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Hope as Job and Paul

Updated: Mar 22

Today’s sermon on television (my favorite preacher) addressed the following elements of Scripture: hope; with Paul writing about it and Job displaying it.

This boils down to why so many Christians miss the point of Scripture, which is plainly put as this:

To understand Scripture, one’s soul must be raised from ignorance (regardless of how smart one’s brain may be), to a level of understanding that can only come from the soul of Jesus being resurrected within one’s soul, so Jesus speaks the truth of the Word to one’s brain.

When this is understood, then one realizes this is the definition of hope:


When the soul of Jesus is one with one’s soul, that soul and its body of flesh become the hope made available to the world.

The pastor even made the statement that the name “Jesus” means “Salvation.”  This is because Yahweh made His Son’s soul to “Save” other souls.

Near the end of the thirty-minute sermon (too long for an Episcopalian to stay focused on), the preacher pointed out the news of the world (in the Middle East) seemed like everything was coming apart, when (he said) “everything is coming together.”

Hope does not foretell a fabled second coming.  Hope IS the second coming of Jesus.

The preacher quoted from 1 Corinthians and Romans, both of which were written by Paul.  Paul’s name was Saul, before the spirit of Jesus came asking Saul, “Why do you persecute me?”

Okay, Jesus had died, with Saul never really getting to know the physical Jesus; but he persecuted Jesus by persecuting those true Christians who were each resurrections of Jesus, therefore each was a second coming of that soul. 

Saul experienced the second coming of Jesus.  He changed his name to reflect that spiritual change within his soul.  He wrote the Word (his epistles) as Jesus reborn … a second time.

Anyone waiting for a second coming of Jesus, without being knocked off their figurative ‘pony’ of carnal delights (selfish worth placed on one’s place in the world) has no hope.  None for their own soul.  None to offer other souls. 

No hope means no personal Salvation.  Being Jesus reborn means “Yahweh Saved” one’s soul … for the purpose of walking that hope around for others to be drawn to.

As for Job, few have figured this out, but (if you do the math, relative to when Yahweh was still allowing Satan to his council meetings of angels) Job was the actual name of the soul-man of Eden, the guy we have all been taught to call “Adam.”

The preacher pointed out how Job had hope, so he never once uttered any condemnations of Yahweh. 

At a time when the earth held no preachers to tell someone named Job about Yahweh, that means Job had hope because his soul was actually the soul created by Yahweh in Eden. Thereby, the same soul we call “Jesus” – the one made so “Yahweh Saves” other souls – comes a second time in every saved soul imprisoned in a body of worldly flesh.

Job become the prototype of who can resist the evils of the world.  Satan was sure he could break any ‘normal’ human being, making their souls all condemn Yahweh for their pains and sufferings as mere mortals. 

Job could not be broken because he was Jesus in the flesh … the very first time … after Yahweh booted his soul in holy flesh out of Eden and told him, “Get to work teaching mere mortals about Me.”

My favorite preacher is so close, yet so far away still.  As good sounding as his sermons are, I can’t help but get the feeling that he just led followers of him further away from being Jesus reborn. Everyone who tells others to find "hope" in a mythical second coming, which can only come when the world is being destroyed by Satan’s minions, is neither Hope incarnate or leading other souls to know Hope incarnate.


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