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Quick synopsis of the Parable of the Ten Virgins

Recently, I have been seeing just how profound Jesus telling the Parable of the Ten Virgins is.  It is not as if I have not seen profound meaning in that parable before, it is that it has been coming up more frequently in example after example that I write, based on the necessity of one’s soul to divinely marry Yahweh, in order for a soul to be saved.

The parable of the ten virgins is not about physical marriage.  Thus, it is not about females.  The numbers ten and five are deeper than surface thought can grasp; so, that becomes a distraction from the truth.  Everything written in the Holy Bible (old and New Testaments) is a conversation between two: you and Yahweh. 

Learn His name.

"Yahweh" is יְהוָ֥ה, which is spelled yod-heh-waw-heh. This literally says, "I Am Who I Am." To know this name means to be Anointed by Yahweh's Spirit; and, the marriage of a soul with Spirit means one's soul becomes Yahweh extended into the physical. To be a wife of Yahweh means to know Him as Him within.

This means this parable is about two, which are now compared to you, regardless of your physical gender.  You are an unsaved soul, which means you are an “unmarried daughter,” a viable translation of “virgin.”

All of those who commit to marrying Yahweh are then brides-to-be, with Yahweh to be the “bridegroom.” 

Do not confuse Jesus telling this parable and think he is the bridegroom.  Jesus is talking about his Father, as Jesus is the Son.  A Son is like a daughter; but Jesus, being the Savior, is married to Yahweh already.  Again, this comparison is to you; so, do not start thinking you are Jesus, putting the cart before the horse.

Yahweh offers divine marriage to all souls in flesh, regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin.  However, those who would tell Yahweh they would commit to Him in marriage were Jews only, back when Jesus was telling this parable to his disciples.  Because Jesus is still telling this parable today, but now to you, with you most likely an avowed Christian, then you are an “unmarried daughter” soul that knows about this offer of soul salvation.  So, you get in line with the rest who say they want to marry Yahweh.

The line to the Salvation line begins here and is long. The disciples stood in that line for three years before they actually got on the Salvation ride. However, once on the ride, the ride never ends.

For getting in line, you become a “lamp, lantern, or torch,” whichever source of light you prefer to be called.  Still, being given a vessel that requires “oil” and a fire to light that “oil,” you hold a useless vessel until it is ready to be operative.

This means your children’s church or Sunday school upbringing is the only “oil” you have to start your “lamp” glowing.  However, that soon goes out.  Yahweh does not marry children.  He marries adults who submit to Him. Children need their parents to fill their lamps with "oil," but Yahweh wants adult wives who know how this is properly done.

When the child’s understanding of Scripture runs out, the parents must keep refilling it for the child. If that is not done, then the child will leave the "lamp" and 'go play.' Children do not know how to fill lamps with "oil."

Adult souls know the responsibility of putting more “oil” in a “lamp” is each one's alone. Just like parents fill the "lamps" of their children, not every child on earth.

Because "oil" is metaphor, which children struggle understanding, adult souls learn that filling one's "lamp" means conversing with Yahweh.  You read Scripture (not like children have things read to them).  This is an act that shows one's soul is serious about Salvation.

To develop a relationship with your Husband-to-be, you admit you do not understand Scripture; so, you ask your Fiancée, “What does this mean?” 

Rather than tell you the answers, Yahweh will give you hints and clues, as divine insights that come to the serious-minded.  Yahweh whispers, “Look at this.” Or “Why don’t you investigate that?”  You hear the whispers and do as suggested.

Then, things begin to make sense.  That makes you happy and feel uplifted.  You begin to delight in these conversations with Yahweh.  You desire to study Scripture. The more Scripture you understand, the more "oil" fills your "lamp." The more "oil" in your "lamp," the brighter the light of truth burns within your heart.

Not only have you obligingly accepted Yahweh's offer of divine marriage - Salvation for your soul - you have fallen in love with Yahweh. Your love proves your commitment is only to Him.

This is the you that truly wants to marry Yahweh and have your soul saved. 

Then, there is the you that is lazy and does not like not knowing the answers to Scripture’s questions.  Rather than talk to Yahweh, you pout and feel embarrassed that you would have to do anything other than just lay there.  You see marriage as a quickie way to success in life, where fine things will be yours, through marriage. But, all this work expected! That is not what you though marriage was about.

After a while, you get bored.  Then you go flirt with the world, eventually forgetting all about your commitment to marry Yahweh.

Most people are like this you.  So, all their so-called ‘Christian’ “lamps” are dried up and could not be lit if fifty priests of Ba’al came and prayed for lightning to strike it.

Then, those souls who did all the right things and made their commitment to marriage be proved to be a beautiful sight in Yahweh’s All-Seeing Eye, they experience the Rapture of the marriage with the Spirit (Baptism). 

This is the experience of a new Saint, because the Rapture is the impregnation of an “unmarried daughter” soul, making it a wife-soul of Yahweh, in whom the Son is resurrected, alongside that saved soul.

This brings the lazy you to your eventual deathbed and the premonitions of condemnation that await.  You left Yahweh and married demon spirits of the world, which possessed you and made you lust for wealth, houses, cars, cell phones, everything the world hawks and sells. You made love to them all. Now, on the verge of death, you look around and find all your floosies have divorced you, leaving you with no Salvation to come.

That you then cries out to Yahweh, demanding, “Hey!  Excuse me Sir!  But you offered me divine marriage.” 

To that, Yahweh says, “I do not know you.”

Biblical “knowing” means being part of the family of Yahweh.  Yahweh recognizes His Son, who comes alongside ever soul that leaves its flesh at death, standing before the throne of Judgment, where Yahweh proclaims, “Son!  Welcome back!” 

If you are not reborn as Jesus, then Yahweh will always say to you, “Where were you when it was our time to court and do what lovers do?  You left.  Therefore, I do not know you.”

When you hear them words, then the only one you can blame is you.

This is a most important lesson to know.  I have posted very deeply about this; but like keeping a “lamp, lantern, or torch” well “oiled,” it requires work to read it.  It is long (in-depth does that).  It becomes a test of your commitment to marry Yahweh.

But, if you don’t have time … Yahweh will understand.

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