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The Danger that Surrounds Us

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Let’s look at the current trends in the news these days.  These are not so much predicted by Nostradamus, but fall in line with what still lies ahead in our future.  I feel it is important to see how a couple of “hot topic” social issues are playing into our demise.  This is clearly evident and considerable uproar is happening in the United States over them.  What Nostradamus does predict shows how the uproar is justified, because it relates to an innate sense of human need to feel safe and secure.

Two headlines in recent news center around immigration reforms and gun controls.  Whether or not there is enough support for an effort that would relax America’s border with Mexico, a push has been made towards some quasi-amnesty, where illegal aliens are allowed to stay, eventually made citizens.  Because of the Newtown killings of children and teachers, there has been a call for background searches and limitations on types of firearms that can be purchased (assault rifles) and the elimination of high-capacity magazines.  Related to that effort has been news that the U.S. government/military has been purchasing unusually large quantities of hollow-point bullets, creating a shortage.  Those two issues have divided politicians and Americans in general.

These issues assume the world is a wonderful place to live, and fantasizes about everyone joining together, arm-in-arm, to sing Kumbaya and We Are the World.  Unfortunately, we are not living on the set of a 1980s Coke commercial.  The world is a very unstable and unsafe place, as seen with the recent explosions that killed, maimed, and injured many innocent citizens near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The issue over immigration reforms is one that exposes the fragility of a capitalistic society.  As much as American politicians like to advertise America as the “Land of Opportunity,” with Lady Liberty calling for the “huddled masses” of the world to come join us, the reality is there is an economic saturation point.   Barack Obama, and his Socialist Party are hell-bent on pretending there are no limits to how much our government can spend, so there should be no limit to how many illegal aliens begin immediately draining from our social securities pool.  In order to accommodate so much “free stuff” to those who have not paid into those social programs, cuts in other areas must be made.  One place the current administration has found that can be targeted for cuts is the military budget.  Cuts in military spending are not such a bad thing, IF the world is a safe and secure place to live.  Notice the big “IF.”

Europe wishes it had never relaxed its immigration policies, back in the 1990s.  Back then, the fall of the Soviet Union was fresh.  The CIA’s pal and trained operative, Osama bin Laden, had just run the Soviets out of Afghanistan, with lots of U.S. surface-to-air missiles (Stingers) and training in guerrilla warfare (like how to make a roadside bomb from spare parts).   There was plenty of money and opportunity in Western Europe and North America.  The bit about the Statue of Liberty calling all poor people was still sell-able.  Americans felt like Ronald Reagan (the Actor President) had single-handedly disassembled the Berlin Wall, while at the same time bluffing Gorbachev into folding his cards, fearing Reagan held a full house Star Wars Defense.

The problem was the poor Eastern European countries all fell to their knees and held out their hands, begging the West for handouts.  Even Russia was humbled into letting the United States see itself as the new sheriff in town, at the United Nations assemblies.  They let America have its way, while they asked for money … so they wouldn’t be forced to sell nukes for cash, just to get by.

Then, Saddam Hussein’s regime, both before and after the Gulf War, forced Iraqi immigrants out of Iraq, and onto flotillas that landed illegally on the Mediterranean shorelines of Italy, France, and Spain.  Legal Islamic immigrants began pouring out of the Middle East, into every Western nation.

Because of immigration reforms that made room for illegal aliens in European nations, those “refugees” were allowed to stay.  Eventually, they became citizens, or were represented by publicly elected Islamic immigrants who had gained citizenship.  Once those aliens became part of the governments of Western Europe, lawsuits challenged equal protections under the law and forced changes to suit the minority needs of foreigners, from different cultures and religions.  Europeans (Christians) had little choice but to adapt.  Due to this, many Western European countries have become testy towards Muslims challenging European ways and customs.

Add the Eastern European countries that have been allowed to join the European Union (EU) and you can see how immigration, and trying to believe that capitalism can absorb the poor unconditionally and give them freebies, is a major cause of current economic woes in places like Italy, Greece, Spain, and France.  Now, under Obama, the United States is being led towards that same humbled status, where too much debt to repay will eventually lead to a devalued currency, rapid inflation, and possibly (if not probably) a worldwide depression.

Only Germany has some sense of economic stability today, but that was after dropping to its economic knees when it welcomed the “pit bull” Communists of East Germany back into the fold.  At that time, most East Germans could not afford to buy a roll of toilet paper, because the government had to give them everything they had back then.  That immigration reform took a decade to recover from economically, stabilizing around when the Euro was introduced as the currency of the European Union.  For capitalist Germany to have such a sound economy today, one needs to wonder what role the former East German (Socialist/Communist) Angela Merkel plays now, as German Chancellor.

