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The duality of Adam and Eve

Updated: Feb 12

First of all, let me make it known that Eve was never named that in Genesis 2. The New International Version (NIV) gives a heading (not official text) that says, “Adam and Eve.” They place that heading before Genesis 2:4, with it then covering all verses thereafter. The New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the English Standard Version (ESV) both show headings that says, “The Creation of Man and Woman.” However, in the Hebrew text written, we read how Yahweh took from “adam” (“hā·’ā·ḏām” – “of man”) a rib, with which He made “ishshah” (“lə·’iš·šāh”), meaning “woman, wife, female” [not Eve].

I just want to make that clear, even though I will make references to “Eve” below. I do that simply because that name is so engrained in the mindsets of English-speaking Christians.

Now, not long ago I posted an article about the “The duality of Cain and Abel.” The same principles of that apply to this article, with there being some possibility that the Cain and Abel duality is easier to grasp, because both are males. I readily admit that what I am about to present will go against all that Christians have been taught to believe. In this regard, recently I heard a minister point out how Eve listened to the snake and then caused poor ole Adam to sin too. That puts the blame on Eve, which then subliminally (at least) makes all of women be presented as weaker than men and more prone to sin. To see Cain as the ‘alter ego’ duality of Abel, where every soul is tested to make the right sacrifices to Yahweh or make oneself pretend to be a “god” that does as one pleases is harder to see in the Garden of Eden story. However, (again) the same principles do apply to both.

The key to getting hold of Genesis 2 comes from understanding that ‘Adam’s rib’ is not some piece of bone extracted from ‘sleeping Adam’s ribcage.’ It is the ‘DNA’ that Yahweh produced to create “man” from dust and clay (his body of flesh), into which Yahweh breathed the soul of Adam. In Genesis 2 (eleven times) is written “Yahweh elohim” (“Yah·weh ’ĕ·lō·hîm” – אֱלֹהִ֖ים יְהוָ֥ה), which states “the proper name for the God of Israel” combined with the plural for “god” [lower-case], as “gods” [still lower-case]. The translation as “the Lord God” is wrong, because it totally misses the point (through meaningless redundancy).

That point is made thirty-two times in Genesis 1, where “the proper name of the God of Israel” (“Yah·weh”) is not stated even once, but the word “elohim” is repeated frequently (32 times). Again, the translations that say “God” are wrong, simply because “elohim” is the plural form of “el,” meaning “gods” [lower-case]. Everywhere Genesis says (in bad English translations), “God made this” and “God made that,” the reality is Moses had it written: “gods made this” and “gods made that.” When it comes to ‘Day Six,’ verse twenty-six of Genesis 1says, “and said elohim, let us make man [“’ā·ḏām”] in our image according to our likeness.” The “gods” are then like ‘Santa’s little helpers,’ who acted upon Yahweh’s commands and instructions. Thus, in Genesis 1:1a the chapter begins by saying, “in the beginning created gods [“’ĕ·lō·hîm”],” where the implication (without directly stating a proper name) is Yahweh “in the beginning created gods.”

So, elohim are all divine spirits, angels, and immortals without physical properties, while also being eternal properties and laws, such as those of physics, geometry, mathematics, et al. When Genesis 1:1b then says, “the heavens and the earth,” this is a combination of elohim (“the heavens”) in planets, stars, comets, anything of matter (“the earth”); and, that is the principle of placing a souls (“the heavens”) into bodies of flesh (“the earth”). This point needs to be firmly grasped, because “the heavens and the earth” is the crux of the biscuit [Zappa-ism] for understanding all dualities that appear in the Holy Bible (and there are many).

The stating of “Yahweh elohim” is itself a duality that says Yahweh is Himself connected to the “gods” placed in “man” (“’ā·ḏām”) – a duality of soul spirit; so, Adam was made a body of flesh (dust and clay), into which was breathed a “Yahweh elohim” as this one (specific to the seventh day creation) “man’s” soul spirit. Typical “man” (the Day Six, “male and female He had them made”) did not have a Yahweh elohim, instead just a soul (a plain ole elohim).

Now, the plural number of elohim needs to be understood as being the multiplicity that Yahweh commands. He can make Himself appear in as many Yahweh elohim as He sees fit. The same applies to elohim. He is Yahweh. There is nothing He cannot do. All elohim are extensions of Yahweh, with all Yahweh elohim being extensions of Yahweh AS HIS SON. So, the Yahweh elohim of Adam is the same Yahweh elohim that was resurrected in Jesus. This means the soul spirit of Adam – because it is a Yahweh elohim – can be in as many souls in bodies of flesh (all given an elohim by Yahweh at birth – “heavens and the earth”) as Yahweh deems fit.

