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The meaning of Nostradamus’ quatrain III-33

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

I randomly chose Nostradamus’ quatrain III-33 because it represents the number three, cubed.  It is 3-3-3.  That was the only reason I read this quatrain and decided to write about it here.

It is a quatrain that few have pondered seriously, with most translations saying the same thing.  This is because there are no difficult words to translate.  Other than some minor syntax differences here and there, this quatrain is translated the same by everyone, and everyone offers little in the form of saying, “This quatrains means this.”

Quatrain III-33 has actually already come true 100% and very evidently so.  The problem has been (as is always the case) not looking at something that looks so obvious (easy translation) and realize it is not that.  The same twenty-five words can be translated in perfectly acceptable alternate ways, so that it becomes easier to see the meaning.  I will present the original Old French (French) text and then show my translation.  I recommend if you are reading my translation, go to any website that shows translations of Nostradamus’ quatrains and see the difference.  After I have presented my translations, I will then list what each line of the quatrain is saying.  Keep in mind this quatrain was published in 1555, with none of it beginning before the 20th century, and everything having happened by the end of the 20th century.  So, it can be double checked in the history books.

Here goes the French:


En la cité ou le loup entrera.

Bien pres de là les ennemis seront:

Copie estrange grand pays gastera.           

Aux murs & alpes les amis passeront.

Now my English translation:

Upon here warned to appear where him ravenous companion will have access.

Possessions neighboring there them adversaries will be remaining:

Duplicates foreign substantial nations will pervert.

To them walls & high mountains them lovers will be carry over.

Now this is the events that were prophesied and came true.  See if you can see this in the translations.

This quatrain prophesied:

1.) The fall of Russia to Communism, and the developments that went from early leaders (Trotsky and Lenin), leading to the “ravenous companion” Stalin.

2.) The forced annexation of the smaller nations bordering Russia (militarily influenced) leading to the creation of the Soviet Union, plus the end of World War II leaving Russia with territories occupied in the nations of Eastern Europe.

3.) The forced Communist governments in lands that had never known that style of rule, having had long histories as parts of the Roman and Austro-Hungarian Empires, reducing those once proud nations into shadows of their former selves.  This included the Soviet military assisting to quell uprisings in Hungary (1956) and Prague, Czechoslovakia (1968).

4.) The strong-armed maintenance of the figurative Iron Curtain, which became realized in the literal sense with the building of the Berlin Wall (1961), such that exit from those controlled countries, to the free world, was so difficult and dangerous that only loved ones would try to escape or attempt rescues.

Now, with that said, one has to realize that finding out about the creation of the Soviet Union – after the fact – does nothing to help the world through prophecy.  While the perfection of the past is and should be ample reason to believe the source is divine (no human magician really has a clue what the future will be like in 400 years), the miracle of all Nostradamus’ quatrains is the depth of truth that comes from each.  All can have the effect of projecting the future, as a mirror of the past.  Quatrain III-33 is a good example.

In The Prophecies there are set themes, which tell how the world will decay through the fall of Christianity and the rise of the “enemies” of those “great nations” who claim to be Christian (talk the talk), but will not act Christian (walk the walk).  One theme is then the rise of Communism, led by the Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union will plot the end of the world, which is seen in the Arms Race and Cold War period.  It is an evil that the Church of Rome was “warned to appear,” lest Russia be re-consecrated, by the miracle of the apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 and on the eve of the Russian Revolution.  The Church failed … Hitler failed to do the Church’s job for it (siding with the Devil) … thus the greatest danger the world has ever known thrives, and it has built weapons that can destroy the earth.  The sub-plot of The Prophecies is then the secret alliance an atheist philosophy will develop with Islam, in a war against what they deem the “Great Satan” – the United States in particular and the Western world in general.

The quatrains of The Prophecies tell these stories, when they are put together in an order of story.  I have written books that give good examples of this connection of quatrains – The $25-Million Answer and Nostradamus & Our Lady of Fatima are two (both available in print on Internet booksellers).  Part of this plot involves pretending the Soviet Union breaks apart and becomes poor little weak Russia and all its loose babies, all in need of a helping hand and salvation.  It is all a continuation of the economic war that was an underlying aspect of the Cold War.  Ronald Reagan did not single-handedly defeat the Soviets – they “took a dive” as the next phase of economic attack.  The re-unification of the Germany’s (with a former Communist the reigning Fuhrer now – Angela Merkel) was critical, as East Germany was the Soviet’s prize student.  All of that release was to drain the West of its economic strength and to plant enemies inside the nations of Western (Christian) ideology, to be activated at a later date – whenever the plan was well entrenched.

That is where the world stands today.  Stand up above the crowd of your normal selfish day and take a peek around you.  It is impossible to tell who is friend and who is foe.  Thus, from that fresh perspective, take a look at how quatrain III-33 not only perfectly prophesied the past, but shows how the present is entangled with that past, which projects cause for the future based on the creation of the Soviet Union and it being allowed to grow and thrive.

Again, the French text:


En la cité ou le loup entrera.

Bien pres de là les ennemis seront:

Copie estrange grand pays gastera.           

Aux murs & alpes les amis passeront.

Now a new version of an English translation, using the same scope of each word's possibilities of meaning:

Upon here cited to appear either it greedy companion will begin to put itself into.

Wealth near there them enemies will be existing:

Copying alien lofty nations will turn upside-down.

In them defensive protections & mountainous boundaries them allies will be holding on a course.

Let your eyes adjust to the new information.  Think of today’s headlines in the news, such as immigration issues, economic worries, the threats of terrorism, and wars ongoing in the Middle East.  Then, see these four lines in this light:

1.) The release of foreigners to the West (from the Middle East and Eastern Europe) was (in effect) by edict, plan, or citations.  The “greed” is to win at all costs.  The plan is for foreign agents “to enter” places they were previously forbidden, mixing in with those who are not in on the plan, but easily recruited once part of a Capitalist society that rejects those alien to that form of government.

2.) By being “nearby” to the institutions of health care and social security, the savings of the West – its financial security from “Possessions” and “Goods” – will become taxed and drained by this influx of those who are the new indigent and poor.  They will not see themselves as the friends of the State, but enemies ready to protest attempts to restrict their “Benefits.”

3.) While having a presence in nations that had clearly been enemies to the East, aliens will take employment within key institutions for the purpose of spying and gathering information that could be useful in a future plan of attack.  The objective is to reverse the advantage of the West, through its Riches – including research and development and technology.

4.) Once inside the Defense Agencies, whose “walls” of protection will be weakened, the presence of the lower case “alpes” can be read as the natural borders of most Western European (land of the “great”) “nations,” but the lower case is more rooted in the cause behind the naming of the Alps – the meaning is “high mountains.”  What once had been impossible for the Soviet Union “to surmount” will now be easily climbed and “passed over.”  This is all based on a “course” or plan to defeat the West and “destroy” it.

See if you can add to what I have listed.

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