The Planetary Rulerships Model of Astrology

Updated: Feb 4

All you non-astrologers bear with me.  I am about to speak in a “foreign language,” but I will try to keep everyone up to speed.  That language is the one astrologers speak, so if you do not know astrology you will not know what I am talking about … at first.  I understand most people do not speak astrology, so I will explain just enough to get you through to the end, without attempting to teach anyone astrology unwillingly.

Less than a year before I suddenly began to understand the meaning of The Prophecies, I had a sudden revelation that pertained to the meaning of the traditional astrological association of planets to the twelve signs of the zodiac.  Traditional astrology reflects the general constants of the art that have lasted thousands of years, and are the foundation for the astrology we know today.  In that standard there has always been the Sun, the Moon, and the five visible planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn), for a total of seven orbs.  I will not explain this deeply, but the twelve signs are assigned to the seven orbs, in a way that has the Sun and Moon rule one sign each, with each of the five planets ruling two signs each.  In that manner, seven divides into twelve perfectly (1+1+(5×2) = 12).

I began to question why the planets were each assigned two signs and the luminaries (Sun & Moon) only one each.  I saw that as a reasonable question, since after thousands of years of that “traditional” alignment, the invention of the telescope made it possible to discover new planets.  The planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto had to be placed somewhere (I imagine someone had that original thought), so they “displaced” three of the visible planets.  The three modern discoveries were allowed to rule one of the signs previously assigned to each Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  I learned that new rulerships alignment as a newbie astrologer (late 70’s) and had never thought anything about it afterwards.  That was, until I had my epiphany about traditional planetary rulerships.

I had found that most young astrologers, ones new to learning astrology, did not have a clue about the traditional rulerships of the displaced planets.  For instance, Jupiter ruled the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces for thousands of years, but after someone decided Neptune should rule Pisces, people must have stopped teaching the newbies that Jupiter AND Neptune rule Pisces.  Most of the astrologers I talked to in 2001 thought Neptune ruled Pisces, not knowing anything about Jupiter having been its ruler originally.  While a good number still knew that Mars was the traditional ruler of Scorpio, along with Pluto the new ruler after its discovery, few realized that Saturn had lost its rule over Aquarius to Uranus.  It seemed tradition was being lost.

For some unexplained reason (well, I had some free time on my hands), I wanted to know why that system was set up the way it was originally set up.  What was the origin of those traditional assignments?  Who was it that deemed modern planets should displace the traditional rulers?  Inquiring minds want to know.

All I could find explaining the traditional rulership model was Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos. That is the quintessential book on astrology, from which Western astrology has sprung.  Still, the language of Claudius Ptolemy (2nd century – c. 90 AD – c. 168 AD) is difficult to follow, and he really did not go into great detail explaining why something was the way it was.  He talked of such things as wet and dry and hot and cold (the four climates of planets), much of which is largely ignored by modern astrologers (post-1970).  While Ptolemy addressed the What of rulership, he did not address the Why.  That meant everything about the old ways of astrology fell under the, “Just learn this and don’t ask why” model.  I still wanted to know why.

I am not smart enough to solve Nostradamus by myself, since I have so many shortcomings that so-called experts could easily scoff at them and write me off without any serious consideration (which several have done).  I am also not smart enough to figure out the whys of astrology.  As a professional level astrologer (I have been paid to tell someone what their chart meant), I have learned the basic rules and simply followed them.  I had never felt the motivation to write about the meaning of astrology, although twinges of urge to write were ever-present.  I certainly never felt I had any worthwhile, specialized tidbit of astrological study to explain to someone, because all I knew I learned from what someone else wrote.

In my astrologer life, I have experienced the value of astrology.  I went to a university to learn psychology because that “science” and the art of astrology require knowing techniques in one-on-one analysis.  The funny thing is no one would ever go to a psychologist and sit on the sofa and say, “I filled out the form in the waiting area (name, date of birth, place of birth), so tell me what is wrong with me.”  They do that to astrologers all the time, and astrologers act like it is their responsibility to put on some kind of magic show to impress the “patient.”

I must admit that I see astrology as something that can be harmful if misused.  This, to me, means it should only be practiced in environments where it is safe.  You need to have a relationship with a client, even if it is purely business.  The client is the key to any successful readings being done.  Because of this need for a relationship, I have always felt uneasy about charging people money for my astrological services; although I have often used a barter system, trading my services for those offered by a client.  Because it all boils down to astrological counseling is nothing more than giving advise, advice is only good if someone pays to hear it.  Otherwise, it is perceived as worthless.  Free makes people wary and think something free should be ignored.

I do not know of a more important subject than The Prophecies of Nostradamus.  This is because I know it is a true prophecy of God, through a prophet.  That makes it as important as the many elements of the Holy Bible, because it says the same information, from the same source, only differently worded.  The Holy Bible and The Prophecies both give good advice, but that only goes as far as one knowing what to do with good advice goes.  Nostradamus is thus like astrology, in the sense that the majority of the people in the free world avoid anything stating his name and anything stating astrology, for reasons that can be summed up as fear-based.

