Quatrain X-67 and the video of a Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015

Updated: Feb 4

This morning I read an article on the Internet that reported a video that was becoming popular.  The video used the name Nostradamus to support a claim that there would be a 9.8 magnitude earthquake (in California most probably, around 4:00 PM).  While the person [Frank] stated it was voices that told him to warn the world of this event that would happen on May 28, 2015, it was Nostradamus’ Quatrain X-67 that seemed to support what he found on his computer program that plotted planetary positions.

Completely separate from any prediction of a major earthquake that will happen on May 28, 2015, at 4:00 PM PST, I felt it necessary to clear up misinformation the video stated about what Nostradamus wrote, and what that means/meant.

First, he made the claim that there are many mistranslations of Nostradamus’ quatrains.  This is a fact.  He also claimed that the translations he found (while doing an Internet search) left out a comma here and there, while changing what was actually written to be something else.  This is most often the case, as the English translation of Old French always becomes a paraphrase of what is stated.

Here is quatrain X-67, as published in the 1568 Lyon edition:

Quatrain X-67

This can be difficult to read, due to the lack of pristine printing capabilities in the 16th century, and it being a reproduction of a paper page in a copy machine; but it shows this:

Le tremblement si fort au mois de May,

Saturne caper, Jupiter Mercure au beuf,

Venus aussi cancer, Mars en Nonay

Tombera gresse lors plus grosse qu’en œuf.

This literally translates (so that no paraphrasing occurs) as:

The trembling so strong in the month of May,

Saturn goat, Jupiter Mercury with the ox [bull],

Venus also crab, Mars upon Nun

Will fall hail then more large that in egg.

My understanding of how to read Nostradamus then leads me to modify the above translation, such that the first line being not with an article, but with the pronoun identified with the word “le.”  That becomes best suited as “It,” such that “The” is then identified with a particular “trembling,” one known globally to be “It” predicted to eventually come, as far as ‘trembling, quaking, and shaking” is concerned.  Whereas that commonly means the trembling of an earthquake, the same fears are not just felt in one geographic location where an earthquake of major magnitude strikes, but a global fear sets in because of one [“Le,” read as the singular number article, “A”] catastrophic event (of which a major earthquake may or may not be that event).

My understanding of how to read Nostradamus also leads me to realize that each line is separated for a purpose, with that purpose included to infer a separation of time taking place, between the event(s) of one line and that following, especially when a comma ends a line.  As such, reading “May” as a significant “month” as time, where not only is the 28th of significance, but all of the days that include “May,” but also a “month” of days leading to “May.”  This means line one takes place for one “month,” and not just one hour of one day.

My understanding of how to read Nostradamus, especially as a certified astrologer [one who initially saw quatrains like X-67 just like the Frank person sees it], is that: A.) No string of words written in a line of a quatrain can be spit out as one “sentence” or singular statement – at least as the primary reading – because each word bears individual importance that must be understood separate from the others, before adding that value to the next and rest; and B.) The language of Astrology is itself a language stating symbolic meaning, which cannot be condensed into one simple statement of time (as: Jupiter and Mercury conjunct in Taurus will occur on this day and last for this long).

My understanding of how to read Nostradamus then leads me to see the use of lower case presentations of “caper,” “beuf,” and “cancer” as not being the signs Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer, but Latin and French root words, from which the signs take their names.  Thus, the symbolism of a “he-goat,” “beef-ox-bull,” and “crab-disease” come into play in interpreting this quatrain, more than does a reading as indicating distant star grouping.  Even still, Astrology applies symbolic meaning to each star sign, which become a more important (yet secondary) application to the symbolic meaning of individual plants stated.

My initial interpretation of this quatrain (as an astrologer looking for the timing of planets being in signs), factoring in the time separations, such that one planet’s placement did not have to coincide with the next placement listed, but become prior in sequence, making a statement of time stretch over as much as a year’s time (more or less), led me not to look to the future, but to the past.  The greatest earthquake of recorded seismic activity (the Richter Scale) was the 1960 Valvida (Chile) earthquake, which measured 9.5 on the measurement scales, causing tsunamis and multiple land disasters – both prior to and subsequent to the actual quake.  Further, all of this activity took place in the “month of May,” with the earthquake taking place on Sunday, May 22, 1960.

I wrote an interpretation of this quatrain in 2004, which I published in my book Pearls Before Swine, Volume 1: Predicting the Past (2005, AuthorHouse).  I have reproduced this article (without editing) on my website, which can be read here: Quatrain X-67 Interpretation.

My updated understanding of how to read Nostradamus tells me that regardless of how much of the past can be read into the quatrains of The Prophecies of Nostradamus, everything can still be predictive of something else still to come.  This becomes a reflection of “history repeating itself,” such that the strongest earthquake ever recorded (in 1960) can still be topped.

This information does nothing to belittle the “Spirit” that “Frank” heard, leading him to make a video to warn the world about May 28, 2015.  It merely addresses his association of that voice’s warning, with his view of the Earth’s system and alignments and his remembering something about Nostradamus possibly being relevant.  I like to clarify all improper associations, poor translations, and misinterpretations of Nostradamus quatrains.

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