice is (was), pales in comparison to the much greater pains planned for the West.  A dead terrorist will do nothing more to terrorize the French or Europeans.  That, however, does not mean more events like Nice are no longer coming.

Nostradamus mentioned Nice (spelled that way) in three quatrains, while also spelling it as Nisse (where the Occitan is Nissa) in two other quatrains.  Again, the tragedy of July 14, 2016 will pale in comparison for what is prophesied to happen all along the Rivera’s of both France and Italy.  In quatrain X-60, the main theme statement says (as I read the presence of anagrams), “I bewailed Nice, nor Monaco, Pisa, not Genoa.”  Still, other quatrains indicate those tears are from an invasion that will make those four places desolated and uninhabited.

Looking briefly at the quatrains that have Punic (Punique) referenced, one stands out as possibly mentioning the blood spilled last night.  It is quatrain II-78, which states [in French]:

Le grand Neptune du profond de la mer,

De gent Punique & sang Gauloys meslé:

Les Isles à sang pour le tardif ramer,

Plus luy nuira que l’occult mal celé.

In the secondary theme statement [line two], a division is marked [an ampersand mark], which says first “From people Punic,” which equates to saying, “From people of Tunisia,” to even “From people of North Africa – of Berber descent.”  Following the ampersand [which notes where importance is to follow], Nostradamus wrote, “blood French mixed” or “blood French mingled.”  While this can mean marriages between the French and Tunisians, which could be a statement about French colonialism in Tunisia (1881-1956 = French Tunisia), it can also imply Tunisians killing the French, spilling their blood so it mixes together.

Because line two ends with a colon, line three acts to clarify this intent.  As such, line three says, “Them Islands with lineage [or race] for it long in coming to row.”  This could be an indication that the Tunisians are separate in France, as “Islands,” who will have been in France some time, waiting to undermine them (ramer also means, “to prop up with branches or boughs”).  As a statement that acts as an overall clarification of a bloody relationship between the Tunisians and the French, the conquest of Tunisia by France certainly spilled Tunisian blood so it mingled together.  Thus, the retribution would then be “late to row.”  As a former French colony, Tunisians might have easy access to migration to France; but, those branches are obviously finding it difficult to assimilate with the former masters (and vice versa).

Again, no one would have ever predicted the event that occurred in Nice because of this quatrain.  However, since the event has now come into historical view, it is possible to see that act of terrorism as “The blood of French people being mingled in pools on a street in Nice.”

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