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Dreams of Western Freedom

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I know geography is much like history, in the sense that most adult Americans do not have a clue about any of that ed-ga-kation crap.

“Like, man, where would I ever need to know where any place is?  I have GPS on my I-phone.  I’m set.”

All of America’s liberals are on their knees before Obama (not praying to him, but …you know), hell-bent on giving everything of America’s values away (not paper dollar values, but those that got America a reputation for being Christian).  Meanwhile, the world (at least those who hate the history of America) has an enemy that is slinking around the feet of Europe (the bedbug lands of Socialist-Liberal thought) like a huge boa constrictor, slowing preparing to engage a death grip on Western freedoms.

Way back in late 2010, early 2011 there was some ballyhooing by the Obama Islamic-Communists, about CHANGE in international affairs, which the press termed an “Arab Spring.”  Pretty flowers, nice warm breezes, and the smell of discharged rifles in the air.

“Oh joy, oh joy!  Look at how another tyrant is being overthrown and replaced with a leader duly elected by the populace. <sniffle, sob>  It is so moving to see democracy taking over in the world.”

That now turns out to be such a farce, lest I say an Islamic Shiria-wolf dressed in the Lamb’s cloth of democratic equality and freedom.  One tyrant is found murdered in a drainage pipe in the desert, and put on display in a grocery store’s meat locker.  Another tyrant is found arrested and facing criminal charges, with a death penalty.  That while his elected replacement makes declarations of himself assuming tyrannical rule, suspending the freedoms of the populace.  Still another tyrant destroys half the cities in his nation, just to ensure he isn’t caught up in all that Arab Spring nonsense.  What is democratic about any of that?

All the credit is given to Socialized-Communist Media, or flash mob texts.  “Meet at the square and bring your AK-47 #killerz.”  And you wonder why Obama is going after gun control in his kingdom?

I don’t want to be too loud, but “wake up!”

Ahem, I said, “WAKE UP!!!”

I know that if David Letterman was to stick a microphone in your face in Times Square, asking, “Where is Mali?”  Most of you would tremble and ask him back, “In the Pacific Ocean?” <buzzer sound> WRONG!

Probably 90% of the people reading blogs on the Internet, if asked “What is Algeria?”, he or she would nervously reply, “One of those math courses I hated in school?”

Maybe if I wrote a map with the names of the countries of North Africa a pattern would emerge.  Pretend the Atlantic Ocean (you do know where that is, right?) is on the far left hand side of the page.  Okay?  Let’s try it.

africa & europe

Now, let’s show where some other pesky African nations are, based on that North Africa line:

africa & europe (3)

Now, let’s show where European countries lie, compared to those African nations (North, Sub-Saharan, and Northeast), with the smaller font representing the islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  I will make Europe red and Africa black, with the former Yugoslavia nations around the Adriatic Sea plum color:

africa & europe (2)

Okay, look at how close together everything is.  Geography lesson for today is this: The only thing separating Europe from Africa is water, primarily the body of water called the Mediterranean Sea.  News Flash!  Boats and ships can float on water.

Another News Flash!  Europe is filled with refugees from Muslim nations, some of which floated there on rafts. Many of the European exiles live near seaports or on the islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Still another News Flash!  The “Arab Spring” has slowly been positioning al-Qaeda and its ally, the Muslim Brotherhood, along North Africa and the Red Sea.  The Suez Canal is in Egypt, and it is the only waterway that connects the Red Sea to Europe.  Somalia and Yemen pinch like Doberman teeth on the other end of the Red Sea, where it empties into the Arabian Sea.

Now, let’s plug in some Middle Eastern nation (Middle East means Asian, but the part of Asia not near China).

africa & europe (4)

Okay, now that you have a picture drawn for you (feel free to use your own I-pod app and go to Google Maps), imagine that all the nations in Africa (the ones shown), all the ones in the Middle East (except Israel), and all the ones that used to get their toilet paper from the Soviets (Eastern Europe and the Russian states) hate Western Europe.  I know it is a stretch, but pretend.

Pretend the Eastern Europe nations hate how Western Europe stiffed them after WWII and let the Communists brainwash them into hating wealth and all the stuff free people with money say about Democracy.

Pretend the Muslims of the Middle East hate Europeans for stealing Palestine and giving that land to Zionists.  Then add in the rape of their oil supplies and the installation of puppet rulers in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc., et al, and so on.

Then imagine North African Muslims hate Christians, well because of the Crusades in the Middle East, colonization by the French and Spanish (plus Dutch, et al, etc., so on and so forth), and toss in abuse of pirates, who were only trying to make a living.

Okay, if your imagination muscles are intact, you might be able to see how Nostradamus named many of those countries in a war of hatred against Western Christians.  He clearly said (in quite a few linking quatrains, which others have seen before me) that North Africa was going to be the launching point of an invasion into France, Italy, and Spain, which would catch them all with their pants down, pretending that Muslims did not hate them enough to kill them without a declaration of war.

Egads!  The French announced they are going to kill Mali-ites, to rescue French hostages and keep the Mali pro-France government intact.  Didn’t they?  Well ….  Maybe that was a bad example.  Help me out here.

Of course, Nostradamus was Euro-centric, meaning he did not have a map that had the United States of America on it.  So, he mostly only named Europe and Africa and Asia in his quatrains (Middle Asia).  However, he insinuated the “West” would not skate free through all this.

So, long story short, keep doing nothing, keep on your knees praying to your Obama-god, and do the other pagan things that makes things and gadgets materialize for your use.  Then, wake up at the point of a sword one morning (if gun control does get passed).

Oh, did I tell you it was okay to stop living a dream?  Stop believing the real news of the day is about cheating bicyclists, lying college football players, and murderous movie stars who got away with it (hint: Robert Wagner, et all, and pals, so on and so forth).  There is much more important stuff going on around you.


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