Tweets of Democratic Protests in the Middle East

Updated: Feb 2

Driving in my car today, I turned the radio on and picked up a station carrying the Voice of Russia … I mean NPR (National Propaganda Radio).  As I was pulling in the driveway, a pleasant female voice said she was checking, “the tweets about the democratic protests in the Middle East.”  That made me wonder.  How many people actually believe that line of bull.

The true definition of “democracy” is, “Majority rule.” (It is listed number 4 on The Free Dictionary by Farlex, which references The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.)  The root meaning of “democracy” comes from the Greek word demokratis, which means, “Government by the people.”  That is where the “Majority” will of one group of people “rules” over the whole of those people.

Using the philosophy of Occam’s Razor, where the less stated the more something is truest to its intended meaning, the principle of “Majority rule” is often extended to include the definition (number 1 on the Free Dictionary list) that states, “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.”  This is an example of how the further away from a true “Democracy” one gets, the more it is not defending the original premise, “Majority rule.”

Think about that.  Using the factual history you personally know, based on your own experience with our form of government, and its application of elected representatives, how well does that fit the concept of “Democracy.”  Do elected representative actually  make laws that reflect the “Majority will”?

Under the guise of “democracy,” the reality of “oligarchy” raises its head, which goes about telling everyone it is “democracy.”  The term “oligarchy” is defined (same Free Dictionary source) as being, “Government by a few, especially by a small faction of persons or families.”

When was the last time an average Joe or Sally, making around $24-$45k per year (based on today’s poverty classification standards), tossed their hat into the presidential ring and came out as the President of the United States of America?  The answer is never, or if ever, it was a long, long time ago.  If ever, it has since been mutated into a manufactured story propagating the concept of “everyone can grow up to be somebody in America”(such as log cabin Abe or Cherry tree George).

The elite of this country (all parties included, from the beginning Whigs to the quasi-formed Tea Party) represent the “few” with all the moneybags, and who are themselves in with the “few” representing 5% (or less) of the total population, who own 95% of the nation’s wealth.  Presidential, gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional contestants (including all judges, sheriffs, commissioners, et al – anyone above dog catcher) who actually stand a chance of being elected are the ones who get political backers with billions of dollars behind them.  Those billions of dollars are used to influence the average Joes and Sallies for votes.  The winners always owe more to the few with the billions of dollars, than they owe to the many who voted for them (usually a percentage far from representing the actual majority of total population [total/2+1]).  They are the ones saying they love “Democracy,” because in reality that so-called “Democracy” elects an “oligarchy,” which in turn tells the majority what to do.

As for the “tweets about the democratic protests in the Middle East,” think about this for a moment.  The majority will of the people in the Middle East is to be Muslim.  This majority will is democratically protesting how Muslims rulers have been placed in power  by non-Muslim people, all backed by a few people with moneybags full of billions of pounds, euros, and dollars.  In return for the payoffs, dollars, euros, and pounds have maintained control over Islamic peoples, via Theocratic Dictatorships, Kingships, and/or Sultanships, so non-Muslims (the West) got a good R.O.I. for their support.  The democratic protests of the people today are against those coming in and making their societies cesspools of ideologies, instead of variations of Islamic beliefs, through outsiders meddling in their affairs, using the excuse of this so-called “Democracy”.

The majority will, of all Muslim nations in the Middle East, is to be a Theocracy.  A “theocracy” is defined as, “A government ruled by or subject to religious authority.”  When the majority of the people desire this form of government, it is democratic simply because it is representative of “Majority rule.”  Israel is no different, as it too is a Middle Eastern theocratic democracy.

The nation of Israel is a Parliamentary Theocracy.  However, try going to Israel, as a non-Jew, and vote for a non-Jewish candidate, one who represents a minority of the population (say an African-Israeli), who believes that the poor should be given free money by the State.  You can’t!.  The reality is there are no non-Jews allowed to vote in Israel, and non-Jews cannot run for any office, because a non-Jew is a VISITOR, with no rights to vote or be included in the whole total of the population.  Citizenship requires papers that say, “I am Jewish,” which is both a religion and a race (with many Jewish atheists).  So, to be polite (and not pointing out the racism aspect), Israel is a Theocracy.

That, my friends, is how a “Democracy” truly works.  It is only for one group who share the same core beliefs, although that core allows for some diversity.  That is the only way an elected representative can actually represent the majority who elected him or her.  Him or her elected must truly represent the majority will of one section (political division) of one core.  There is no “Nation of Islam” party representatives allowed in Israel.  Likewise, there are no “We Want Judaism” party representatives in any Middle Eastern nation.

Now, Nostradamus foretold (prophesied) of the coming of Western (Christian, by core belief values, although quite diverse from the central belief) influences in the Middle East.  This is not relative to the centuries old tradition of Crusaders for Rome going to kill Arabs.  Instead, he foretold of a future where “Inhuman Tyrants” would be coming into power over the masses.

