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Hovercrafts: from the lineage of frogs

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Welcome “roasters”!  I have not gone away.  I am just busy doing other important things these days.  Notice I call you a roaster.  The definition intended to accompany that title is, “Something, especially a young chicken, that is fit for roasting.”  Since I rarely get any feedback on these posts, although they are regularly read, the lack of demonstrating a fellowship of believers means I can assume my readers are going to roast in hell because they are only out for themselves.  But, I hold no ill will against roasters.  Roasters are welcome here.  🙂  Enjoy the good times while they last.

Now, on to the real purpose of this post ….

On Thursday, August 22, 2013, the news reported a Russian military hovercraft landed on a crowded beach near Kaliningrad, on the Baltic Sea, as sunbathing citizens looked on in shock.  The article ( reported this 500-tonne Zurb-type vessel can carry up to 400 troops, is fully equipped with missile launchers, and can travel as fast as 110kmh (appx. 68 mph), which is about 60 knots.  In case you do not realize it, that craft can travel fast.

This is a picture of that hovercraft:


While everyone looks on surprised.

This is what the United States plans to use for such things as hurricane relief, which is not much different than the landing barge design from WWII.

landing barge

We used craft like this during the D-Day landings.

There does seem to be a difference.  However, this does not mean the United States military is lacking a new technology for high-speed beach landings, as such technology might be kept less open in the media, keeping the enemy from planning against its use.

The importance of this news, dear roaster, is I envisioned “hovercrafts” in my mind’s eye well before I even knew they existed like the Russians have.  To see the recent news report and then to see the images of military landing crafts of this nature made me instantly remember how Nostradamus wrote about these military machines in several quatrains of The Prophecies.

Now, keep in mind that Nostradamus lived in the 16th century, so all the technology of the last 60 years was not something he was familiar with.  (He certainly did not have to worry about his “latest” I-phone-gadget being replaced by a newer version before the one he bought was 6-months old.)  So, you have to have a sense of imagination, or (in other words) be able to think like someone from history.


When the fish terrestrial & aquatic,

By reason of point of excellence ranging in the sand mixed with small stones will be thrust into:

Its shape unusual smooth & frightening,

Through sea to the ramparts quite quickly them enemies.


Drawn out, lineage frogs to move into Croatia,

Conflict yielded, pestilence nearby from one Whale:

Proclamation will be mighty through all land of slaves,

In that time will be produced thing made contrary to nature as it were touching & within Ravenna.


In the smooth hard-surface through sea Adriatic,

Will appear one abominable fish,

With proportion human & there success aquatic,

Which itself will catch out of from reverse barb of an arrow.


On the sand for one hideous deluge,

From the others sea ones found monster marine ones:

Near to the place will be made one sanctuary,

Holding Savona slave to Turin.

In case you missed it, let me point out a few words that are repeated or are synonymous.

First, we see “fish” in quatrains I-29 and III-21.  Those same quatrains also repeat the word “aquatic,” such that water is the environment of fish.  We then find the names of other creatures that are also “at home” in water (aquatic), being: “frogs” and “Whale” (both in quatrain II-32).  This is then furthered by terminology that states, “From the others … sea ones … found monster marine ones.”  That can be seen as a description of a “Whale,” and “monster marine” is another way of saying “abominable fish” or “one hideous” that comes from overwhelming waters (a “deluge”).

Second, we see the word “sea” repeated in three of the four quatrains (I-29, III-21, and V-88), with the name of a specific “sea” shown in quatrain III-21 (“Adriatic”).  That specific body of water is then shown to be Italy (the place of “Ravenna”) and “Croatia,” which is one known “land of slaves,” where the root for the word “Slavic” means “slave.”  Italy is further identified by the naming of “Savona” and “Turin,” in quatrain V-88, although those Italian cities are not on the Adriatic coast.

We find the skin of something identified as “unusual smooth” (quatrain I-29) and “smooth hard-shelled” that moves “through sea” (quatrain III-21), but it is both “terrestrial & aquatic” (I-29).  Due to this dual nature it is amphibious (as a “lineage frogs” indicates), while also being “frightening.”  In the “terrestrial” aspect, this amphibian will be found “ranging” over “sand” and “small stones,” from the “sea” to the “ramparts,” or fortified defensive walls built on an embankment.  It will be found moving “quickly,” and once “On the sand” there will be a resulting “flood” of “marines.”  In America, we call military men who ride on ships at sea and run on the sands of beaches “Marines.”

When one reads the capitalized word “Whale” (quatrain II-32) and then sees a description “proportional human” (quatrain III-21), a submarine comes to mind, as well as the Biblical story of Jonah in the Whale.  This is something big enough to contain human beings inside, and when looking at the picture of the Russian hovercraft, while reading it can transport up to 400 troops, that is indeed “proportional human.”

When one reads, “In that time will be produced thing contrary to nature as it were touching,” think about that description fitting a hovercraft.  A navy ship is produced that will be contrary to the nature of ships.  Instead of being designed to travel on water, it will be designed to travel over sand and small stones (some things that would keep a ship from being seaworthy).  As it travels over the waves, it will be touching the tips of the water, thus creating the deluge of water spray (a deluge in its wake).  It is also equipped with missile launchers, which are the “barbs of arrows,” but when it wants to float without movement, it will cast anchor, which is the “reverse barb of an arrow.”

The news shows how the reading of these four quatrains makes perfect sense, although the timing of these quatrains is more in line with an invasion of Italy, across the Adriatic and from the western seas along the French and Italian Rivera, rather than a surprise to sunbathers in Russia.  Russia is building these crafts, which will be used by Serbians, who live next door to Croatia.  The “slaves” of Eastern Europe will serve as mercenaries in a coming war that will begins with the use of hovercrafts.

This war will be because Western Europeans will be seen as Christians, when they are (for the most part) little more than slaves to their masters, the power hungry worshipers of the Great Satan.  See it for what it is before they come to cut your heads off while they are buried deep in the sand of ignorance and self-pity.  Once your head is cut off, there will be no more recycling through reincarnation.  Then it will be time to go to the place of roasters.  I hear it is hot there.

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