Toulouse Gunman is Europe’s Wake Up Call

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In the news the past few weeks was an ongoing situation in France.  A gunman had methodically and regularly shot and killed innocent people.  He would show up on a motorcycle (something very commonly driven in France), wearing a face-covering helmet, and then begin shooting.  He did this every four days for two weeks, and the French police had a suspect they surrounded before he could kill again on schedule.  He died last Thursday (March 22, 2012), falling out of a window.  Here is one news report: Police: Islamic gunman in French standoff dead after jumping from window.

Just the other day, after one French authority stated, “”Lone wolves are formidable adversaries,” the home the gunman lived in was searched.  It was found to have a rather advanced cache of weapons.  Before the gunman was cornered, and before it was publicly announced that he was Muslim, I heard one of the cable “news” talking heads theorize the opinion that the gunman might be similar to the crazy Norway gunman, who killed over 85 innocent people in July 2011.  That gunman had written a manifesto that stated his actions were in response to the Islamic problem that he saw escalating in Europe and Scandinavia.  However, after the French announced their gunman was probably a Muslim, his religious beliefs shed more light on several elements that make him different from the Norway gunman.

First, France is (or has been) an ally of America, particularly in the War on Terror, which is against al-Qaeda.  France has sent troops to be stationed in Middle Eastern war zones, albeit mainly for show.  The murder of French military personnel (paratroopers) is a statement about France being targeted by Islamic organizations, who use individuals to create shock value as part of their overall plan.  Osama bin Laden released a public threat to France, roughly 5 months before he was “killed” (here is the report of that threat January 22, 2011).

Second, the cold-blooded murder of a Jewish father and rabbi, but more importantly two Jewish children, is clearly a statement about Islam being at war against Jews, because of their occupation of Palestine.  Many Muslims have made that threat publicly (“death to Israel”), with the last being Iranian President Ahmadinejad (his latest public words were published on July 20, 2011).

Third, the cache of weapons found in the gunman’s home, which included a Russian assault rifle and a Uzi machine pistol, is a sign that the ever-popular “one lone gunman” theory does not hold water (does it ever? Read the article in the link, which raises some important questions: Chicago Tribune).  As strong as French law is preventing arms sales, one would think that the gunman would know he could not use more than a couple of handguns, as many ammunition clips as could be easily carried, a Bell helmet, and a motorcycle.

So, beyond somehow being able to amass highly controlled weapons, why would he not simply ask a friend to hang onto the arsenal “while I go out on a bike ride for an hour or so”?  If they are hard to get, why just let them be confiscated?

All of those elements are significant as they fit what Nostradamus prophesied in The Prophecies. As evidence of this threat to France, I wrote the book The $25-Million Answer: How Nostradamus Told Where to Look.  He told where to look for Osama bin Laden, in case you never read the book.  That book began as a simple search for one repeated term found in The Prophecies, which was basically the French word for “mountain” (various spellings).  That word most frequently connected directly to the proper name “Pyrenees” (various spellings), which are the mountains that create the border between France and Spain.

The story I found in the “mountain” quatrains told of a “mountain man” who would seek asylum in the Pyrenees (bin Laden).  He would go there for the purpose of building a secretly trained army, one which would be used to assist in a naval invasion (another part of an overall secret plan) of Mediterranean Europe (Italy, France, and Spain).  I wrote that book between November 2011 and February 2011, publishing it in March 2011.

It is important to realize that a secret army would need to have many small sites to store weapons, like homes and apartments held by your Muslim men.  What else would one expect?  That means finding a valuable cache in one Muslim’s home is not the exception, but the rule.  I imagine the French police would prefer the extremists build one large armory and put out signs that say, “Danger: Islamic Terrorist Armory, Trespassers Will Be Shot.”  Unfortunately, that will never be the case, which makes the story of the arsenal found in Toulouse ,France important.

Toulouse is in the southwestern of France, in the regions that mesh together known as Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees.  It was once the capitol of the historic province known as Languedoc, but it is now the capitol of the Midi-Pyrenees region.  The Midi-Pyrenees region has the Pyrenees Mountains as its southern border.  Notice the overlap in these diagrams.

Southeast France, with overlap

Southeast France, with overlap

Southwest France

Southwest France

Nostradamus specifically lists Toulouse, France in his quatrains.  He lists that place ten times, which is a significant number.  He also lists other places in the Languedoc region, as well as the Aquitaine region (meshing with Toulouse to the west).  Southwest France will be the site of some major battles, according to Nostradamus.