At first, these were “in your face” tyrants, like Hitler and Stalin, who demanded the people sacrifice their core moral beliefs, regardless of how that made them feel.  Forced sacrifice was deemed to be for the overall good of the State.  When the majority of the people gladly went along with these dictators, the dictators ruled without care for the people who represented the minority.  They then led willing mass-murderers from the majority to eliminate the minorities, or silence them in prisons.

That led to true “democratic” forms of government (Fascism and Communism), where the majority of the people protected their tyrant and his inhuman actions against the opposition.  The problem was these inhuman tyrants tried to conquer other lands, where the majority of those peoples did not want to be subservient to someone else’s dictator.  That did not go over as well.

A world war was fought because of the Inhuman Tyrant Hitler, but the world feared going to war against the Inhuman Tyrant Stalin.  Instead, the world let Stalin tyrannize over his own sacrificial lambs (those behind the Iron Curtain, who wanted someone to fight for them), while the United States, led by Great Britain, perfected the less “in your face” version of inhuman tyrants.

They did this in the Middle East, where one puppet governor after another was set up to tyrannize over Muslim peoples, so the West would forever get a good deal on the oil it so lusted for.  Nostradamus wrote of several of these: Shah of Iran, Muammar Gadhafi, and Saddam Hussein.

The Central Intelligence Agency (the C.I.A.) created Muammar Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden.  The British having the role of Protectorate (a League of Nations Mandate) over Mesopotamia (mostly Iraq), Palestine (now mostly Israel), and Transjordan (now mostly Jordan), as well as having heavy influence in Egypt, Arabia (remember Lawrence of Arabia?), and Persia (now Iran), have used billions to install puppet kings and leaders who have become the inhuman tyrants of the Islamic world.  The French also shared the position of Protectorate, over Syria and Lebanon; but they have colonized and ruled with an iron fist throughout North Africa.  Together those three “Christian” nations have put in place all of the rulers who we are now seeing “tweets of democratic protests” about them stepping aside, before they get overrun by the will of the people.

Please, do not be fooled by National Propaganda Radio, such that you start to believe this “democratic” will is designed to benefit the Western world in any way.  Our old puppet (gone awry), Muammar, hit the nail on the head when he said, “Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda is behind this unrest.”  Why else would a whole “Arab League” request Westerners go into Libya to dispose a Libyan dictator?  Because they are really saying, “You put him there.  You get him out.  And, by the way, no hurry leaving.  We like you spread thin around the Muslim world.  We have a “democratic protest” for you too, once you get here.  Thank you very much.”  The inhuman tyrants of Saudi Arabia are having a hard time killing “democratic protestors” in Bahrain, where the United States has its comfy zone for its Persian Gulf fleet.

Did you know that the British raised their almighty sword (the one used for anointing knights) and touched the heads of men, creating kings (from sheiks), for the lands that are now called Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (formerly Trucial Oman).  This was because each had significant oil reserves, and the British did not think it was a good idea to let Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iraq (who already had their own oil reserves) keep those lands as they historically had.   It was not up to the will of the people.  It was up to the will of Great Britain.

Remember the (Iraq-)Kuwait War?  Maybe you remember Operation Desert Storm.  Saddam Hussein (another CIA puppet gone awry) was merely trying to get back land the British had given away.  They gave away Kuwait at a time when Iraq (Mesopotamia) was too weak to stop such a theft.  The United States has led two wars against the Iraqi government (the most secular government in the Middle East), making sure pro-Western (meaning a non-Israel-hating form of Islamic theocracy) puppet governments will always exist there.  All the little puppets along the western shores of the Persian Gulf (Arabian Peninsula) must have governments in place that will maintain oil production that meets Western needs, without a hitch.  This is not for the majority will of Western peoples to decide, because only the few actually benefit from wars fought there.

Remember Palestine?  Of course you don’t.  The British and Western “Christians” have made you forget all about the theft of that Arab-Muslim land, and the installment of the most pro-Western regime of all in the Middle East, Israel.  We give them some land (not ours to give), and they use the weapons we send them to kick some Islamic ass, so the oil investments keep paying off.  No tweets of democratic protests there?

All of this Western meddling (plus that in North Africa) is now being “democratically protested” by Muslims led by Osama bin Laden.  The reason is they are preparing for war with the West.  Part of that plan calls for no pro-Western regimes any close to the Mediterranean Sea, in the Middle East and North Africa.  They want us thinking the people want us there to help them; but the reality is the people are acting to protect their own beloved Inhuman Tyrant.

Just like Hitler and Stalin, Osama bin Laden will invade Western Europe (Central too), and make every “Christian” living there, and elsewhere in the world, rue the day he or she did nothing to stop the rouse called “Democracy” from ruining Muslim lives.  Western lives will be so ruined the world will eventually have to close up shop and call it the end of humanity.

How do I know all this?  Nostradamus.  You should want to know more about what he wrote.  Learn for yourselves how to see it.  As long as its only me, the few holding all the cards will lead the world to cataclysm.  It can only be stopped by “Majority rule.”

R. T. Tippett

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