By seeing this ability of Yahweh to reproduce His Son’s soul multiple times over, in multiple people over long periods of time and in multiple people at the same time (even when Jesus was alive in his flesh born of Mary), that needs to allow one to then see how Genesis 2 says, “and caused to fall Yahweh elohim ׀ a deep sleep upon Adam [“hā·’ā·ḏām”] and he slept.” (Genesis 2:21, literal translation from BibleHub Interlinear). Note the vertical bar separating Yahweh elohim and a deep sleep - ׀. That says the divine soul of Adam was removed, which then followed a deep sleep coming upon Adam's flesh. Here, the Hebrew words naphal (“to fall”), tardemah (“a deep sleep”) and yashen (“sleep”) are all symbolic of death. Because a soul (“the heavens” as elohim) is eternal, it can never know death. Only the flesh (“the earth”) does, because all matter is void of life - it IS death. This means a soul gives life to that otherwise dead, with death always the separation of the two (a return to when it is “ashes to ashes and dust to dust”).

In this regard, when Jesus was told he needed to come tend to Lazarus quickly, Jesus said “Lazarus is only sleeping.” While that indicated Jesus knew Lazarus had death upon him, death is only possible for a body of flesh, when that body of flesh is without its soul (life breath). The metaphor of tardemah is a trance state, with yashen being an aged state of degeneration, while naphal implies the separation of the life breath from a body of flesh – the death that leaves behind a corpse. In the case of Lazarus, he too was caused to fall into a deep sleep, at which point his soul separated from his corpse, so Yahweh could remove the physical elements that caused people to hurry to find Jesus. By the time Jesus returned to Bethany, the soul of Lazarus had returned to a divinely renewed body of flesh, so all Jesus had to do was call out to Lazarus, “Come out.”

Yahweh had replaced Lazarus’ physical maladies with repaired flesh (dust and clay) and He not only returned the soul of Lazarus to the corpse, bringing it back to life, but He implanted the soul of Adam (a.k.a. Jesus) – a Yahweh elohim – along with the soul of Lazarus. Thus, the Son’s soul was joined with that eternal soul (an elohim) of Lazarus; so, Lazarus was an example of one having become resurrected in the name of the Son. Lazarus no longer did as Lazarus wanted. He did as Yahweh commanded, through His Son; so, the first act of the reborn Lazarus was to do as Jesus told him and “Come out” of the tomb.

So, with Adam’s soul removed from his body of flesh (then a corpse, as nothing material has life without the presence of Yahweh’s elohim), that body of flesh was duplicated exactly as the other, with the one exception being one “rib removed,” where that “rib” was the Y-chromosome of the XY pair of sex chromosomes Yahweh created from dust and clay, for His Yahweh elohim [Adam] to inhabit. The result was a twin of “man” (“’ā·ḏām”) as “woman” (“ishshah”). When two bodies of flesh were created by the hand of Yahweh (Adam being the equivalent of perhaps a five-year old boy, with Eve his new baby sister), both were given eternal life (as immortals) in bodies into which Yahweh breathed the same Yahweh elohim.

That is then the duality of Adam and Eve, as each was given the soul created by Yahweh to be His only begotten Son, one in a male body of flesh and the other in a female body of flesh. In other words, Eve (“iahshah”) was Adam (“adam”) reborn. This is a duality that ties in with the earlier duality stated in Genesis 2 – that of two trees in the midst of the garden: the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. That now needs to be discerned.

The duality of the two trees is the essence of being able to remain forever in the presence of Yahweh (hear His footsteps and voice calling to one) or not. Eden is that place where only good fruit is allowed; and, to enter that creation that joins “heavens and the earth” a soul must have joined with it the tree of life – a Yahweh elohim. While there exists a tree of knowledge of good and evil (the god of one's presence), to be the fruit of that tree means a soul (an ordinary elohim) has not been joined with Yahweh elohim (the soul spirit Son of Yahweh), but instead been joined with a lesser elohim (the 'lower-case g' “god” Satan). To “eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil” means one makes oneself (a “self” is a “soul”) become “forbidden fruit,” not good fruit. Thus, the duality of two trees in the midst means the choice a soul must make (a soul is in the midst of all corpses, giving them the animation of life): Do I serve Yahweh? (The tree of life that comes from joining with His Yahweh elohim); or, Do I serve self? (The tree of knowledge of good and evil that comes in the shape of a Big Brain, influenced by Satan - the serpent).

The lesson of Eve is this: Satan tempts souls through the organ that thinks (a Big Brain), whispering that a body of flesh can be a god as great as Yahweh. Satan, as an elohim, was one of those “created in the beginning,” by Yahweh. Yahweh created the ‘Tempter’ to test the fidelity of a soul (one of the elohim) to Him and the rules of His Kingdom. Two trees with fruit, but only one can be eaten from, means Satan was placed there (in the form of a serpent) purposefully, to test for true commitment to Yahweh. When one begins putting faith in what flows through the thoughts of a brain (a fruit rooted in the tree of knowledge of good and evil), one finds every sin in the book upon one’s flesh. Eve found out that being smart was empowering; but, like a drug, such power is only temporary.

