The malignancy of terrorist acts

Updated: Feb 4

Nostradamus wrote what can be translated as “Brussels” six times.  The French name for Brussels is “Bruxelles,” but translators have taken “Brucelles” as meaning “Bruxelles,” due to capitalization of the “B.”  The Dutch spelling is “Brussel.”

Here is the list of Nostradamus’ quatrains that appear to indicate Brussels, and the spellings they contain:

Bruceles              1            IX-49

Brucelle              2            II-50, VI-47

Brucelles            3            II-16, IV-81, X-54

In no quatrain did Nostradamus spell the word “Bruxelles. Here is quatrain X-54, which some authors of The Prophecies have shown Nostradamus as having written “Bruxelles,” instead of the evidence that he wrote “Brucelles.”

Quatrain X-54

In French, the word “brucelles” means “tweezers.”  Capitalized and alone, “Brucelles” means some very powerful “Tweezers.”  That would imply some very strong hairs that need to be plucked.

The root of word for the name of the city Bruxelles is said to be “marsh home” related.  Wikipedia writes of the history of the name: “The most common theory of the origin of Brussels’ name is that it derives from the Old Dutch Broekzele or Broeksel, meaning marsh (broek) and home (zele / sel) or ‘home in the marsh.’”  It has been identified as “the place on the swamp,” because the first settlement was built on swamp-marsh land that was drained.  Such an endeavor would be for defensive purposes, where all enemy attacks would have to go through the surrounding wetlands first.

Since the year 966, the name of Brussels has evolved.  According to Wikitionaire, the etymology is: “(966) Bruocsella ; (XIe siècle) Bruocesll ; (1047) Brucselle ; (1062) Brvsela ; (1095) Brucsella ; (XIIe siècle) Brussella ; (XIIIe siècle) Bruxelle.”  In those examples, the spelling with a “c” was acceptable.  However, Nostradamus wrote his quatrains in the 16th century (XVIe siècle), so the “x” would have been the proper spelling for his time.  Still, the spellings that lead one to think “Brussels” do nothing to exclude how all other meanings remain viable in interpretation as well.

Whenever Nostradamus is thought to have misspelled a word, the possibility of anagram comes into play.  In the case of “Brucele” and “Bruceles,” where only one “l” is present (or one “l” is missing), there is not only the implication of “Brussels” as the intended translation, but the primary purpose is hidden and underlying.  Anagrams found in “misspelled” words prove to show how a predicted reality could be identified as “ce Brusle” or “ce Brûle.”  This alternate view is related to the Old French verb “brusler” (now “brûler”), which means, “to burn, fire, inflame; singe, scald, scorch; to be on fire; to consume with fire.” (from the Randle Cotgrave 1611 Dictionaire)  In this sense, the intent of “great inflammation,” due to the capitalization of a verb, can be found reflected in places – particularly in Brussels, Belgium.  Certainly, when bombs are set off they explode in a ball of flames, leaving behind plumes of smoke.  Acts of terrorism certainly “inflame” fears and “burn” the patience of people whose faith is in democracy and the rights of everyone being coddled.

On an esoteric level, when Brussels’ name roots are considered, that area of the world can then be seen as “bogged down” in a conflict that “sets fire” to a political-religious issue [Israel-Palestine], with little that can be done quickly to quench those flames.  The defensive logistics of in a marsh works against the defenders, once the enemy is within the walls.  Everyone’s boots are stuck in the mud of legalities and protection of the minority rights.  In fact, trying to locate the “fire setters” requires “tweezers,” as they are able to slip into cracks, where normal reach and grasp is unable to securely take hold.

In the three quatrains where Brussels is most closely spelled correctly, as “Brucelles” (seeing “c” as “ç,” and the “s” sound relative to that of “x.”), the one numbered X-54 appears more apt as applying to the recent news of bombs set off at the Brussels airport, where at least 30 people have been killed.  In that quatrain, Brussels stands alone, as the last word of the quatrain.  The word that is on the opposite side of the ampersand that isolates “Brucelles” is “Malings.”  The pairing of those two words makes quatrain VI-47 become important too.  While quatrain VI-47 shows a spelling of “Brucelle,” it includes the capitalized word “Malignes.”  The word “Maligne” is the Old French feminine spelling of “Maling.”  The two quatrains where those words appear should be considered first in interpretation, in order to grasp a glimpse at what the future may hold for Brussels, relative to terrorist bombings in 2016.

