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Realizing why I do this

Updated: Feb 12

From my first days of being led to understand the meaning of The Prophecies of Nostradamus, I also was led to understand the meaning of people refusing to be told, “Hey!  You need to see this!”

Way back in 2001, after a declaration of ‘Holy War’ (an impossibility, but Evil War is the meaning behind that moniker) brought the world to a standstill, the religious (Christian) channels on television were all about telling the people how the events of September 11th were written of in Scripture.  (For you young’uns, look up Hal Lindsey.  He’ll sell you one of his old scripts, I imagine.)

If ole Hal and the gang were getting the message right, I would have just said, “Oh, okay then.  Someone who is knowledgeable about such things is on top of this; so, the world will be a better place.”  I would have shut up and continued on doing the worthlessness that I had been doing all my life, before 9/11/2001.

Instead, a burning motivation was deep within my soul, telling me, “Hurry up!  Write faster.  Write more.  The world is headed to eternal damnation.  You need to explain The Prophecies to them.”  So, I did what the voice said.

Very few listened.  There was my wife who listened, discerned, and came to her own beliefs.  Then there were the other seven billion souls who could not hear me yelling, “You’re going the wrong way!”  Those close enough to me who could hear what I was saying all said, “Shut the f**k up!  Who are you to know these things?  You are just a nobody because I’ve never seen you on TV before.”

Before I was led to realize that understanding The Prophecies of Nostradamus was the key to understanding Holy Scriptures, due to a divine syntax that had to be learned, I wrote feverishly about the horrors that are coming (soon, now) into the world. As I wrote, I could imagine people running away from death, in mass hysteria and great fear, with me able to see some dime-store paperback copy of my book in their back pockets.

I imagined people would be reading what I wrote ... when the time comes.

Ha!  No back pocket is big enough to hold the thousands of pages I have since written.  But, way back then, the world was still marveling about cell phones (the flip variety).  The addiction to Crackberries (a.k.a. Blackberries) had yet to come.  Now, what my imaginations were seeing was Smartphones in hip pockets, each with copies of my e-books on them.

The symbolism is more than a simply “I told you so.”  I just realized that the embers of Christianity will be left burning, for those left destitute from having lost their faith (the true meaning of faith, not the watered down version of “belief”).  Like cavemen needs a 'keeper of the fire' - a coal kept alive - future mankind will experience a return to a primitive state of existence.

I write the instruction manual that tells how to keep the coal of light and warmth alive. You see, it is much easier to believe in something you are told to believe, than it is to have faith that something someone tells you is the truth. Faith requires works (ref. James); and, works require directions.

Christianity was once led by Saints, who were ALL Apostles in the name of Jesus Christ.  That does not mean people – a hundred years after Jesus died on a cross – were told about a man named Jesus and they “believed” what they were told about him.  Faith means their souls had been joined by the soul of Jesus, Anointed by Yahweh (made a Christ or Messiah), so they then entered ministry preaching the truth of Scripture, as Jesus spiritually resurrected in the flesh of a serious disciple. Faith is ALL about "Being there, doing that." "Belief" is kind of remembering what someone said to do, after the "You're saved!" part sinks in.

The Saints did not enter ministry because there was money to be made in finding people who wanted to believe in a good story. They did it because the voice within them ALL (individually) said, "Do it! The end is near! Save souls in my name!"

When the Roman Empire was in decline, the emperor Constantine made up a story that said his mother saw a sign of victory in the clouds, which was in the shape of a cross, he announced the Roman Empire would from then on be the Holy Roman Empire.  He, of course, would remain its emperor; but he figured out there would be one main Bishop in Rome, who would speak to God and then tell the emperor what to do.  While Constantine never converted to being Christian (much less a Saint) and he made Christianity the religion supported by Rome (rather than the polytheism it worshiped prior), the place called Vatican City was built as the Third Temple; and, long dead Saints were said to have been the popes that served in that building.

This slowly became the cessation of Sainthood being because an Apostle in the name of Jesus touched the soul of a lone (lost and seeking to be found) body of flesh.  It became the sow of Christianity (a false religion) calling all lost souls to come suckle on the teat of a pope, in order to find out just how easy (warm, sweet and belly filling) it was to be nourished by pope milk and “believe” one’s soul was saved.  Of course, ‘pope milk’ is that which teaches you are saved, if you simply believe Jesus died on a cross for your to go on in life as a sinner.

The End Times will be brought on because of such hogwash. 

This is the look of Christians today, if they truly want to find Salvation.

Read the Wikipedia article Nose ring (animal) and see why rings have to be placed in the noses of bulls, some cows, and pigs.  It is to keep them from trying to get easy momma’s milk, when they need to be out grazing on their own.  True Salvation comes from getting off the teat of some music-fest and political harangue from a pulpit (often asking for more money) and doing what is necessary to beg Yahweh for forgiveness, be reborn as His Son, AND THEN going into ministry helping others to find Salvation too.

I now see why I write and have been for twenty-five years.  It is a legacy for your benefit, no matter how little you say “thanks for the help.”  It is for when the End Times have come and you experience firsthand how little “belief” will save your flesh, much less your soul.  You will need a nose ring placed in your teat-loving nose, to pull you to Salvation.  By then, you will have already proved how little you care about going to graze on your own. 

The End Times are when deadly radiation cannot be averted.  It is when you cannot see any unknown changes going on in your fleshy organs.  It is when there will be no more government checks coming in the mail (or direct deposit); and, it will be when a loaf of bread will cost more than you have to spend. Cryptocurrency will be when you go to your Crypt and write out an I.O.U. to Yahweh, as you sew your dying flesh into a funeral shroud.

Only then, will you finally realize it is time to see the truth of prophecy yourself, without anyone telling you what to “believe.”  To find the grass of truth to graze on, you will need a rope pulling you.  One hand pulling will be Yahweh, with His Son Jesus whispering in your mind, “Don’t give up.  You can do this.”  The physical rope will be what I leave behind for you to read, ponder, try, prove, and then wonder with amazement how special the truth entering your flesh and soul is. You have to feel that on your own, before you can find faith and Salvation.

Just like you did not suddenly tell your mommy and daddy, “Stop changing my diapers.  I can do this potty thing without your help.”  You cannot learn how to find Yahweh without being taught how to seek Him first. Today's churches only teach how to sit in a pew for a lifetime and make the payments that keep the lights on in the church building.

At least mommy and daddy got sick and tired of cleaning up your messes and they taught you how to do it yourself; and, "Look how proud you should be for doing it yourself!" Churches, somehow, never get tired of letting you crap all over yourself, then wiping all that away with a song, wafer, and prayer. "See ya next Sunday baby!"

Hopefully, e-books will still be available and free of charge in the future.  Hopefully, some form of power will allow Smartphones to maintain a charge then.  The same goes for Bible websites and online tools for translating Hebrew and Greek into something you understand.

Of course, you could become like a ‘prepper’ and buy physical copies of everything, just to have around ... should the world go to hell in a handbasket.  Putting the nose ring in now and buying some Salvation rope ahead of time might be worth it, in the End.

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