Like the preponderance of appearances of “mountains” (various spellings), the preponderance of the appearances of “Toulouse” (various spellings) needs to be noted, especially when important events occur there (as happened last week).  When one sees a word that is neither an article (a, an, or the) or preposition (of, by, for, with, to, in, etc.), a significant number of appearances makes those quatrains stand up and link together to tell a story.  Such a story is usually stretched over a period of years, with many linking events, and thus not a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am clear prediction of one event to look for.  In my book, one sees how the decade Osama bin Laden spent in hiding was not written into only one quatrain.  This means the story that focuses on Toulouse is not simply about one “lone wolf gunman” being found to have a cache of weapons stashed away there.  It means the cache fits into the long-term story told.

In reference to Toulouse, France, Wikipedia states that it has, “1,202,889 inhabitants as of 1 January 2008, [making] the Toulouse metropolitan area the fourth-largest in France, after Paris (12.1 million), Lyon (2.1 million), and Marseille (1.7 million).”  Marseille is another city mentioned a number of times, and it is about 200 miles east of Toulouse.  Toulouse is only 50 miles (roughly) north of the border the Pyrenees range forms.  The Midi-Pyrenees region is overall very sparsely populated; meaning once one is outside the major population areas, like Toulouse, one is able to move about with very little notice.  This makes it a very convenient major city in southern France, from which supplies and staples can easily be obtained, enough to sustain an army of say 10,000 Islamic extremists.

I have written quite thoroughly in The $25-Million Answer how there is local support for those “visitors” who seek to take down a major European power, one perceived as suppressing the voices of locals seeking autonomy and freedom.  It is important to read my book as it addresses the Basque and French Catalonians histories more deeply.  It makes it possible to see how people need to stop getting on their knees and praying to the god Obama, thanking him for having saved the world by killing Osama bin Laden.  That event might just be some poor body double tossed into the Indian Ocean, and not who the press said it was.  I offer my book through my website for only $10, plus shipping costs; but it is available through major Internet booksellers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  How much is being forearmed worth? Still, when I wrote that book, I did not know there would be this tidbit of news coming from Toulouse.

One quatrain that I see now, one of the ten total with “Toulouse” stated (VIII-30), has the main theme line say, “Dedans Tholoze non loing de Belvezer,” which literally states, “Within Toulouse not long from Belvezer”.  Belvezer is another place in France, also in the Midi-Pyrenees region, northwest of Toulouse.  Line two then states, “Faisant un puys loing, palais despectacle,” which literally translates to say, “Packing (or Bundling) one mountains (or hills/or subsequently) far off, palate (or palace) disdained (or of spectacle).”  Line three than states, “Tresor trouvé un chacun ira vexer,” which literally translates to say, “Treasure found one every man will go to torment,”.  Line four then states, “Et en deux locs tout & pres del vasacle.”  This literally translates to say, “Both upon two places all & near to the (unknown word, but following the Spanish combo article-preposition “del,” the word “Vasco” means “Basque,” making “vasacle” possibly reflecting that area of the Pyrenees).”

When one focuses only on the capitalized words of this quatrains (capitalization means greater importance), the thread leads from “Within” to “Toulouse,” and from that to “Belvezer.”  That makes the main theme become a central focus on the Midi-Pyrenees region.

Line two is then focused on the present participle of the verb “to pack,” or “to bundle,” which places importance on one “Packing” to go to Toulouse (the gunman’s body is to be sent to his native Algeria).

Line three is then centrally focused on a “Treasure,” which can be seen as supportive to the main theme line (line 1), such that the “Treasure” is found in southern France.

Line four than places its central focus on the word “Et,” which is the conjunction “And,” but also is used to indicate “Both.”  As the supporting line to the secondary theme statement (line 2), “Both” seems to indicate the assistance of someone other than the “lone wolf” scenario would allow.  If the word “vasacle” is a variation of the word Basque, as one of Basque Country (in Spain, seeking independence and autonomy), then “Packing” would indicate a first relocation to the Pyrenees, and then a relocation to Toulouse.  It could make Belvezer a place to be aware of.

This fits the model of a Islamic extremist soldier, one who has been shipped around the world “Packing” the gear of the military (a cache of weapons).  If the word “vasacle” is seen as a variation of “vesicle” (geologically a hollow place formed in lava, and thus having the potential to represent a “cave”), then this fits the model of The $25-Million Answer.

While this quatrain does not have to represent one mad gunman that is now deceased, that lone wolf lunatic can act as a sign of a blister (vesicle), in all its metaphorical ways.  He can be seen as the tip of an iceberg.  It is time to wake up and smell the danger, as it is all about.  Because it is happening in France does not mean it is safe in Great Britain or the United States.  While storming the Pyrenees is not the answer to the problem, it is time to take The Prophecies as a serious warning to take to heart.

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