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The Antipope Francis and the tweet to him from Donald Trump

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

“It’s common for some to criticize Pope Francis’s wariness about capitalism, but Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump just took that to a new level, saying he’d try to “scare” the pope by telling him: “ISIS wants to get you.”” (August 20, 2015 – Washington Post, article on Faith by Michelle Boorstein and Sarah Larimer)

Long ago, when I was first going through all the puzzle pieces that are the quatrains of Nostradamus’ work The Prophecies, I saw a separate story about the attacks on Rome, and in particular those directed at overtaking the Vatican.  The story (when pieced together) confirms that vision told by Sister Lucia, the Portuguese nun who, as a child, witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fatima.  She has written letters to the popes (since made public), which warn them of this very attack that will greatly change Roman Catholicism.

This aspect of the future is not without a link to past history, as “ISIS wants to get you” is not an overnight hatred, created in a vacuum.  Still, while many popes of ancient history have recruited knights who would invade the Holy Land, for the purpose of killing Arabs, and others have armed warships to protect against invading navies of the Ottoman Empire, and still others have instigated Inquisitions that forced Moorish Muslims to convert, migrate away from Europe, or be killed, the current affairs and future failures are less about Christian-Islamic hatreds and more about the disconnect between the Church of Rome and God and Christ.  Neither God nor Christ nor the Blessed Virgin protects that enterprise the Vatican has become, which is now a totally corrupt institution.

Yet another separate (while linking chronologically) story that supports this declined state is that which focuses on the last true Pope of Christ, sent to save the Church from itself.  That pope was Pope John Paul I (not II), who lasted only 33 days before he was murdered.  Two of the co-conspirators in that murder were Karol Józef Wojtyła and Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, who would be elected to serve as popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  Nostradamus wrote quatrains that detail the murder and the papacies of both murderers, neither of whom has had the blessing of God or Christ.

Certainly, this news will be rejected by the vast majority of Roman Catholics, and many others who mistook the celebrity of Pope John Paul II as if that spotlight was the glow of sainthood.  It has even been mistaken that the prophecy of Saint Malachy, which predicted Pope John Paul II was to be known as “De labore solis,”or “From the labor [or toil] of the sun.”  People point out that Wojityla was born and died when a solar eclipse took place – a situation not completely accurate – but that denies the meaning [astrologically supported].  Christianity is faith in Jesus Christ as the Light, which aligns him with the Sun.  Any blocking of that light of truth should then be seen as a labor or toil away from God and disconnected from Christ.  As such, Wojtyła was born during a total eclipse in a place where Christianity would be totally blocked from the people – meaning he was born in Poland, witnessing the Nazis exterminate Jews, while acting as a priest without a congregation in a Communist Bloc nation.

It should be noted that the apparition of Fatima warned the Church to re-consecrate Russia [in 1917, just prior to the Revolution], or Communism would de-consecrate the Church.  The beginning of this end would commence with a Communist pope, who would rule for twenty-seven years.  This state of change would cause a new millennium to begin without a Roman pope who had any connection to God or Christ.  The last millennium to begin like that commenced when pagan emperors ruled Rome.

When one can see the truth of Saint Malachy’s iconic prophecy of Pope John Paul II, one can then see the manipulation of that prophecy misdirecting the truth for Pope Benedict.  The name of the pope said to follow “De labore solis” was to be “Gloria olivæ,” or “Glory of the olives.”  Supposedly, Pope Rat took that name because a branch of the monastic order founded by St. Benedict is called the Olivetans.  That manipulation was done knowing of Saint Malachy’s prophecy in advance, making his choice of title to be an effort to make the prophecy seem fulfilled, while having no love of Benedictines.  The reality of the moniker is the Sicilians are known for their olive oil; and the Sicilian mafia had been influencing the actions of the papal bank since before World War II.  Pope Rat would bring great recognition to that evil institution, as a former Nazi [Hitler Youth] who cared nothing for religion, but loved the power of money the underground criminal organization claiming its success from the Olive Oil industry made available to him.

