Quatrain III-97 - The re-creation of Israel

Let me first state that I wrote this article that follows in late 2013. It is a history lesson that explains the theme of The Prophecies, which is a most unholy war that will unleash such persecutions and horrors upon humanity that Yahweh will have to come destroy the evil that has overtaken the world. He promised never to do that with flood waters again; but this time an asteroid impact will do the trick.

Quatrain III-97 was published in the first edition of Nostradamus' work, which was 'added to' in 1557 and then again (after the death of King Henry II of France and his wife became Queen Regent, allowing more to be 'added') in 1566. Nostradamus would die in 1566; but he would tell his assistant Michel Chavigny," the 1566 Lyon edition is so filled with incorrect text, make sure after I die the text is strictly followed. That meant a corrected 1568 Lyon edition became the 'whole' of The Prophecies (Les Propheties), with later additions of quatrains here and there being added as questionable and highly suspect.

In the letter Nostradamus wrote to King Henry II of France, he explained his many quatrains in a way that made people think Nostradamus had gone mad. In the 'Millennial Edition' published in the year 2000, written by the worst of all interpreters of Nostradamus (Henry C. Roberts), he had a footnote placed on his reproduction of the "Epistle to Henry II" that said (basically, paraphrased from memory), "My publisher demanded I add this letter to the book. If it were up to me, it would be omitted as a nonsensical ravings of a lunatic, which makes no sense whatsoever." In reality, that craziness is a profound statement that the whole of 942+ quatrains is just as manacle, when read in the order presented, because everything has been scrambled and replaced in a meaningless random order. The letter written to King Henry II of France must be divided into parts and rearranged so sanity becomes the clear intent; and, that is how one must approach the individual quatrains. Each must be placed into a new order that tells an epic poem .

One example of this is the last presentation of Centurie Sixteme, where the last entry is not a quatrain. It is a sixain or sextain, with every word written in Latin, not Old French. That becomes a 'foreword' to the quatrains to follow, with quatrain I-01 starting the natural order, but few others are in their natural position. This means every quatrain published between 1555 and 1566-68 were written in a natural order, before the first edition was published. A central theme is then Quatrain III-97, which explains most accurately (and fairly easy to interpret) and foretells perfectly as it would happen, an event that would take place on the timeline of history nearly four hundred years later. This is a central theme for The Prophecies, because all the horrid events foretold in the majority of the quatrains tell of the theft of Palestine by Jews, the support of that Jewish theft by the major powers of the Western (Christian) world, and the refusal to follow legal means as a way to resolve crimes of theft, will be the motivation to destroy the stolen land, its illegal migrators, Europe and the "Great" with a "new city" ("la grand cité neufve," from Quatrain VI-97). The events of September 11, 2001 (told in many reordered quatrains) will be the throwing down of the gauntlet in this war.

With this 'foreword' stated, it is most important to see this prophecy told in Quatrain III-97 as having already happened (1948). Still, as is the case with all the quatrains, that which has already happened can happen again (in slightly different ways), which is a reason for the saying, "history repeats." Try and imagine how the same statements made in Quatrain III-97 can be reversed, with a 'new world order' replacing the old world orders that were the League of Nations and its bastard son, the United Nations. If you can imagine it, then it can happen.

With all this said, her is the article I posted on my now defunct website in 2013.

Back in April or May of 2003, when I had not done my own translations of The Prophecies, I faced a group of skeptics in the Dallas, Texas area, and told them that there was a story to be found in the quatrains. I did not tell them to win a prize of some kind, nor did I tell them to find ridicule and embarrassment. I told them to elicit some intelligent response to what I saw was a serious issue, worthy of all men and women of intelligence looking into.

