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The path to Salvation begins with a single step

According to Strong’s Hebrew records, variations of the word baal appear 84 times.

The word baal means, “owner, lord.” (according to Strong’s)

According to Strong’s Hebrew records, variations of the word adon appear 325 times.

The word adon means, “lord.” (according to Strong’s)

According to Strong’s Hebrew records, the word Yahweh (yhwh - יהוה) appears exactly as that 6,218 times.

The word yhwh (Yahweh) means, “proper name, of deity Yahweh,” or “the proper name for the God of Israel.” (according to Strong’s)

Now, think about this for a minute.

Every time the Hebrew states the proper name of the deity Yahweh, the proper name for the God of Israel, the English translation you memorize says “Lord.”

Can you see that you call Yahweh the equal to a low-level god of heathens and Gentiles, the same status as a baal, when you call Yahweh “Lord”?

If a Quaker or some other religion that shuns calling one’s married partner by his or her proper name, instead calling out, “Husband” or “Wife,” then it makes sense to skip the intimacy that demands a proper name be used.

Can you see how calling Yahweh a “Lord” makes Him be unknown and distant, not one with one’s soul?

Jesus said the most important law is to love Yahweh with all one's heart, all one's soul, and all one's mind. Love is the stuff of intimacy.

The first step in divine courtship is to start calling your future Husband (the One who proposed divine [Spiritual] marriage to your soul and the one you should wholly love) by His proper name.

Try it sometime.

Take the first step towards eternal salvation.

Try it many times and you might get to the point of realizing the title “Lord” is reserved to the soul of Jesus having been resurrected alongside your soul, with his soul becoming the “Lord” that leads your once sinful soul to a righteous way of living, therefore eternal salvation.

The price you pay for being truly Saved is the remainder of your live serving Yahweh as His Son reborn from above, as a minister in His Son’s name.

Being a minister, led by the “Lord” Jesus, Anointed alongside your soul from divine marriage to Yahweh (your own personal Christmas), means you let Jesus do the explaining of Scripture through your lips, so others will be led by the truth of the Word to seek their own soul’s Salvation.

This is ministry in the name of Jesus, as a Christ reborn. The word "Christ" means "Anointed." (according to Strong's)

The name “Jesus” means “Yahweh Saves.” Yahweh saves by sending His Son to be reborn into the souls of His wives.

Yahweh's Anointment comes when He pours out His Spirit upon the soul of His wife soul, at the altar of divine spiritual union.

That makes Yahweh both one's Holy Husband and the Father of His reborn Son. Being part of that threesome means the Trinity joins the physical with the divinely Spiritual.

Sitting in a pew is what disciples do.

Ministers that do not lead disciples to become Jesus reborn, as wife souls of Yahweh that warranted being reborn from above, are not very good at being true ministers, as those who know the truth of the Word because Jesus speaks through their lips, so others will become ministers of the truth. They are hired hands that put on a show, passing around a pan to be handled.

Not calling Yahweh by His proper name is a sign that getting past being a disciple has not yet happened.

Salvation is a journey of a thousand miles, with each mile begun by a single step. Every mile of life that leads to Salvation can only be led by the resurrected soul of Jesus within your soul and body.

The first step is to learn the proper name of the One who will lead you through the next nine hundred ninety-nine miles worth of steps.

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