The main theme statement (line one) of quatrain X-54 states, “Nee en ce mond par concubie fertiue,” which can translate to say, “Born in this world by laid together fruit produced.”  The word “concubie” is Latin.  It is the vocative singular of “concubus,” being a descriptive term for “it that lies in sleep,” or a collective whole that is “lain together.”  This use should now be read as identifying a “sleeper cell.”  The word “fertive” is not truly a word, but can be read as a continuation of Latin, where “ferti” is the genitive singular for of “fertum,” which is “a sort of sacrificial cake.”  The “-ue” ending (not “-ve”) is then the vocative singular form of “-uus,” acting in the present tense following vowels, as the perfect active participle.  Thus, the “sleeper cell” is seen collectively as “having been sacrificial cake.”  All individuals were then born and sent out into the world as sacrifices.  This main theme can then be seen identifying suicide bombers on foreign soil.  This then identifies the terrorist as suicide bombers of Islamic origins, attacking places in Europe.

Because the main theme is the theme that all subsequent lines stem from, line four is related to this element of sacrifice.  The ampersand preceding “Brucelles” makes Brussels be importantly identified as a place mired in suicidal attacks, where pincers are needed to find the culprits.  Leading up to that, line four states, “Et amené à Malings.” which can translate as, “And led to Malignant ones.”  Because an ampersand separates “Brucelles” from that statement, many places in the “world” will also find “Malignant ones led” there too, but one important example will be seen in Brussels.

In quatrain VI-47, Nostradamus wrote:

Entre deux monts les deux grans assemblés

Delaisseront leur simulte secrette:

Brucelle & Dolle par Langres acablés,      

Pour à Malignes executer leur peste.

In line three we find “Brucelle,” with it separated by ampersand from “Dolle.”  The word “Dolle,” and the word “Langres,” both refer to communes in the Franche-Comté region of France.  It refers to Dôle, in the eastern Jura department, and Langres, in the Haute-Marne department, south of Belgium, bordering on Switzerland and just west of the French-German border.


While this can be an indication of where further outbreaks of terrorism may be found, it is more important to see how all three places in Europe are leading to the line four statement, where “Malignes” is again stated.  The translation of “Pour à Malignes executer leur peste” can read as, “For with Malignant ones to execute their plague.”  As far as acts of terrorism are concerned, bombs going off at airports and attacks in theaters can be seen as a “plague,” because “death” is the result.

It is important to understand that the capitalized word, “Malin” (in the French of today), is rooted in the Latin word “malignus,” with the capitalized spelling (“Malin“) indicating “the Devil.”  Thus, the meanings of the lower case word are, “wicked, malicious, spiteful, and malignant.”  That identifies Islamic terrorists in Europe as agents of Satan.  In the Old French dictionary of Randle Cotgrave, “Maling” is said to translate as, “Malignant, ill-will, grudge-bearing, despiteful, malicious; knavish, hurtful, shrewd, villainous; naughty, lewd, vicious, and delighting in mischief.”  Therefore, when line four says such people will be “led to” such malignancies, they will not be “lone wolves” acting from their own plots and plans.  The ones from who they will prove to be “Born” and sent out “into” the “world,” as the “sacrificial cake” designed to bear “Ill-will,” will be their Muslim fathers and mothers back home.

According to Wiktionaire, the word “malin” has a “chiefly dated or biblical” meaning, said to be: “Malicious, sadistic; which likes to do or say hurtful things for fun.”  Another “obsolete” use is said to be: “Nocive [Hurtful, injurious]; pernicious [Causing much harm in a subtle way.  Causing death or injury; deadly.].”  Because Nostradamus was a divinely inspired prophet, all biblical meaning must take serious consideration.  When Latin is part of the translation, one must see Latin as the religion of the Roman Catholic Church.  That too shows the religious meaning associated with all the prophecies, with some quatrains more specifically indicating Rome.  All of that means these reflections of terrorism have religious properties to be considered; and The Prophecies of Nostradamus are quite similar to The Revelation of John.