Presentation when I had no knowledge of the Old French text and no idea

Nostradamus wrote letters that explained his work. Just a faithful idiot trying to

let the truth be known, even if the whole truth was still out of view. Of course, the result of my appearance before that group of skeptics is based on who is judging the results. They felt they had defeated another idiot, one like all the other crazies they had come to them, like people who believed in such things as flying saucers, bending spoons with the mind, and, in my case, someone who believed in Nostradamus. There was not much logical argument from them. They simply believed that anyone from a time prior to the Age of Reason (and the invention of the scientific method) could not possibly know something of value in 2003, especially if that someone was a known astrologer. To them, I was their monthly “dog and pony show.” In that capacity, they demanded that I give them some predictions that Nostradamus had written, some which they could test themselves for accuracy. Those predictions had to be due to come true soon (within a month or so), or they would forget all about what I had said. They would be polite enough to wait that long before they would officially laugh at me. They believed I would be proven wrong. I gave the president of that club a print out of my notes for the lecture. I made it clear to him that Nostradamus did not make any clear predictions. I told him that Nostradamus wrote quatrains that had to be interpreted by someone else, in order for any clear predictions to come from his words. In that regard, I told him that I would make an attempt to predict the near future, based on the words of Nostradamus, and my view of current world affairs (up till April 2003). I made it clear that any predictions I made, which may prove to be right or wrong, were solely a result of my abilities-inabilities to gauge accurately the words written by Nostradamus. In other words, I made it clear to him that it was me doing the lecture, not Nostradamus. The man who actually wrote the words, who actually knew the meaning, was no longer available to speak live. The one lecturing was nearly 450 years after the fact. I gave the president 15 quatrains that I would present in the lecture. Of these, five dealt with past events, but all dealing with the 20th century, between 1948 and 2001. Five others dealt with present events, which were still on going, already having come true partially, with the still unfulfilled parts actually being predicted on television news (separate from any link to Nostradamus). The final five were the "stupid pet trick" predictions. All of those five, where I predicted the future, were wrong. At least, they were wrong in the sense that they did not happen over the next month. One was badly wrong (will never happen), and another was equally off (didn't happen when I thought it possible), but a small earthquake made it seem less off than it was (only a coincidental earthquake, in a place earthquakes happen regularly). On those five quatrains where my predictions were wrong, I had guessed that it was possible those could happen that soon. I simply guessed wrong. That means those five are still waiting to happen, still pending. Since they have not happened yet, they are still to come, in the future. Mainly, I was just off on the timing, which was based on the astronomy I saw in some quatrains. I misread those planetary clues. C'est la vie. What that group of skeptics refused to argue was the ten quatrains that I felt were strong evident of predictions having come true, totally or partially. They listened as I explained Nostradamus’ meaning, and the correlation to past historic events. They saw no reason to respond to any of that. They would not even argue what they thought to be a contrary meaning, or say how those words could apply to other “specific events.” They just sat there, watching my every move intently, to see if I was using sleight of hand to set up invisible wires for some spoon bending demonstration later. That is what I call willful “ignorance.” The word “ignorance”, to me, does not mean one is incapable of thought and reason. It means one is too lazy to ponder. An ignorant person is one who ignores the truth, when the truth is in one's face. In the field of science, where statistics is so important, the more one accepts something to be true, by failing to argue something “given,” the more one skews the facts of proof. In anything covered by probability, the more that is accepted as fact (without argument), the less role chance plays, and the greater possibility that probability (statistical analysis) elevates towards reliability (over 70 percentile). In other words, “If someone walks out on a weak limb, cut it out from under one, rather than leave a flimsy offshoot looking like a strong link to the main trunk.” Simply laughing at someone, without presenting one’s own facts, proves nothing. One of those five quatrains that I presented, as having happened completely, as strong evidence for prophecy, is still just as phenomenal as evidence for belief in Nostradamus now, as it was then. It is one that is easy to translate, such that all pro-Nostradamus people agree on what it foretold. Back then, when I had yet to begin doing my own translations, it allowed me to see its accuracy, through what is typically the fog of someone else's translation. It is one that has been on television programs about Nostradamus before, because