I have been able to stay somewhat distanced from astrology, to the point it is not a regular practice of mine these days.  It hasn’t been for over a decade.  I know it well enough that it is like riding a bike.  It does not matter how long I don’t use it, it comes back to me quickly.  I stay at a distance from astrology groups because of the madness that surrounds the people running them, who are “head-over-heels-in-love” with astrology.  I see those group leaders as parallel to the Laputan Grand Academy members, from Gulliver’s Travels, who put in way too much time detailing minutia, for minimal result, and often getting things totally wrong. People in astrology groups (the ones I have been a member of) get too involved with it.  If they know that Ptolemy wrote that astrology can be helpful if known, but it should not become an obsession.  They have ignored that warning.

My intellectual pursuit of astrology has found it to be like a road map, which is best read before going to some place to which you don’t know how to get.  Even then, once you map a course, you have to put the map down to get there.  My limited desire to play astrologer is based on knowing I have enough of a grasp of astrology to be dangerous.  The same can be said of driving a vehicle.  You can never take anything for granted.

All this history means that I never decided to come up with an AGENDA to solve the WHY of Traditional Planetary Rulerships.  It just happened.  The same can be said of my devotion to Nostradamus, which would begin several months later.  Nothing was planned to turn out the way things have.

Just as with what I saw in Nostradamus, I was amazed by what I saw explaining the perfection of the traditional rulership model of astrology.  When one sees that as perfect, one is left with the realization that Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto represent space debris, and little more.  None of the symbolism associated to them has any close relationship to the mundane lives of individual creatures on Earth.  By that, I mean no one would ever say, “Oh my!  I might want to stay home today because Neptune is about to square my Mercury.”

The outer orbs are what astrologers refer to as Trans-Personal or Generational, meaning large groups of people are experiencing the same symbolic life evolutions, rather than them reflecting a unique personal experience on the individual level.  As such, they reflect grand changes in social direction that mirror adjustments everyone must make collectively.  That relates to their not being visible by the naked eye (one of the physical senses), meaning they are invisible in a human life.  Sure, they have a place; but that place has nothing to do with the places traditionally ruled by the visible orbs.

The outer planets do not meet any expectations that would have them reflect on any individual human life, on a day-to-day or even year-to-year basis.  They move too slowly to symbolize the speed of life.  Uranus makes one revolution through the zodiac every 84 years, or the current life span of human beings.  Not too long ago, life used to be much shorter, on the average. Neptune takes almost 165 years to make one revolution, with Pluto taking 248.5 years.  Pluto is “fast-tracking” when it moves 3 degrees a year (counting forward movements and backward retreats), but its rate of motion changes from time to time, due to its highly elliptical orbit.

All this means none of those distant planets (or asteroid, in Pluto’s case now) are worthy of taking a position on the Traditional Planetary Rulerships chart.  This includes all of the other space dust in our Solar System, much of which has been named for goddesses (asteroids, planetoids, moons, and invisible “what-if” orbs).  Most of those are only important in the minds of the women who are the pervasive organizers, teachers, and moneymakers keeping astrology on the population’s consciousness.  Even though there are good reasons for placing focus on everything in the Solar System, and good reasons to have people who specialize in all of those minute elementary pieces, it is like being a podiatrist, versus being a general practitioner.

There is plenty of reason to have people specialize in foot doctoring, but most people have no need to know any more than the basics of a healthy lifestyle, which includes a body with feet in good working order.  Most insurance companies require a doc-in-a-box to recommend someone see a specialist.  Specialists tend to charge more for their services.  When that is seen as a parallel to all the capitalist astrologers in the world, it is important to understand the basic value of advice.

Astrologers do not need to give the impression that Chiron (a planetoid), to use just one example, is more important than it is.  Sure, Chiron has value and it can be helpful to explore that value as part of the whole; but that value has been created well after its discovery, way back in 1977.  It is only of specialized interest.  The same can be said for Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846), and Pluto (1930).

The reason that I write this now, today, is I have begun writing about the WHY of Traditional Planetary Rulership.  I came up with a slide presentation and a lecture that I presented to an astrological group in Houston,TX, back in late 2000 or early 2001.  Unfortunately, I lost that over the years (hurricanes do a lot of damage).  My focus on Nostradamus since then has been much more important to me, such that trying to return to an astrology topic and take time to re-word all that meaning has seemed like a waste, before now.  Now, after a decade of crying “Wolf,” there is little more I can do to warn people of the need to see for themselves what a true prophecy says about where the world is going (hint: to hell).

So, why not write about astrology.  Maybe the pagans will listen to that?  I feel there is not enough time to change the course we have set.  Since the map provided by Nostradamus appears to be too complicated to read, maybe it is time for a last minute astrology map.

