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Nostradamus’ views on the 2023 attacks on Israel and Israel’s response

Updated: 2 hours ago

For as much comparison that has been made to the Hamas attacks on Israel to “Israel’s 911,” with the standard talking point for Israel being: “This is the greatest loss of Jewish lives since the Holocaust,” there is nothing specific written by Nostradamus that can be limited to these attacks and responses of October 2023.

There are many quatrains that specifically tell of the events of September 11, 2001. The point of that focus is 911 was the ‘call to arms’ in a ‘Holy War’ that will be fought between Islam and Christianity.

The thorn in the side or the burr under the saddle that is the cause of the atrocious events now began when Jews were allowed to illegally settle in Palestine, at a time when Great Britain had been assigned the League of Nations Mandate over Palestine (1917, ceded by the Ottoman Turks at the end of WWI). That lasted until when Adolph Hitler (and Axis pals) came knocking the vaunted British Empire to its knees (Dunkirk and the bombings of England) and threatening it to realize it was indebted to the German people for the war reparations the Treaty of Versailles caused economically (the Great Depression escalated those woes).

By 1939, the British were allowing illegal immigrants into Palestine, who were Jewish wanting to go back ‘home,’ in ever-increasing numbers. This was when the objective of the League’s Mandate (as Protectorate) was for Great Britain to prepare Palestine to be a self-governing nation (along with Mesopotamia [Iraq] and Transjordan [Jordan]).

The French had the same responsibility as Mandate over Syria and Lebanon.

At the end of World War II, four of those five fiefdoms were allowed to be self-governing nations; but the lone exception – Palestine – was handed to the Jews, along with leftover British armaments, where a war was fought between the ‘Mini Me’ of the Great British Empire and the peasant goat herder Palestinians, with the result of that being a State of Israel, with Palestine kicked to the dirt.

The Jewish military leader and first Prime Minister (David ben Gurion) prophetically said, “Palestine will never cease trying to regain their land, because we have stolen it from them.”

What began in 1948, when the United Nations approved Israel as a rightful nation, has never ceased efforts being made to regain Palestine for the Palestinians. Several ‘wars’ have been fought, with the poor Palestinians assisted by Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq (all armed by the Soviets), only to lose to Israel, who was armed by the USA at those times.

All the “Middle East Peace Talks” have been due to this one issue – the theft of Palestine – when theft is one of those Mosaic Laws, sent by Yahweh to His people, to avoid at all costs. Thou shalt not steal.

The people who organized the theft of Palestine were Zionists, which was a political group founded in the late nineteenth century, proposing Jerusalem be given to the Jews. Zionists are NOT Yahweh’s people.

When Osama bin Laden organized and planned the attacks of September 11, 2001, he was assisted by the wealth of Saudi Arabia, along with twenty Saudis who volunteered to sacrifice their lives in those events, officially declaring war on the United States, for its support of Israel having stolen Palestine.

All warfare is not as overt as the bombings that make the news. The Prophecies tells of the migrations of peoples, which is a covert act of war.

The break-up of the Soviet Union allowed enemies of the USA to be welcomed onto American soil.

The invasions of Afghanistan and then Iraq, with occupations in both countries allowed Muslims to find ‘refugee’ status in the USA, while legal ‘refugees’ poured out of the Middle East into the open arms of Europe.

Illegal ‘refugees’ began flooding from North Africa into Italy and France, where they were huddled into ‘refugee camps,’ but not expelled from Europe.

The warfare caused by al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, and ISIS (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria) caused floods of escaping 'refugees' into Eastern and Central Europe, with many welcomed into Germany.

Nostradamus wrote many quatrains about these migrations of poor people into the West, with some of them plants to subvert Western government, waiting for the day when a surprise invasion will have 'troops' already inland, ready to shoot any national defenders in the back.

Islam-sympathizing President Barack Hussein Obama taught Joe ‘Lyin’ Biden (his VP) how to rig elections and open the border to free votes for Democrat politicians. As the president, 'Dementia Joe' and his minions in the Justice Department, Military Brass, and Homeland Security (et al) have opened the U.S. border to would-be warriors against the United States.

Can you see the pattern here?

Can you see the ‘payback is hell’ coming?

Can you see the parallel: Let Jews illegally cross into Palestine, so they can steal it and call it theirs, then just wait until we do the same to you.?

Nostradamus wrote about Israel being taken back; but that comes after the invasions of Europe. The land that was Palestine will not be destroyed, because the enemies of Israel plan on the Palestinians going back to herding goats there.