The Islamic immigration has not bypassed Germany.  It is an issue there as well.  Key Muslims who planned and carried out the attacks of September 11, 2001 were known to have met in Germany.  The Muslim immigration issue is still unwanted by the German people, but Germany remains a place where Muslims have migrated over the last twenty years, often for educational purposes.

In America, much has been said about the lack of border patrols, due to too many miles of border and too few guards.  Recently, I heard a report that illegal aliens captured were said to have shrugged arrest off, saying, “Obama will let us stay.”  As long as the economy of the United States at least seems to be better than it is in Mexico, the risk of being caught is nothing compared to the reward of getting in illegally.

On the other hand, look at the good reason why normal Mexicans would want to flee Mexico and come to America to escape the danger of the drug war savagery.  That is not so much a reflection on illegal immigration, but a reflection on how well gun controls work.  If anything like border patrolling, gun controlling will do nothing more than take guns out of the hands of responsible citizens, leaving them in the hands of criminals.

There is a double standard being set when the Justice Department sponsors programs that sell assault weapons to Mexican drug lords, under the pretense of being able to catch them with illegally obtained assault weapons, then features Obama and Reid  (and many others) calling for gun controls.  They use the poor dead children of Newtown (by a lone crazed killer) as reason to disarm the public as a whole.  They say nothing about arming murderers in Mexico, who behead local police and political authorities fighting Mexican crime, while killing innocent civilians (I imagine women and children too), as well as tourists.  Again, I imagine it is against the law for drug lords and henchmen to own assault weapons in Mexico, but only the military stands a chance of upholding those laws.

The issue over gun control, as I see it (and I do not yet own a gun), is a matter of maintaining the right to defend America.  Those who argue that America already has a militia (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc.) miss the point that such military arming is how coups occur (frequently in South America, Africa, and elsewhere).  What if American citizens had to defend their states, cities, towns, or counties from the Federal government attempting an armed campaign against them?  It actually happened in the American Civil War, and it could happen again.  If owning assault weapons were against the law, then the defense of a nation would be kept from the general populace.  If America should ever turn into a dictatorship, where control of the military kept that regime in power, I do not believe gun ownership laws would be designed to let citizens own military-style weapons to fight the government, in a real defense of their country.

While this aspect does not appear to be in America’s short-term future, it is not something that should be discounted.  Look at the news over the past year or two.  All of North Africa has had some kind of regime change, with some foreign element acting as an instigator of insurrection (like the Muslim Brotherhood).  The regimes of Egypt (Mubarak) and Libya (Qaddafi) have been overthrown by armed warfare, carried out in the streets of major cities.  The same civil unrest has been occurring in Syria, under the Assad regime.  In the news the last few days (the Boston Marathon bombings), the issue of Chechnya has come up.  Chechnya remains Russian by force, with Chechnya resisting through acts of terrorism.

All of these news reports show the inability of the local citizens to arm themselves freely.  This in essence is arms control, where the regimes have held and still hold a strong fist around the necks of the citizenry.  America, the land of the free, has traditionally seen such controls as a sign of tyranny.  The fact that the United States is now making calls for changes that model a dictatorial government should be a major concern to everyone who puts stock and faith in freedom and rights.

The news of two Chechen immigrants, legally inside the United States, causing havoc to American citizens is a sign of hostility between Muslims and the West.  After one of the two was killed in a shoot-out, and the other was captured, relief was the feeling.  A press conference was called to tell everyone that everything was okay.  I imagine the same type of public assurance could have occurred in Libya, after the first rebel demonstration was squashed.  The same could have happened in Egypt, with Mubarak making a public address, telling those in Cairo everything would be fine.  From those histories, we know now that everything was not fine … for those dictators.  It got worse, and both lost their lives, and thus control over their nations.  What if something similar happened in the USA?  What if a new bombing occurred tomorrow, and then again next month?  What if everything was NOT okay?

The problem is immigration has allowed our enemies to live among us.  Our laws forbid us from doing anything to prevent all planned acts of terror against us, even if some are thwarted occasionally.  For us to have some impact, man hours of surveillance must be done, and the bad guys questioned to let them know we know they are bad guys; and, due to manning shortages, in the meantime other bad guys slip in because we have slackened our immigration laws.  The problem does not get lessened.  It gets worse.

This is where the news of today matches what has been written in the quatrains of Nostradamus for over 450 years.  While his focus was centered on Europe, only hinting at what would occur in the Western Hemisphere, one can assume if it happens one place, then it can happen other places too.  That makes it important to realize what Nostradamus said would happen.