Still, in my free flow of insights that come to me while writing about things I am too stupid to figure out on my own, I had this thought come to me.  The times of The Prophecies are reflected in the times of new planet discoveries.  The telescope allowed us to find Uranus,Neptune, and Pluto, and astrology affixed symbolic meaning to them, which reflected their times of discovery.  That matches the themes and stories Nostradamus wrote.

Those planets reflect the times stretching from the 18th century to the 20th century.  On the most broad stroke summary that parallels the theme of Nostradamus, people began dethroning the rules of nations en masse during the “Age of Reason,” which began in the 18th century.  That was roughly when astrologers began thinking about displacing planetary rulers too, although Uranus was still called Herschel well into the 19th century. However, the astrological associations modern astrologers have since assigned to those new planets further symbolize the story contained in Nostradamus’ work.

That is Revolution (a keyword for Uranus), Confusion (a keyword for Neptune), and Death (a keyword for Pluto), with Pluto being the Roman name for the Greek god Hades.  Both Pluto and Hades are known as the ruler of the underworld.  We all know that by the common name, Hell, which means the discovery of Pluto links the theme of The Prophecies to that of The Revelation of John, and all the stuff found in the Holy Bible about the End Times.

That will apply to every human being (trans-personal).  All will see the Change (Uranus) from royal rulers to elected commoners as commonplace, desirable, and necessary.  The Industrial Revolution (Uranus given rulership over Aquarius) would pave the path to the Technology (Uranus given rulership over Aquarius) that has taken humanity from being self-sufficient to being pitifully self-inept.  All have found themselves led to experiment with the new discoveries of chemicals Hidden within plants (Neptune), more than the traditional processes of turning grain to beer and grapes to wine.  The spread of coffee, cocoa, tea, hemp, opium, and other natural plants of mind-altering properties led to searches for more Addictive (Neptune) additives.  Eventually, chemists began creating artificial elixirs that imitated natural medicines.  All of which would need to be ruled by the agents of government.

All will find how the human mind will be unable to contend with all the Change (Uranus), once all have been enslaved by the Numbing (Neptune) effects those additives and technical advances will have had on the breakdown of the human body, especially the Nervous System (Uranus) and the Immune System (Neptune).  The value of religion has been so Clouded (Neptune) even the priests and ministers find it difficult to judge right from wrong, and good from evil.  Meanwhile, people with big brains have been tasked to break the codes of DNA and to split the atoms of Uranium (element of the times of Uranus) and Plutonium (element of the times of Pluto).  Those Scientists (an impersonal Uranus as ruler of Aquarius) are the Slaves (an impersonal Neptune as ruler of Pisces) sent to find new Power (an impersonal Pluto as ruler of Scorpio) that will elevate their masters higher, while further placing all humanity under the yoke.  The sacrifice of souls comes out of fear of those with weapons so powerful and so numerous they could eliminate the entire species.

Those three planets, as seen by the symbolisms of astrology, sum up the whole of what Nostradamus warned human beings to beware.  In these modern times, there is less and less faith in God (Jupiter ruling Pisces, being displaced by Neptune).  Too many people’s lives are dependent on the Illusion (Neptune) of Freedom (Uranus).  Individuals like to think they have the Power (Pluto) to scale the walls of ordinary life’s Imprisonment (Neptune) and Fantasize(Neptune) of the promise land of material wealth (not Heaven).

I just wanted to let this out now.  I am taking my time writing about the Why of Traditional Planetary Rulerships.  In case I don’t finish in time, I wanted everyone to have a chance to see how modern discoveries are a reflection of why the world is going to Hell in a hand basket.

Additional Thought: To sum ALL this up simply, the outer planets do not have rulership over any individual signs.  Instead, they have AFFINITIES with the Quadruplicities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.  Each division contains one sign of each element.  Thus: Uranus has an affinity with the Cardinal signs; Neptune has an affinity with the Mutable signs; and Pluto has an affinity with the Fixed signs.

In a reading, an astrologer should look at what signs the outer planets were at birth and in their slowly developing transits.  They do not have the same restrictions placed on them as do the traditional planets, because they cannot be in rulership, exaltation, fall or detriment.  Instead, this should be what one should see, based on positioning:

Uranus (a planet reflecting the impetus of the active Cardinal signs) will symbolize a sense of freedom to explore in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), a sense of responsible devotion in a Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), and a sense of nervous adjustment in a Mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Neptune (a planet reflecting the dissolving aspect in the changing Mutable signs) will symbolize an altered state or proceeding in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), a purging of established values in Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), and an inspirational insight for life changes in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Pluto (a planet reflecting the volatility of evolution in the steadiness of Fixed signs) will symbolize a bluntness of course in the activity of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), a deepening of resolve in stagnation of Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), and the radiation of power in the environs of Mutable signs.

Please see this as a most broad-stroke example of how to view these planets.  They must be seen as modern add-ons, brought about by the inner conflicts of a modern world.  Please realize that it is inconceivable that Uranus be given explosive change powers (revolution, independence, and lightning fast ideas) and then connect those traits to rule the fixed sign of Aquarius – the sign that is the steady teacher-father, opposite the son-children raised in Leo.

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