This war in Israel-Gaza of 2023 is simply part of the war that was officially declared on September 11, 2001. Skirmishes like what is happening now happened before, when Israel had to fight several wars, when an embassy was bombed here, when a ship was bombed there, and when the underground garage of a World Trade Center was bombed over there.

The Gaza thing feels a lot like the Ukraine thing. Use up as many Western weapons as possible before the invasions, so the Western nations will be scrambling to find weapons to use to defend themselves. Same thing with Israel using up those the USA sends them ... now.

The joke it thinking the Iranians are trying to develop nuclear weapons. Ha ha ha ha. The Soveits [call them Russians if you want] have so many in excess of what they need, well by golly they have already sold the Iranians enough to destroy the world! [Nostradamus wrote about those 'bedfellows.']

Things are not going to get better. They are going to get worse.

I know history is one of those subjects most students love to sleep through and copy off some geek’s test, in order to get out of high school; so, todays waste of American minds know nothing of the world before now.

I monitor the views I get on my Nostradamus postings of the past. I see views from all over the world, including Muslim nations. I get the feel that the part of the story that says Israel will pay the price for thievery and the United States - The West - those supposedly Christian will lose to an Axis formed between Communists and Muslims [the enemy of my enemy is my friend]. What I have posted only captures a glimpse of what the future holds, of which now in Israel-Gaza is just another ‘sideshow.’ The whole story (which I have not publicly interpreted yet) is not so rosy for the nuke selling Commies and the nuke buying Mahometans [word written by Nostradamus].

The Prophecies warn of the End Times. The End Times are what those words imply. The warning is of the End of life as we know it, when Times are never again to be what they were before.

Nobody wins.

Sure, Israel falls to the Muslims; but then the Muslims will be running when things they didn't plan on come to exterminate them ... all of them.

The Muslims lose. The Christians lose. The Commies lose. The Socialists lose. The Zionists lose. The Capitalists lose. Those who have nothing lose; and, those who have everything lose.

Everybody loses.

Warfare is like a swinging pendulum.

There is no Holy War coming, none having already begun, none ongoing now. In fact (according to The Prophecies) all world religions and governments led by "New Philosophers" will cease to exist. No Muslims, no Christians, no Pagans, and no Atheists survive 'as is.' No war is holy unless Yahweh sponsors it; and, then Yahweh will choose the scrawniest, poor excuses of soldiers to win the war, just so nobody starts to think Yahweh sends big bad generals and smart bombs to win wars in His name.

A true Holy War is one fought by Saints against Satan, who loves making sinners out of souls. Sinners are those running around giving credit for their 'rights to sin' to lesser gods (demons masquerading as cave-dwelling prophets and demons disguised as Big Brained philosophers playing with physics and mechanics).

Nostradamus wrote in his Preface (divinely inspired), the future will be when "Reigns, Church, and Sects will be diametrically opposite" the way they were in the sixteenth century.

Diametrically opposite of existing is non-existent.

This is how the pendulum swings according to the way people follow the will of their leaders.

One day it is Hamas slaughtering a thousand Jews, followed the next day by Israel slaughtering ten thousand Arabs.

One day it is 3,000 people dying because of the events of September 11, 2001, followed by the next day America slaughtering 30,000 ‘terrorists’ in Afghanistan.

One day it is Daddy Bush not ordering Saddam Hussein killed in the first Gulf War (causing him to lose his reelection bid), followed by the next day Dubya Bush having thousands of Muslims being slaughtered in a second Gulf event, called the War with Iraq (causing Saddam Hussein to be killed by Shia Muslims that hate all ‘infidels’).

One day it is Nazi Germany invading France, with France surrendering to save its pretty buildings from being bombed, followed by the next day exiled French General Charles de Gaulle forming the Free French Forces, who then bomb French railroad tracks that German trains use.

One day it is French Freedom Fighters killing ten Nazi troops, followed the next day by Nazi occupying forces dragging out a hundred French civilians and executing them for being related to the killers of Nazis.

What is the difference between a ‘French Freedom Fighter’ and a ‘Hamas Terrorist’?

What is the difference between a ‘Nazi Soldier’ responding to terrorism and an ‘Israeli Soldier’ responding to terrorism?

What is the difference between the C.I.A. training Osama bin Laden and his Mujahadeen soldiers to use terrorism tactics against the Soviet occupiers of Afghanistan and the C.I.A. trained Osama bin Laden using the same terrorism tactics to train people to sacrifice their lives in a war against the United States and its allies that support the Jewish occupation of Palestine?