Let me preface what I am about to explain by saying that I am not the only one who sees this future.  There are maps and diagrams in a book published by Rene Noorbergen, long before I realized (independently) the same thing (1981).  Everything written by Nostradamus demands it be pieced together, like pieces of a poetic puzzle, so a pattern of development is visible.  What Noorbergen saw, as do I (and I presume others, because it is that obvious), is an invasion of Europe, with spearheads in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain.  The jumping off places will be North Africa and the eastern Adriatic, and the ones doing the invading are Muslims (with Africans) from all over AND Eastern European mercenaries.  Most of the technology of weaponry will be from our good friends the Soviets … I mean Russians (and their Iron Curtain freed minions), with it possible the Chinese will pitch in some devices here and there.

This invasion will be by surprise, much like the bombings at the Boston Marathon were by surprise, and will be a success because of the surprise and the strategy involved.  It will also be a success because of three other things, which the invaders will know beforehand.  One, the militaries of Europe will not be battle tested, and will scatter and flee when surprised by dangerous warfare suddenly falling upon them.  Two, when the militaries flee, the citizenry will be left defenseless, most probably because they will not be armed to defend themselves (a long-standing Socialist conditioning of their populaces).  Finally, the invaders will come ashore already having in place a ready, willing, and able fighting network of immigrants, who will be well-stocked in arms, know the terrain, and hate those who they have lived among.  Those “natives” will immediately be combining with the invaders to impede the movements of retreating troops.  Their assistance will tremendously add to the mass confusion the attacks will cause.

Because nothing of this scale has ever happened to Europe, at one time (although Nostradamus uses the analogous character Hannibal in his verses), it is still in the future.  Since the news is fully supporting such a defenseless Europe, regardless of what one knows about what Nostradamus, Rene Noorbergen, or I have written, only a fool would think this is beyond the scope of possibility.  There is a very hostile Islamic world that is completely fed up with the West ignoring the theft of Palestine, and the gift-wrapping of that land for the Jews.  The likes of Osama bin Laden and Iran’s  Ayatollahs have publicly declared war against the West, and sworn “Death to America and Israel.”  It is a threat that has not gone away, by any means.

Keep in mind that if Europe is successfully invaded and occupied by well-armed Muslims and Eastern Europeans, the United States, Great Britain, AND Israel will also not be doing so well on their own.  The occupation will last years, more than the time Hitler held Western Europe.  The only nukes that will be used will be those used against the West.  Since the attackers will be in the lands of our allies, and because Russia and China will make threats to the USA and Great Britain to stand back … or else the Bomb be used in force, Western Europe will be forced to convert to Islam … or be tortured to death (and/or starved), with no outside rescue.  This can only be seen as an act of extreme hatred, based on decades of build-up.  It smells like, “How do you like it now, when someone takes your land and shoves some shit in your face?”

The funny thing is, for all that I have written I have had such little response (for or against what I write), although significant visits to my articles.  This tells me that Christians and atheist Americans sneak a peak but do not believe we are capable of slipping up and being beaten down.  On the other hand, I feel that Muslims read my articles (search meta-tags) and take what I say and run with it.  My announcing the defeat of Europe and the West may be seen as a sign from Allah to go with their hatred and attack the West, with everything they have.  The Nazis and Brits used Nostradamus as propaganda, to let all those questioning the dangers of war be eased by something seemingly from heaven saying, “You will win.”  The only problem with that use is it only tells part of the story.

The story of The Prophecies is that nobody wins.  Everyone loses … the human beings, the animals, the vegetation, the water, the land, everything.  Sure, the Muslims may kill about 20-million so-called Christians, along with another eight million Jews (dwarfing the “lest they forget” Holocaust figures), but in return there will probably be about 50-million Muslims-Africans-Slavs (and atheist-converts to Islam) killed in an eventual D-Day, Part II, and subsequent genocidal retribution.  When the war is over, it won’t be long before threats of a new war arise, based on so little arable land left to share.  When it get to that point of argument, it will almost seem fortunate that a comet (or meteor) of significance will strike Earth, causing 80 years of climate changes that will return Homo sapiens to cave-dwelling, rat eating scavengers.

The point of The Prophecies is to warn that NOT ACTING Christian will bring about the end of the world.  Acting Christian applies to EVERY religion the world has.  This prophesied invasion and retribution will not be God’s wrath.  God has sent prophets to warn us about this, many times.  The future shown to Nostradamus is of mankind killing itself because it no longer truly worships God.  Turn your back to God, and you wander down the road to ruin, led by the tyrants of evil and revenge, power and wealth.  A future that has yet to occur can be avoided (even though pain and suffering will still happen, to some degree), but only IF everyone stops acting like demigods and starts acting like God-fearing humane beings.

Wake me up when you think it is time to start paying attention to what is going on about you.

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