they love to use the easy zingers there. It is the one known as quatrain III-97, and that is the one that prophesied the creation of the State of Israel, which occurred in 1948. No one can argue that quatrain III-97 is about some other event, without being completely illogical, and without any sense of reason, or critical thinking capability. It is that much of (to use a George Tenent description) “a slam dunk” about the meaning. It happened in our past (now almost 62 years ago), but it happened almost 382 years after Nostradamus died. That is 393 years after the publication date (1555), and probably 394 years after Nostradamus was first shown the future by the Holy Spirit (minimally 1554). That is seeing the future, as far as Nostradamus was concerned. Still, that length of time is nothing in the overall focus of what that quatrain predicted to come true. The prophet Jeremiah wrote about how hard it was for the Jews to take the loss of Judah, part of the land that Yahweh gave them, way back in 586 BC. He told of the coming loss (the book named after the author), and he told of the crying and moaning that took place after the crumbling began, when the Babylonians began taking Jews captive, in one large group after another (The Lamentations). Still, the land named Israel, which was lost to the Assyrians, finally was lost 136 years earlier, in 722 BC. That means that by 1555 it had been already 2,277 years (give or take a few months) that the Jews had not recreated a land named Israel. It is after all that time that it would be another 394 years, additional years after Nostradamus made the prediction, before that one event would take place, totaling 2,671 years since Israel last existed, without it having even been re-created again. In the times of Jesus, if you remember, Jews had relocated to the same land, but it was Palestine, and ruled by Rome. That means the event that was to be about the re-creation of Israel was a real one-time event to predict, if ever there was one. Surely, there would have to be some odds that the Jews would eventually get their land back, such that the greater the number of years that passed, the greater the probability could become. That is how the people of Chicago find hope in numbers, or how Chicago Cubs fans can eternally be saying, “Maybe this is the year?” The problem, however, comes from the Jews being scattered across the face of the earth, such that they were not in one place, in large enough numbers, to mount any kind of organized attempt to take its old land back. At least the Cubs have always been in Chicago, along with most Cubs fans. That means that for Nostradamus to nail exactly how that occurrence would go down (the details that come from his words in quatrain III-97), one would need a microscope to see the odds of that happening by chance. Based on the prediction originating in the 1550's, the facts of the reality from history match the facts of the words of that quatrain, such that “chance” is blown completely out of the water. Before getting into the interpretation, which is done like any interpretation (follow the systems and define the words used), one has to see the huge importance of this one quatrain. What makes this quatrain (III-97) so important to understand, and the reason it is so easy to identify, is it is a “major theme quatrain.” A “theme quatrain” one that leads a string of quatrains, which together explain more and more details about one specific historic event (past, present, or future). A “major theme quatrain” not only leads its own storyline, it is an important element in the overall theme of The Prophecies (all the stories of all the quatrains), as a root cause of WHY a need would come for Nostradamus to write The Prophecies. This means that the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 is most important to know, both about what happened around that one event, and also about how that one event will play a role in the whole story. Regardless of how the world feels about that recreation of Israel, it is the worst thing that could have ever happened. Our future depends on how we (specifically we Americans, but all Westerners in general, and all Christians throughout the world) see this event. It has been seen through rose-colored glasses, attached to blinders. It is most important for it to be seen clearly, and logically, with unbiased reason. Due to this importance, I feel it necessary to explain quatrain III-97 in much greater detail publicly. I will basically go over it as the “slam dunk”, “easy to see prediction” come true; but I will have to also get into a very deep, detailed breakdown of the total meaning, which flows from a completely accurate translation. That lengthy one I will only present on my website. Once that is done, due to this important topic needing to be fully comprehended as part of a series of quatrains, I will continue into that series some. In that context, it becomes more apparent just how seriously important this event is to our well-being, and the ultimate well-being of the whole world. In that regard, I will explain two other quatrains in detail, both of which are also relative to this theme. The depth of those explanations will determine where I publish them publicly. If you want to look ahead, those two will be quatrain VI-81 and IX-34. But, that will be a while later. For this writing only III-97 is broken down, and only on simple terms. A deeper breakdown will follow. The quatrain states in Old French:

Nouvelle loy terre neufve occuper, Vers la Syrie Judee, & Palestine: Le grand empire barbare corruer Avant que Phebés son siecle determine.

The simple translation, one probably similar to the one seen on the History Channel productions, says:

New law new land to occupy, Towards Syria, Judea, & Palestine: The great barbarian empire to crumble Before the century of the sun is determined. “New law” is a new government. “New land” is where the new government rules. “To occupy”, based on everyone’s knowledge of what “occupy” means, says the people running the government in the new land had to move there. Like a vacant apartment for rent, the new tenants moved in “to occupy” their “new land”, and begin their “new law.” That is the Creation of the State if Israel summed up in line one. Any doubt about that conclusion from the first line is erased in the second line. “Towards” means, “in the direction of, but not there.” It is a directional preposition, which is telling one in what direction this “new land” can be found. It tells where they will go “to occupy.” Line two offers three locations. The first two are naming places that Israel is not, but is in that general direction. One is “Syria”, the country along the northern borders. The other is a reference to the biblical days, when there were two nations of Jews. Israel was actually the name for the northern kingdom; while the nation surrounding Jerusalem was called “Judah” (some say Judea). The written reference to “Judah” means (through omission) that Israel is the name of that “new land”. The third reference is following an ampersand. An ampersand does not mean, “and”. It is like a sign blinking, saying, “SOMETHING REAL IMPORTANT IS TO FOLLOW”. What is very important that follows is, “Palestine.” That is important because it is not “Towards” where Israel will be a “new land”, it is “Towards” what used to be known as Palestine. “Palestine” is the name of the old land that existed before the “new land" of Israel came “to occupy.” If you are observant, you notice a colon exists at the end of “Palestine”. A colon is another sign telling one what to look for next. In the case of a colon, we know some kind of clarification, or example of “Palestine” is coming. That clarification is telling us why Palestine would just allow its land to be the “new land” of Israel. The reason is the Ottoman Empire (“The great barbarian empire”) had crumbled. The Ottoman Empire is who used to protect little Palestine, but they were no longer in a position of strength (in 1948). So, Israel could become Israel, while Palestine would become extinct, because the Jews were mightier than the Palestinians were. Actually, that actually requires more information to be historically correct. You see, in the year 1900 there were not many Jews in Palestine. By then, Arabs had pushed most Jews off what long before had become their land. Still, by 1909, some Jews were in Palestine, and settled near the Palestinian port city named Jaffa. Those Jews named their settlement Tel Aviv. People who know have said that a good relationship existed between the Arabs of Jaffa, and the Jews of Tel Aviv. They got along together fairly well, as well as Arabs and Jews could get along. Part of the reason they got along was because a Jew causing trouble in Palestine in 1909, while the Ottoman Turks ruled the roost, meant a high degree probability that there would soon be less Jews in Palestine to deal with. The Sultan of Turkey, after all, was a Muslim, and he dealt harshly with non-Muslims causing problems. That is why line three is important to understand. At the turn of the Twentieth Century, there was no foreseeable chance in hell that Jews would become mightier than Palestinians (in Palestine), meaning there was no foreseeable chance in hell (in 1909) that a “new land” named Israel would ever take over Palestine. It hadn't happened for 2,631 years (by 1909), and wasn't likely to happen if things didn't drastically change. What happened between November 2, 1914 and October 29, 1918 was World War I, in the Middle East. The Ottoman Empire was allied with the Germans, against the French, British, and Russians. Long story short, the Germans and Ottomans lost the war. The Russians had a revolution and dropped out of the war (1917), making the French, British, and Americas the lucky victors. Actually, it was not as if the Turks had lost badly, but they had lost enough will to fight, to want to stop fighting altogether. That led to a treaty that was signed at a place near Paris, called Versailles, France (a place built by Kings Louis XIII and XIV). In that treaty, the Ottoman Empire was set “to crumble”. Like a cookie crumbles into multiple parts, so did the Ottoman Empire. Their vassals, then known as Mesopotamia, Syria, and Palestine, were stripped from their control, and given over to a “new law” organization, called the League of Nations. The League of Nations was the brainchild of Woody Wilson, the President of the USA. The victors, France and England, loved the idea, and began the league, while the people of the USA never grabbed hold of a “New world order” (Nouveau terre loi) concept, and never allowed the USA to take an official seat there (it was never ratified by the U.S. Congress). Soon after World War I ended, the League of Nations decided that it would be good if Palestine split in two, western Palestine and the stuff on the other side of the Jordan River (mostly desert). They called that eastern part Transjordan (from a lack of imagination, as far as naming a place