The pendulum’s swing is never ceasing, once its motion has begun. A guy named Newton once said the following:

  • An object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it.

  • The force on an object is equal to its mass times its acceleration.

  • When two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite direction.

The Prophecies of Nostradamus are not coming from some amazing individual who can do things nobody since can duplicate – via starring into a bowl of water or casting astrological charts to predict days coming in the future.

A Prophecy is the Divine Mind of Yahweh speaking through a true Prophet.

Yahweh does not utter divine visions of the future, so the future can come true and everyone can lean back in some comfortable chair, musing, “Wow! The Nostradamus dude was right on!”

Jesus said the measure of a true prophet was seen in the story of Jonah. Jonah spoke for Yahweh, the people of Nineveh listened and believed; so, the people of Nineveh changed their ways AND the warning from a true Prophecy, spoken by a true Prophet, was averted.

Believe the Prophet speaks the truth of Yahweh and be spared. Waiting to see the proof of the truth is not belief. It rejects the truth being told by a messenger of Yahweh.

Nostradamus is like Jonah, as both were souls merged with the Son of Yahweh, speaking the truth of Yahweh, as His Son resurrected in bodies of flesh.

The warning was to people - souls without the Son resurrected within them, in bodies of flesh - AND the people of Nineveh would revert from their belief in Jonah, going back to their old sinful ways, causing Yahweh to send another true Prophet to warn them of pending destruction. The SAME destruction Jonah told them was coming, due to sinful ways. The people of Nineveh did not believe that true Prophet, so they did not change their ways, rejecting the truth having been told to them by a true Prophet.

Nineveh was the destroyed as the Prophecy warned, due to a lack of faith.

How many Prophets do the Jews need to come tell them, "Stop worshiping kings that tell you land is what Yahweh promised your soul"? Souls do not live eternally in flesh nor earthly places. How many Prophets need to explain, "Yahweh knows all about the Palestinians. He created them to be little Satans to tempt your souls to go to hell."

Yahweh speaks through true Prophets to elicit faith in Yahweh (not the Prophet), so a horrendous future begun will not capture one’s soul in the continual swings to and fro. Yahweh is the force that allows one to change motion, to decrease mass and velocity, and to go in a direction that is not diametrically opposite to Him.

The End Times are when souls who do not submit to Faith in Yahweh – KNOWING YAHWEH PERSONALLY VIA DIVINE UNION BETWEEN HIS SPIRIT AND ONE’S SOUL – will reach their End Times (as all mortals do), only to find their eternal souls recycled into a world of shit, created by those who have ZERO faith in Yahweh, who allow false shepherds to release nuclear radiation in such massive amounts that those recycled souls will be (in essence) zombies – the walking dead, who feed off brains, going nowhere heavenly.

If everybody in the world were to read Nostradamus and realize those poems were from Yahweh, for the purpose of bringing one to FAITH IN YAHWEH, then one’s soul will be saved for eternity, by acting upon total submission to Yahweh’s Will.

All the Prophets say, "CHANGE!"

Brains of those Saved take commands from the inner Lord – Jesus – resurrected within one’s soul. One then acts as Jesus reborn, telling the world it is headed to eternal damnation, if the force on an object has not only been brought about a stop, but reversed its acceleration and direction.

The leaders of this world – the so-called Christians, the worshippers of the false god Allah [Satan by any other name is still Satan], and the Communists who only worship big brains that wash other brains for personal benefit – can only have power when the souls in bodies of flesh (call them the ‘people’) allow them to use their souls-bodies to do their evil will.

If wars were only fought by leaders, with the people being uninvolved, as the onlookers, then all these so-called leaders would kill themselves off, leaving the people to go back to religious practices. When the world is diametrically opposite of this, the leaders never risk being killed (so many secret underground bunkers for them to dwell safely in, paid for by the people's bucks), as only the people end up dying for some illegit cause.

The End Times depend on how each individual soul in a body of flesh chooses to End Up … Saved for eternity or Damned for eternity.

So, everything going on in the Middle East now is merely a reflection of what has been going on (past) and what will be going on (future). It is the tick-tocking of the Doomsday Clock, metered by the rhythmic swing of the warfare pendulum.

Addition: If you have read this far, please read this post I have added, entitled Realizing why Nostradamus wrote The Prophecies. It is more important to know that than the history that has come true already (which Nostradamus prophesied). It is the key to delaying the future that is linked to that history (which the world is mired in now). Just click the link.

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