It must be understood that both Adam and Eve were immortal creatures, where the heavenly realm of Eden meant the joining of “heavens and the earth,” as demigods, unlike the animals on the earth, created earlier (Adam and Eve were Seventh Day creations), on the Sixth Day. Animal “man” (’ā·ḏām,” meaning “mankind,” where “male [“zakar”] and female [“neqebah”] created them”) lived a hard life and probably gave up its life soul after thirty to sixty earth years (Earth revolutions around the Sun). Adam and Eve were immortal souls in bodies that aged very slowly, when their souls were Yahweh elohim (versus elohim in animal male and female mankind). However, the rule of Yahweh, relative to not eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, is: Eat this and you will surely die. The only place death exists is on Earth, where mortals live. Eden is only for immortals.

So, by the time Eve was tricked by the serpent (the craftiest of the immortal creatures in Eden, not a worldly serpent of the earth, those being sixth day creations), her body of immortal flesh had probably grown to be about like a five-year old child. Adam, by then, would have been like a ten-year old boy. Both were young children; and, young children have quite impressionable brains that readily absorb knowledge. The mistake is to think ishshah of Eden, the younger female twin of adam, was some voluptuous twenty-something naked hottie. Both she and her male immortal counterpart were the equivalent of children, without any mortal worldly education. They were pure of heart, thus quite naïve of brain, having never eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Those were the rules of the Father.

Here is where it becomes important to realize the reason Yahweh took man’s soul from his body of flesh and duplicated it, with the only exception being the XX sex chromosome Yahweh placed in ishshah. Yahweh did not forget to make His Son adam without a sex mate. Being made immortal, as a demigod, meant there was absolutely zero need for Adam to reproduce. In fact, Adam would have been sterile in that regard, as only Yahweh can create souls (elohim). Being All-Knowing, Yahweh made a duplicate of adam in female form because Yahweh knew His Son would be sent into ministry on Earth AND adam would need a partner in that ministry, which would be ishshah.

That means Yahweh planned the fall, just like Yahweh plans babies to remain in the womb developing (humans for nine months), until the time they must be born into the world. While that fall would mean the loss of immortality (although still retaining a much longer life span than sixth day animal mankind [males and females]), so Adam and Eve would grow into that sexually active stage of life and do what comes naturally. Yahweh did not plan on Adam mating with a low-life female (animal man) on the Earth (as would Cain and then later Seth). The creation of ishshah was so adam would generate offspring with a divine lineage, for the purpose of that lineage becoming priests that would teach animal mankind (males and females) about Yahweh and Eden. Seth would marry and reproduce with a 'Day Six' female 'convert,' whose soul had become joined with Yahweh elohim (the true beginning of Christianity). Still, that was not the only reason Yahweh made a female version of adam.

Just like Yahweh placed a tree of knowledge of good and evil in Eden, which was there but not to be seen as a source of food, the two trees were metaphor for a worldly state (Eden) having both a soul (the tree of life eternal) and a brain (the tree of knowledge of good and evil). The brain of Eden was the ability to hear Yahweh’s footsteps and His voice teaching; but only as a receptor linking the body (dust and clay) to the soul (elohim). The soul being one with Yahweh made it be a Yahweh elohim. Adam was the XY sex chromosome that identified as the Son, who only sought nourishment from the Father. Eve, although she too was the Son reborn in new flesh, that XX sex chromosome made her identify as the Son that sought nourishment from the Father to make her body of flesh (dust and clay) feel as alive as her Yahweh elohim soul. This means Yahweh made ishshah to yearn for the Father to fill her with the knowledge that transferred the heavenly (spiritual) to the body (the earth, the physical and material). Eve was made to reproduce, just as she had been made a reproduction; and, that demanded she know how to be like Yahweh, as a reproducer.

The basic symbolism of male and female is simple. It is depicted in the glyphs (symbols) that project Mars (a circle with an arrow pointing upward) and Venus (a circle atop a cross). Male is then that which projects and injects, while female is that which receives and conceives. In terms of “heavens and the earth,” male reflects the eternal soul that gives life to that which is nothing but dead matter. Male is the addition of life (+). On the other hand, female is the dead matter that must be filled with life, as it can never be eternal as anything other than matter (-). This makes man (adam) be a statement of a soul as the masculine essence of the tree of life (“the heavens”), while female is a statement of the flesh (dust and clay) as the feminine essence of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (“the earth”). Because all that has life is a creation of Yahweh’s elohim (a soul), placing “the heavens” within “the earth,” each and every human being is the duality of a soul within a body of flesh; but all that has life in the flesh are creations born to die. Death is when the masculine soul is released (sleep) from worldly imprisonment and when the feminine corpse is left to return to dust and clay.