goes). The place known as Syria (which was a collection of five states), had a little coastal piece break off (one of those states), and they called that Lebanon. Since none of these places had strong central governments, due to the Ottomans running their business for them, and for so long, someone needed to train the locals in how to run themselves. The League of Nations generated a “New world order”, called a “Mandate.” In their Mandate, they decided that Great Britain would train the people of Palestine, the people of Transjordan, and the people of (soon to be renamed) Iraq. In the meanwhile, the French would train the people of Syria and Lebanon. These “trainers” would officially be known as “Protectorates,” meaning they were to be there to protect little ungoverned bodies from without, and within, from harm. With no predetermined timeframe established in the beginning, as to how long the Mandate for Protectorates would be in effect, they needed to have some goal in mind. The ultimate plan the League of Nations proposed was that all the little places being trained would eventually become their own sovereign nations, ruling themselves. For that reason, all these little ungoverned bodies went along happily. “Please give us our freedom to rule ourselves,” they all said. It was a “New world” all aglitter with “New” ideas, designed to make the First World War (called the War to End All Wars) the last war ever to take place n the world. Now, remember that in 1908 there were practically no Jews in Palestine. That was under the Ottoman Empire’s control. By 1909, there were a few Jews in Tel Aviv. By 1920, the year the British actually took over as Mandated Protectorate, Jews from around the world began lining up in droves, to apply to legally immigrate to Palestine. They did this for a reason. Around 1890, some Austrian-Jewish guy (Theodor Herzle) came up with the idea that Jews needed to have a place called their own, and this place should be around Jerusalem. He did not come up with this idea because he was a deeply devout Jew, who missed being with his ancestors in Jerusalem, one who missed not being able to pilgrimage yearly to Jerusalem, to wail at the wailing wall, eat blessed slaughtered offering remains, and such traditional devout Jewish rituals, which he missed being able to do from Austria. His idea was purely politically motivated. He had seen Jews pushed around and hated, particularly in Europe, but to some extent wherever they lived in the world, to the point that he was kind of fed up with persecution against Jews. He reasoned that if God gave Jerusalem to the Jews, then Jews should have Jerusalem as their land. He had no reason to think (for instance), Jews need to take over New York State and have that land to call their own, because a lot of immigrant Jews lived in New York City. No one had ever officially given the “New world” to the Jews. Therefore, he basically picked Jerusalem out of his people’s history, the history in Hebrew, where Jerusalem is called Zion. This guys idea became known as Zionism; and each year afterwards Jews would hold a conference, where they would get together and try to figure out how in the hell they could ever get the Ottoman Empire to let them have Jerusalem. The least of their worries were the facts that Palestinians lived in Palestine, Jerusalem was in Palestine, and Jerusalem was a holy city to all children of Abraham, including all Arabs, who did not like Jews. These Zionism Zionists (or Jews for Jerusalem) began pooling their money and using it to influence people who were high politicians, especially ones who could easily be influenced by money. Those politicians understood that a British control of Palestine would make it easy to allow more and more Jewish immigrants into Palestine, even though the Palestinians would become more and more agitated by an ever-increasing number of immigrants on their land. They influenced two guys (Brit Mark Sykes and Frenchie François Georges-Picot) to draw up a plan to figure out who would get what, after The British and French defeated the Ottomans. They did that in 1915, a little more than a year after the Turks entered the war, three years before the war would officially end, and five years before the plan would ever be implemented. In November 1917, a British official (Arthur Balfour) announced the Balfour Declaration, which admitted Zionists influenced the Sykes-Picot Agreement, but the British government would support the idea of a Jewish settlement in Palestine, one that would not interfere with the Palestinians in Palestine. The very wealthy British Jew, Lord Rothchild, who wanted a State of Israel created, influenced this declaration. After their projection of victory came true, the British did indeed begin to allow increasing numbers of Jewish immigrants into Palestine. As they did this the Palestinians began protesting loudly to their Mandated Protectorates, who were supposed to protect them, while they learned how to run their own land. The British controllers of Palestine acted like they were trying to keep the immigration rates at manageable levels, and would pretend to do something to reduce the numbers, only to have more pressures come from London, telling them to allow more Jews in. This went on for about 18 years, where the numbers of legally immigrated Jews in Palestine swelled each year, until 1938. Guess what happened around that time. The Germans began acting as if they were not pleased with the terms of Versailles, which gave such tasty morsels to Britain and