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What color are souls?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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[Note: This is one of a series listed under the heading: Wordie Post." It was originally posted on the Word Press blog entitled "Our Daily Bread," found at The changes at Word Press are similar to those on Twitter and Facebook, where I was posting to an empty space. That was because I began and maintained that blog as one of their free offerings. When their force to change to a paid blog website did not move me, they cancelled their "Reader," so posting on Word Press has become like a caged animal at the zoo, where only workers occasionally toss the animals a bite to eat. Word Press [et al] is like what I imagine life was like in the satellite countries of the Soviet Union: meager, bleak, spiritless. So, I am transferring those forty articles here.]


Philosophical question of the day: If a female BLM activist were to be shot in the head and be in critical condition, would her soul take a break from animating her black body and float around the hospital room realizing it was colorless?

I also wonder what her philosophy would be if her black body died and her eternal soul was then squirted out as a newborn of a Chinese Muslim, in one of those brainwashing camps the Chinese have set up to eliminate religion in China. Do you think “black lives” would suddenly dawn on that soul that “black” is simply a designation of the absence of light, which is found in the “outer darkness where lots of teeth are always gnashing”?

#blacklive #colorlesssouls #darknessversuslight

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