That brings on the Judgment of a soul by Yahweh. Judgement is then based on a soul released having become more (+) than itself. That more is then relative to the soul that has either become the fruit of the tree of life (joined with the Yahweh elohim that is the Son of Yahweh) or the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (joined with a soul that did some good things and some bad things). In this regard, as soul (+) that has been joined with the Yahweh elohim of the Son (+) this becomes a duality that is masculine (+ x + = +), whereas a soul (+) that has only been joined with a brain that controls the acts of the soul in its flesh (-) becomes a duality that is feminine (+ x – = – ). For that reason, ALL souls born into flesh are of feminine essence UNTIL the innate soul has RECEIVED the Son within and CONCEIVED the masculinity of the SON reborn.

This is the duality of Adam and Eve. Yahweh made His Son as the multiplying masculinity that will Save “man” (“’ā·ḏām” as the sixth day “mankind,” made of males and females). The name of Adam (“hā·’ā·ḏām” as the seventh day Son of man – Yahweh elohim) is JESUS, a name that means “YAH Saves.” Unless one receives that divine soul within one’s innate soul (+ x + = +), one remains a soul imprisoned by the world of death (+ x – = – ). Therefore, Eve reflects every human being who refuses to return to the Garden of Eden and live happily ever after as a child of Yahweh, fooled by Satan to worship its own Big Brain; and, every human being, as mankind (“’ā·ḏām” - the sixth day “mankind,” made of males and females), is feminine. The duality of Adam and Eve says WE are ALL females, as souls trapped in bodies born to die, who are ALL expected to be the brides of Yahweh.

All human beings are unlike animals, because of their bodies of flesh possessing a Big Brain. Human beings (males and females alike) are thus born with souls (elohim - “the heavens”) in flesh (“the earth”) that sense the presence of two trees within - the tree of life (Yahweh) and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (“gods” that are elohim). All human beings (males and females alike) are thus innately Adam (seeking to only be fed spiritual nourishment from the Father) and Eve (seeking to be fed as told, understood physically). It is the Eve within us all that is so emotionally influenced by external stimuli that we let our bodies of flesh influence our desire to serve only Yahweh, by convincing the Adam within to serve Yahweh by becoming Him resurrected. The Eve within us all routinely convinces the Adam within us to “Listen to what I heard some minister say!” We are all both Adam and Eve as souls (elohim) that need to become the fruit of the tree that nourishes us. We are both Adam and Eve as elohim in bodies of flesh that can only enter and remain in Eden if Yahweh is our tree of life (a Yahweh elohim). We are both Adam and Eve as elohim in bodies of flesh that will be denied Eden if we join our souls with any lesser “gods” (elohim), whose realm is that of death. We are both Adam and Eve as children easily tricked, in need of the Father's protection. If we fall out of Eden, we become animal-like mankind, made of males and females, not Adam and Eve. To become Adam and Eve on earth (male and female priests reborn in the name of Jesus - Yahweh's Son who Saves lost souls), one must toil and labor to please Yahweh, until His Spirit cleanses one's flesh of sin and His divine elohim (Yahweh elohim) possesses one's soul. As an Apostle of Jesus, one is either Adam (a male in the name of Jesus) or Eve (a female in the name of Jesus).

We must each submit to Yahweh's proposal of divine marriage, prove our commitment through study and worship of Yahweh’s Word [not a once a week or less visit to a place with theater seating, with coffee cup holding holes, nor a place where the Holy Bible has been replaced by books reciting manmade prayers and songs of ignorance]. That commitment prepares one to kneel at the altar of divine marriage and be given away (given back) to Yahweh. By saying, “I do,” a soul in its body of flesh then RECEIVES HIS SPIRIT of Anointment [the Hebrew Messiah or the Greek Christ]. That is the truth of being Christian; and, that means Yahweh will cleanse our sin-filthy bodies so His Son (Yahweh elohim) can RESURRECT alongside one’s soul, within its body of flesh (either male or female), as JESUS REBORN in flesh and blood. Jesus is ha-adam resurrected into a temple (a body of flesh) made pure by the Spirit of divine Baptism (a Christ), making the soul of Jesus be the Lord over the attending soul [two souls in one body … as many at a time as Yahweh deems fit].

We are then all both Adam and Eve, as souls longing to return to Eden as Yahweh’s Son and as souls longing to return to Eden as Yahweh’s Reborn Son in immortal flesh. We can have both and be demigods that live happily ever after in the Kingdom of Yahweh; but we have to become as submissive as children, totally dependent on the Father for knowledge (true faith) and the Mother Earth for our physical needs (true health and divine nourishment). No Big Brains allowed in Eden.

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