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Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima

Updated: May 5

4. Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima: An Interpretation by Robert Tippett

In 2012, I began writing more about Biblical interpretations, based on the abilities I had in understanding the text of Nostradamus. My wife was in seminary, so I was getting a firsthand look at how little is taught priests-to-be, as far as how one’s faith is deepened so it is enabled to deepen the faith of parishioners. One of my interests of research was an old book I had read about Marian Apparitions.

From that renewed research, I realized that Nostradamus wrote the word “Virgin” multiple places in his quatrains and letters. Simply because of the systems I had come to realize, “Virgin” brings about the essence of the Roman Catholic Church, which reveres the Virgin Mother (unlike any other Church). Several of the Marian Apparitions had the appearance of the Virgin Mary telling children (mostly) about the lack of faith that was seen in the Church. In one account she expressed anger in having to hold her Son’s arm back, from striking the Church. In the apparition at Fatima, Portugal, a prophecy was given to a girl who would become a nun later in life (Sister Lucia). That woman wrote three letters to the Pope in Rome, warning of the end of the Church, if Russia was not re-consecrated.

This view that is stated in prophecy then becomes visible as a parallel prophecy that was told by Nostradamus, three hundred years prior. It is even possible to see the same warnings coming from the quatrains, such that the quatrains can be read as prophesying a later prophecy of the world’s end. The Prophecies of Nostradamus (when reordered properly) tell of the destruction warned of by Sister Lucia in much greater detail.

I believe there is worthwhile information presented in this book, as it ties Church approved prophecies [the Marian Apparitions] with the unseen reality that Nostradamus wrote from similar divine inspiration. I enjoyed writing this book, even though the topic is the destruction of the world due to a lack of faith and good leaders. I believe serious students of Nostradamus will enjoy it also, as it details how to interpret the various quatrains, based on the systems that are affixed to the divine language in which Nostradamus wrote.


The corrupt organization known as Amazon will show this book as "Out of stock." They might accept orders, while saying expect weeks for delivery. All of that is a lie. This book is PRINT ON DEMAND (P.O.D.), meaning very few will ever actually be in stock. When any bookseller says, "some number in stock," that is just bogosity. All orders are taken and then sent to the printer, who ships the book freshly printed. It will arrive within a week after ordering (depending on the method of shipping chosen). I have copies ready and waiting, with shipment done the day of an order, if ordered through this website.

I have recently applied a scan box (if you know how to use your phone for such orders) fro several titles (including this one), where that scan box links directly to the printer and orders can be made directly them that source.

This is for Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima.

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