Nostradamus and the Trinity

Updated: Apr 13

This is a synopsis of an article that is posted on the Katrina Pearls website (no longer linked). It is an interpretation of Nostradamus’ quatrain VIII-61, which few have ventured any kind of guess that this prophecy has anything to do with modern times, much less the future.

The Old French shows:

Jamais par le decouvrement du jour Ne parviendra au signe sceptrifere Que tous ses sieges ne soient en sejour, Portant au coq don du TAG amisere.

A typical translation has been :

Never by the revelation of daylight will he attain the mark of the scepter-bearer. Until all his sieges are at rest, bringing to the Cock the gift of the armed legion.

Notice how a four-lined poem has disintegrated into two run-on sentences, arranged in four lines. Capital letters disappear in places and magically appear in others. A period shows up where none existed before. Such translations, while cherry-picking quatrains in a vacuum, as if each quatrain is separate and isolated from all the rest, leads to foolish interpretations not worth repeating.

It is actually impossible to place a written translation of any quatrain written by the hand of God – through a prophet – as the mere suggestion that this IS THE translation limits the multiplicity of meaning that God’s word has. All of the books of the Holy Bible are translated as a starting point from which deeper meaning will come. In that regard, here is a suggested jumping off point for quatrain VIII-61:

An everlasting age through him perceiving far off of the light Born will come forward in the world with the presage scepter-bearer That all his seats issuing out of may be in lingering, Carrying in the Saint Peter’s fish gift to the DAY [they will] have let go.

Now, in Nostradamus’ letter that explained The Prophecies, he wrote superlatives where the French word “tres” was added. The translators say he addressed King Henry II as the “most powerful,” “most victorious,” “most prudent,” “most wise,” “most great,” “most high,” and “most peaceful.” Unfortunately, King Henry II was a mere mortal (royal as he was), and all of those superlatives must be seen as references to God. Likewise, in the first line of quatrain VIII-61, one must see “An everlasting age” (from Jamais, meaning “Ever, A mighty while, or A very long time”) is a timeframe only possible for God to attain. The capitalization of Jamais adds to that conclusion.  Seeing the article “le” as the masculine pronoun “him” (rather than simply “the”) allows the main theme to address God the Father, whose “discerning” began with the Creation. Thus “of the light,” where “light” is a use of “day,” seeing the multiplicity of “from the day,” this points to the seventh “day,” the one blessed and made holy by God.  God created the “light” that would be seeded upon earth, through Adam – the Son of God descended.

This then leads to the “Birth” of a lineage of religious priests who would faithfully serve the One God. Again, capitalization of Ne (read as , the masculine form for matters relating to “Birth”), this relates to an important one “Raised.” The story (or saga) of that lineage IS the totality of the Holy Bible. The New Testament tells of the Messiah – prophesied in the Old Testament – being “Born,” as the one foretold who would “come forward in the world,” as the one who “will attain,” being the one “marked” or “prophesied” to come as the “king” (the “scepter-bearer”) of the Jews. Therefore, line two’s secondary theme is focused on the presence of Jesus Christ in the world.

From line two our eyes are led to an important “That,” which reflects back on the “scepter-bearer” – Christ the King – whose presence remains on the earthly plane through “all” whose lives have been devoted as “his.” Their sacrifice of self-ego opens their hearts to God and their minds to Christ, such that their physical bodies become the “seats” for the Holy Spirit to “reside.” These are the Apostles who are reborn, thus Jesus is again “issuing out of” those bodies that are unrecognizable as Jesus of Nazareth, as unrecognizable as was the spirit of Jesus who walked the road to Emmaus with relatives of Jesus of Nazareth, without them once seeing a body filled with the same spirit. Thus, line three becomes the presence of God the Father and Christ the Son in those who receive the Holy Spirit. This means Nostradamus (as a prophet of God) has stated the process of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Line four then becomes a statement about how the Trinity remains on the earthly plane. It is not by God’s will, but by the sacrifices of those who are transformed from disciples to Apostles. It is they who are “Carrying” or “Bringing” the presence of God and Christ to others, spreading the Gospel that Jesus still lives. This is the story of the Temple Tax, from Matthew 17, where Jesus told Peter to catch a tilapia (“coq”) and take two shekels from its mouth to pay the tax for the two of them. That payment is the sacrifice Christians make for others, so they are given the “gift” of the Holy Spirit, for the purpose of “giving” it to those seeking salvation. This sacrifice or Temple Tax for being the “seat” of God must continue until the “DAY” of Reckoning, when they may “give up” their mortal bodies and find “An everlasting age” with God.

Still, the multiplicity of God’s words allows one to see that wonderful sermon just expressed about Salvation transform into the reality of today, where the world is headed towards ruin and “Armageddon.” The combination of “Jamais” (in line one) and “Ne” (in line two) turn “An everlasting age” in “Never,” such that “Never will mortals see the light of Jesus.” This means nothing “will come” and no one “will attain” the “sign” ruled by Jupiter (the scepter-bearer of Roman mythology). Jupiter rules over Sagittarius and Pisces, both signs of religious worship – dogmatic and ordered, as well as faithful and psychic. Without the people becoming the “seats” of Christ, that role will be left up to men who sit on thrones of power, in temporary “residences” as holy men. They will be like the Vatican rulers who led Martin Luther to protest the indulgences of Temple taxes, designed to build opulent buildings at the expense of men’s souls. This mismanagement by priests, scribes, and holy leaders focused on worldly things, will cause the “DAY” when all “will be lost.”

This alternate interpretation is how Nostradamus wrote in his Preface about the future being brought about by changing times, when the leaders of society – reigns, sects, & religions – will become opposite in nature, diametrically. The two versions show us the present and future, one with failure as the result, but one with salvation as the result. While it may be too late to save the world, it is not too late to save one soul – yours.

Again, this is a synopsis of a much deeper interpretation that once was found at my website, since retired. It is listed as “Interpreting Quatrain VIII-61,” with the subtitle “Nostradamus and the Trinity.”

Note: Sorry, but the lack of response from wanderers onto my website, along with the continued funds necessary to maintain a 900+-page website (money going to Communist China) meant I had to scale down some.  If you want to read the whole article that was on the website, then send me an email and we’ll make arrangements.

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