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Recently, I have come to the number seven in readings, where I have needed to contemplate the esoteric value of that number. I have looked up what metaphysical thought is and “completion and perfection” have come up. However, I see the number as a reflection on the word “rest,” as Creation took six days [measured in trillions of years as we know a “year”] and Yahweh “rested” on the seventh day.

Because the first six days took so long, as measured by orbits of planet earth around the sun, we live today still in the seventh day. This means the universe was finished and human beings were present, well before Yahweh made the first priest that would bring religion to the earth. This makes the number seven be closely related to the completion of the material being a soul realizing the spiritual. It says the number seven reflects when a soul can “rest,” because that rest can only come from realizing Yahweh is the Creator; so, the soul seeks to return to square one [oneness with Yahweh].

This makes the number seven be found highly visible in Scripture that is called the “End Times.” The book of John known as The Apocalypse is said to contain fifty-four references to the number “seven.” The first is reference to the “seven churches.”

When one realizes the number “seven” is a stand-alone statement about the symbolism of “rest, completion, and perfection,” one sees how impossible it is to limit the words “seven churches” [“hepta ekklēsiais”] to only being a specific number of “assemblies” or “religious congregations or gatherings.” The number “seven” must also be seen – more importantly – as a statement about “assemblies” or “religious congregations” that have “rested” and seen their religious objectives “completed” and “perfected.”

When that view is seen, the listing of the qualities of each “church” says work towards an “end” has been done in the past BUT now is not the time to “rest,” because so much is so wrong that the only “rest” to be found is nil. It is all the flaws named that say there will be no “rest” found. Only a recycling back to square one is ahead, when one needs to start all over creating a true “church.”

To see the acts of Yahweh on the seventh day – a day He deemed holy – this must be viewed as Yahweh telling Moses to write down the story of Adam (man) being made directly by the hand of God. Genesis 2 combines the words “Yahweh elohim” eleven times. “Yahweh elohim” is a statement of the marriage of a soul with Yahweh, making that soul be one of His “angels” or “gods” in the flesh.

Eleven is considered numerologically to be the lowest Master Number. It reflects contact with Yahweh, as two ones [11 = 1 +1 --> 2 or 11], where two is man separate from God and eleven is a soul married to God [a Yahweh elohim]. As that, eleven times [the number of "Yahweh elohim" references] reflects on Genesis 2 as telling what mankind each has to do to reach the seventh day. Each and every soul in human flesh that reads Genesis 2 must become Adam, so the words given to Moses to tell forevermore instruct what must happen for a soul to find “rest, completion, and perfection.” They must all be made extensions of Yahweh on the earth. They must all be true priests of God, as Saints in the name of His Son. They must all be resurrections of the Son of man, which is Adam but also Jesus. The name “Jesus” [“Jeshua”] means “Yah[weh] Will Save.”

In First Samuel, chapter two, is a song of Hannah. In that song is a verse that sings, “The barren has borne seven, but she who has many children is forlorn.” On the physical level of meaning, this is Hannah singing about her sister wife Peninnah, who had given birth to seven sons. Peninnah ridiculed Hannah for having given their husband Elkanah no children. However, on the spiritual level, the number “seven” says Peninnah reflects on the “churches” of The Apocalypse, such that Hannah sang they represented the barrenness of failures that negated all the good done. The woman reflects the femininity of mankind [souls trapped in dead flesh], which is then the creator of children [churches] that have not lived up to their promise, making the mother of those churches be “forlorn.”

In astrology there are twelve signs. The circle of completeness can be divided in half at any place on the 360° circle, creating two mirror images of 180°. When the circle is divided at the cusp of the first house – first sign (Aries), its complement house is the “seventh,” represented by the sign Libra. The “seventh” house, therefore the hue given to the sign Libra’s characteristics, is called the “house of marriage and significant one-to-one relationships.” This factors into the esoteric meaning of the number “seven,” as completeness, rest and perfection demands more than oneself (the symbolism of the first house [the number one] and the hue of the sign Aries). The number “seven” symbolizes the need to realize union with another [minimally the self-sacrifice of “compromise”] as necessary, to even begin thinking about one’s own “end times.”

When this meaning is factored into reading The Apocalypse, then all the assets of a “church” are found from submission of a soul to Yahweh and doing His Will. That is the divine marriage between a soul and Yahweh’s Spirit. However, all the failures of the “churches” are relative to a return to the selfish state of being, where the marriage contract with Yahweh [the Covenant] has been broken.

This means everything about John’s Revelation has little to do with the end of the world, as it has everything to do with each and every reader’s personal end of life in a body of flesh, when a soul is released for judgment. This is why Jesus appeared to John and told him to write letters to all those who were failing Yahweh, because they all were “resting.” There is no “rest” until death releases the soul. The work of Saints goes on until the last day is over. The reason Jesus had John write one letter [The Apocalypse] and send it to all “churches” is they all pretended to be serving Yahweh; and, in that pretense, they all had done a few good things for show. The warning is to realize a soul pretending to love Yahweh will be recycled, maybe even perpetually condemned; so, there is no “rest” until Yahweh says, “It is over.”

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