The capitalized spelling of “Malin” is also identified as having a “medical” definition, where “Malignant” is the translation.  This use shows how dangerous and deadly cancers are defined.  In this way, one should see the presence of Islamic sleeper cells in Europe (in particular those seen now in Brussels), who are those sent by parents who bore children in their Islamic homelands to be suicidal killers, as the signs of a deadly cancer present.  On a Biblical level, important Malignant ones can be seen as parallels to the plagues that befell Egypt and the Pharaoh.  In a “Holy War” prophesied to come (here now for some time), the plague of pathogens that have been entering foreign bodies is no different than the plagues coming upon earth in The Revelation. The only cure, at this point, is a full injection of Christianity (the anti-virus that will seek out and destroy the foreign religious attackers of the body) or a full injection of the virus itself (Islam, which will seek out and destroy all non-Islamic elements in a foreign body).  If the former is the choice, the death of Socialism and all forms of government that seek to separate State from Faith will also be killed or forced to comply with theocratic forms of society.  If the latter is chosen, Europe (including Brussels) will lose ALL of its precious “freedoms” through surrender to forced conversion – with no compromises possible.  Injecting that virus in hopes the body will develop an immunity to forced religion will backfire (according to the quatrains Nostradamus wrote, where the suffering of conversion parallels the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany).

According to Nostradamus, this IS the future of Europe - one way or another. European non-converts are prophesied to end up like this.

According to Nostradamus, this IS the future of Europe – one way or another. European non-converts are prophesied to end up like this.

While much is said about a war between Christians and Muslims, there is little that reflects the presence of Christianity in Europe today.  The changes of Europe’s political and philosophical evolution from religious-based beliefs to Socialist Democracies, where everyone is welcome to join in the politics of “freedom,” the influx of immigrants over the past 30 years has taken advantage of that openness.  Europe has exposed themselves to contagions of all kinds, with equal rights proudly given to all forms of deadly disease.  European countries are, thus, themselves the Malignancies that Europe has created by allowing the royal heads of European kingdoms to roll and the blood of Jesus of Nazareth to be spilled into the earth – in Paris particularly.  The replacement of that holy “virus protection” – the presence of a mutated gene that prevents death by plague – with a man-made philosophy, one that falsely believes all people are equal in the same body, has opened itself up to injections of poisonous cells have duplicated and replicated like a sickness that has grown to the point of great weakness.  Death is almost a certainly now, unless large sections of cancerous tumors are cut out and radiation treatments begun in earnest.

Alas … Belgium is the land of freedoms, where it is against the law to forbid a cancer cell its right to grow stronger, even if it kills its host body.  It is almost too late to pray to God for help; and if God answers the moans of the wayward, I doubt He will tell Europe (and all Western forms of Democracy) what they want to hear.  Might as well pray to “Malin” … the Devil.  This Malignant tumor runs deep, far and wide.

UPDATE March 23, 2016: A news report says that a crowd gathered at a memorial for the dead in Brussels and “broke out in a heartfelt rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine.”  That proves my point about how sick Europe has become, without any religious identification.  They destroyed that genetic link to Christ in the 18th century and now wallow in Europe’s inability to understand how the rest of the world either still does have religious beliefs or it has become atheist (the Communist regimes ban all forms of religion, so the State becomes the deity of the people).  Lennon wrote an anthem for atheism.

John Lennon proudly bellowed out, “Imagine there’s no countries / It isn’t hard to do / Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion too / Imagine all the people / Living life in peace…”

Can you hear the lunacy of those simpleton lyrics?  Sing these instead: “Imagine there is no Belgium … because the terrorists took it away … It was kill or be killed … so Belgians just gave their country away.  The reality is the people are now living life in captivity … ah ha ha ha ha”

The news report also said one sign said, “Pray for Belgium,” while another said, “Islam … it’s not terrorism.”

Okay, who are the prayers sent to?  Does “Pray for Belgium” mean send a request to the United Nations for funds to protect the airport?  Or are the prayer to Allah for the loss of two terrorists, since the rights of Muslims to pray have been protected, but not Christians [Imagine there are no pray-ers]?  If Islam does not stand for terrorism, does that mean Islam stands for freedom fighters for Allah … and does that mean killing Europeans associated with Christianity is not terrorism?  After all, ask the French about their Resistance during WWII.  They were not terrorizing the Germans without purpose, were they?  They killed for freedom.  Some call that terrorism, but others call that godly devotion, patriotism, and preservation of family.

I wonder whose delusions and imaginations are closer to reality.  Brussels is like a mole changing colors on one’s skin.  That change is a sign of deeper problems that need to be addressed.  Simply cutting the mole off does not solve anything.

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