Pope John Paul I [“De medietate lunæ” – “From the mediator of the moon”], Albino Luciani, was the pope sent to save the Roman Church.  He was a youthful 65, with no health issues, but he died only 33 days into his reign.  In that short time he had evaluated the Vatican Bank, discovered criminal undertakings, and ordered a reshuffling of positions of authority.  As such, the name given by Saint Malachy can be seen as more than that predicting someone who would only serve “To half a moon” cycle [he served a moon cycle, plus 5 days], but as one who would leave his own ego to the side and rule “From heart-centered emotions.”  This means he was truly filled with the Holy Spirit, as one who was reflective of and receptive to the light of the Sun, and emotionally intuitive to that wisdom.

Pope John Paul I [he was the first to use the Roman Numeral I in his title, as a prophecy that there would be another John Paul to follow] was murdered to stop those changes, and his murder was covered up.  While many knew only that the world would face the election of another pope, sooner than anticipated, some knew this was a murder and Wojtyła, and others were part of that plot.  Two assassination attempts would be made, subsequently, on the life of Pope John Paul II because of that association with evil.

With this history known, I would like to present one quatrain that makes Donald Trump [himself a worthless fellow of no religious merit] a prophet, showing that even the mouths of fools can be opened to prophesy.

Quatrain number 15, in “Centurie Cinquiesme” [Fifth Group of 100], shows:

Quatrain V-15

In this quatrain it is important to see the words “grand pontife” [end of line one] and “Second esleu” [at the beginning of line three] as connected.  This tells of a “great pontiff,” where “great” is more a description of the wealth and nobility of a position, than a value statement about one individual.  A “pontiff” is a pope of Rome, who then leads the institution that has the financial holdings of the Vatican.  However, the capitalization of “Second” points out the important significance of a “Second elected” “pontiff,” which is a statement of “Two pontiffs,” where the importance of “Second” implies another “elected” while one is still alive, who also was “elected.”

That is a statement of the present pontificate, where the world has two popes.  Pope Rat is enjoying his early retirement, due to the financial ability of the Vatican to pay for two popes at the same time.  Meanwhile, the “Second elected” pope is doing his World Communism Tour of Cuba and Barack Obama’s De-Christianized America.

I next direct your eyes to examine the use of “clercs tumultuez” [at the end of line two] and “Son favory bastard” [at the beginning of line four], where “clerics tumultuous” are linked to “His minion counterfeit.”  These can both relate to the Roman Catholic institution that has filled its priestly positions with those who could not care less about the salvation of the masses, as the Church has a history of turbulence and trouble, with its own priests and bishops, and their history of abuse towards children.  Still, “clerics” can be seen as the Islamic clerics, especially those who call for “Death to America,” and the tumult that Donald Trump warned was desired.

The capitalization of the possessive pronoun “Son” then shows the importance of the one who guides all priests and clerics, who is God [Christians] or Allah [Muslims].  Each group claims to be the “favorite,” which brings with that favor victory.  The use of “bastard” can then be seen as Pope Francis having no Father, because he is “a son of the people,” from the Socialism of South America and Argentina.  Of course, Islam believes the West worships Satan, considering all Christianity to be led by infidel popes, with each being “base born.”

I will leave the rest up to your interpretation, but let me finally point you gaze upon “En navigant captif” [beginning the quatrain], which can state (among several translations), “Upon navigating lost liberty.”  Antipope Francis came to America and told the world to welcome those who would escape the tyranny of a poor life, with open arms.  He was referring to the Muslims flowing into Europe, from Syria (primarily), while saying, “Don’t stop there.  The world is full of poor people with hands out for help.”  Well, he and Pope Rat will try to escape Vatican City when all hell breaks loose, becoming a refugee himself.  Antipope Francis will flee like a rat on a sinking ship, rather than stay and bravely die for his beliefs [he has none worth dying for].  He will be captured and just like in the vision presented to Sister Lucia (while a poor child in Portugal), the surviving pope will be forced to march up Vatican Hill, to his own execution.

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