France, as the Middle East, while the Germans were forced to pay reparation costs for World War I. They had a guy named Hitler, who was breaking every “New law” in the League of Nation’s book, along with his bud, Benito Mussolini. Germany and Italy began arming themselves (secretly, and not so secretly), and acting expansionistic. The British suddenly realized they needed to keep an eye on European business, as well as watch all the frontier borders, like Palestine, for German and Italians trying to sneak in. The least of their worries were Jews coming into Palestine, legally or illegally. By 1938, the British were more concerned about helping out their buds, the French, in what looked like a confrontation with Germany again. Fortunately, the French had built the Maginot Line, just in case the Brits would need to gather behind those defenses. That meant it was open season for illegal immigration into Palestine, between the years 1938 and 1948. That is how the Jews in Palestine could become mightier than the Palestinians. It was all because the “great barbarian empire” had crumbled, and its replacement dominator (Protectorate by Mandate, or the “New law” in town) had a hidden agenda. This brings us to line four, which is really mistranslated in its simpleton form. Still, it does indicate an “age”, also known as a “century”, will follow the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The word “Phebés” is translated to say, “sun”, which is outright wrong. However, the French word “determine” means, “determined”, or “concluded.” This means the “century” that began when Zionists began colluding to steal Palestine ended in 1990 (1890 - 1990). That means that the “age” of Jews in Palestine (or Israel) just reached 100 last year (1909 - 2009). That means that the “time” of Israel will be “determined” by the year 2048 (or less, if 1948 - 2048). However, what it really means is it will take a “century” for the Arabs to have regained enough strength to become mightier than the Jews in Israel. That anniversary, when what goes around comes around again, comes sometime between now and 2018 (1918 - 2018). Because we are now in the timeframe of a new “century”, when a whole new “age” began with the new millennium (began 1/1/2001), the necessity of 100 exact number years no longer applies. We are in a “new age” already, the 21st century. The reason quatrain III-97 is so important is its story is one of, “never forgetting a wrong done, until that wrong has been righted.” The Prophecies tells that main theme, through a series of minor themes. That story says that the Palestinians themselves will not be the ones righting this wrong (their land was stolen, in the name of “New law”). They will have a new empire that will right the wrongs for them. It will be like the happy days they once knew; but it will take some time to regroup, to the point of being able to regain the control (and order) that once existed there. There is a real and present danger that makes realizing this history so important. It is on the “new” instant news on television every day. It is Iran, it is North Korea, it is the Taliban, it is Osama bin Laden, it is (fill in the blank), all hating the USA and its allies. For everyone who has been bought and paid for, to look away from this reality of Palestine illegally becoming Israel, there are as many seeing it as outright theft. Those people are the ones who have been arming themselves, making alliances with other who hate the West, for a myriad of reasons, so they will be able to act with horrible surprise (remember 911?), to get our attention very quickly, making a very strong statement that nothing has been forgotten by anyone on their side of this proverbial fence. We do not want it to come down to angry men bearing arms (“New legal” weapons, ones from a “New age” of technology) settling this issue. We have to demand this wrong be righted by humane values, based on God's Law (Thou shalt not steal). We must act for true justice on a matter, one which has festered for over 60 years. We have to understand just how important this is, to them AND to us, in order to act soon; and we cannot act from any understanding that people want to kill us to get even (while taking back that land). We finally have to understand this dire need to simply understand there is an argument that must be settled, not forever put through some knee-jerk political circus, where another failed “peace plan” can lead to more death and destruction. We have to be able to see for ourselves what the core cause is, to know just how wrong that wrong in 1948 was. That is why Quatrain III-97 is so important, and so clear. This thus ends the “simple” version of quatrain III-97’s interpretation. It is plainly evident now that history has created the event to match its words. It is truly prophetic, foretelling of the coming of a time when a nation called Israel, the biblical name for some of Jews who occupied the Promised Land, would be renewed. Still, due to some deeper views of the verbiage used, deeper meaning becomes known. I have brushed on a little of that already here, but I need to specifically address that in a lengthier writing. That will only be seen on my website, [now defunct]. That deeper explanation will make it easier to see how the interpretations of the other two quatrains (VI-81 and IX-34) will expose a deeper truth to why that “re-creation” was actually nothing more than the “theft of land”, using “New law” to justify it. Until then.

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