Happy Birthday America

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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The Northern Kingdom was created in 922 B.C. [After Solomon died.]

If fell in 722, or two hundred years later.

The Kingdom of Judah would follow suit 136 years later, in 586 BC.

The United States of America celebrated ins 245th birthday on July 4th, 2021.

The Roman Empire wallowed in decadence before it was overrun by invading hoards, never again to be anything more than a pretentious empire led by only one god [not Yahweh … a poop].

America has likewise been led by a series of poops, ever since it split away from England and became the ‘western kingdom without a king.’

All empires collapse into ruin, never to recover.

I am being shown the Republicans as a reflection of Ahab and the Democrats a reflection of Jezebel.  They love their marriage that plots to destroy anything pertaining to worship of Yahweh.

The god Ba’al reflects every philosophy that is to Christianity like COVID19 is to old Americans with anything resembling a conservative (patriotic) value.

The priests of Ba’al are then not only all the Socialists, Communists, BLM, Antifa, U-Name-Its, but also the many branches of religion calling themselves “Christian,” which runs the gamut of false [antichrists like Mormonism and every cult under the sun] to main stream Protestant and Universal Catholic.

If Elijah were to challenge Christianity to an altar fire contest, with the sacred bulls of Freedom and Democracy spread out on the barbie for some Ivy League lawyers to call upon some principles of philosophy and science (their gods) to come prove Freedom and Democracy were real and alive, the result would be the same as told in 1 Kings.

Fffzzzzzzzzzzztttttt.  Nada.

There is nothing America has that is better than what Ahab and Jezebel brought to Israel.  I’m pretty sure if Charles Dickens or Jonathan Swift could conjure up the spirit of Ahab and ask him, “What were you thinking?”

He would say, “I had no idea where our actions were taking the nation, much less our souls.  Of course, this eternal heat of hell is hindsight speaking when I say, ‘I would do everything different, if I had another chance.’”

Naturally, if the same could happen with the burning soul of Thomas Jefferson and it could be conjured up and informed where the evil he helped usher into the world is today, he would undoubtedly say, “Man, they should have split in two when they had the chance.  Small is much better than big government.”

If only the future of America held an invasion from Canada and Mexico to worry about – another reincarnation of Ahab and Jezebel – then all Americans would face is a ruin like France.  Rather than be a disgrace upon the eyes of the world, we invite the antithesis of Freedom and Democracy to come and utterly scatter us to the winds of the earth (in a nuclear cloud).

I read a headline yesterday that said Japan is warning the US of A of another Pearl Harbor like attack … from Russia or China.

At least it is comforting to know there are still some prophets in the world handing out unheeded warnings.

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